Woking Cooperative Union

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Woking Cooperative Union
Intermicronational organisation

Anthem TBD

Headquarters Woking Cooperative Parliament

Official language English.

Membership 1 full member nation, 1 suspended

Chairman Danny Clarke (de jure)
Vice-Chairman Vacant

– Foundation 2 April 2012

Official Forum

The Woking Cooperative Union (WCU) is a political union or confederation to partially intergrate pro-dale micronations and is the successor of the Dale Commonwealth. The members of the Woking Cooperative Union have had to sign the Woking Cooperative Declaration in order to join the organisation. The Woking Cooperative Union currently consist of the Woking Cooperative Parliament, a mandatory body, the DRPzone and Woking Cooperative Defence Force, both voluntary bodies with the DRPzone being a recommended body.


After the Dale Commonwealth was deemed a failure by the President of the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke a new organization was quickly formed to replace the Dale Commonwealth, this because the Woking Cooperative Union. It was designed to have the same purpose as the Dale Commonwealth but allow far greater flexibility than the replaced Dale Commonwealth. The aim of the change was to make the Woking Cooperative Union to focus on it's members more and allow them more freedom of self-determination to take part how they wish to.


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Suspended members

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