Dale Republic - Westsylvania relations

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Dale-Westsylvnanian Relations relations
Map indicating location of Dale and Westsylvania

Dale Republic


The relations of the Dale Republic and Westsylvania are close as Westsylvania was the Dale Republic's first ally onMicroWiki.


The first meeting of the Dale Republic and Westsylvania was onMicroWiki not long after the Dale Republic moved to MicroWiki from wikia in the month of June 2011. Westsylvania was the first micronation to request informal relations from the Dale Republic onMicroWiki.

Country comparison

Dale Republic Westsylvania
Population 5 N/A
Area N/A N/A
Capital Woking Meadville
Largest City Woking Meadville
Goverment Federal Republic Presidential Republic
de facto language English Pittsburghese
Currency Dale Empire Pound Dale Empire Pound

Common membership

Micronational friendships in common

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