Dale Republic and IMTO

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Dale Republic
Flag of IMTO Flag of the Dale Republic
AmbassadorDanny Clarke

The Dale Republic was a founding member of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization and had a permanent seat in the IMTO Treaty Council until the Dale Republic's exit from the organization on January 14, 2012.

The Dale Republic's role in founding IMTO

The Dale Republic and it's then caretaker president, Danny Clarke were the people who submitted the idea of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization to the other members of the Triple Alliance on september 2011, the other members Burkland and Westsylvania, of which all three nations supported the idea. The Dale Republic had since kept a very influencial spot in the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization until their exit in January 2012.

Importance of the Dale Republic in IMTO

With the Dale Republic leading the founding of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization, being a permanent member of the IMTO Treaty Council, head of the IMTO Trusteeship Council, the IMTO Air Force Command and the then first dale caretaker president being the first Secretary-General of IMTO making the Dale Republic then a hugely important part of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization and without the Dale Republic the organization would have likely ended under inactivity which is largely suffered during november and december 2011. The Dale Republic had also suggested among the first IMTO Treaty Council resolutions.

The veto controversy

On the 22nd October 2011 the Dale Republic made the first Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization veto to stop the application for the Republic of Kuhugstan to upgrade from observer to full membership. The statement used by the Dale government when they decleared the veto was "For the benefit of IMTO we VETO", the reaction from other Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization members have been very negative towards the Dale Republic from most members including other permanent members, Burkland and Westsylvania, while the Republic of Atlantis had supported the veto by the Dale Republic.

The observer state the Kingdom of Juclandia had requested a removal of veto power from permanent members and have even suggested a removal of permanent members all together, this was supported by Westsylvania. As a response the Dale Republic gave this statement to IMTO, "I disagree with this and would like to point out that from the start i have always planned to expand the permanent members along with the non-permanent and the reason i introduced this to begin with was because not everyone voted so i brought up the idea (of permanent and non-permanent members) to make voting quicker and as such if we vote on treaty council members we will have the same problems that we had at the beginning."

The veto has also been blamed by some members such as Westsylvania because of the Republic of Kuhugstan's past, the Dale Republic's response to this was as follows "The Dale Empire let alone the Dale Republic weren't around when this happened so the veto has nothing related to that, we vetoed for what we saw was the best interests of IMTO, whether you agree or not with this is up to you but we stand by our veto and thats the end of the matter."

Post-Clarke Era

Apon the resignation of Danny Clarke as Secretary-General of IMTO and handing the post over to Alexander Eastwood of the Republic of Atlantis.

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