Order of the Yellow Dragon

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Order of the Yellow Dragon

Ribbon of the Order
Awarded by the Republic of Atlantis
Type Chivalric statal order
Ranks 1 (single class)
Awarded for Sign of Friendiship for the Head of States of Atlantis allied
Status Currently awarded
Established March 20, 1995
First awarded 2010
Total awarded 8
Next (higher) Medal of Valor
Next (lower) Distinguished Service ribbon

This Order is a Chivalric Statal Order of the Republic of Atlantis. It was created in one class for the members of foreign royal families, presidents of Atlantis allies in sign of friendship. The Order was created by King Seth I, first king of the actually Republic of Atlantis.

Grand Master

The Grand Master of the Order is the President of the Republic of Atlantis.

Knights and Dames

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