Socialist Republic of Perejil

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Socialist Republic of Perejil
República Socialista de Perejil
Flag of Perejil Coat of Arms

Llibertat, Igualtat, Fraternitat (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
National Anthem:
"National Anthem of Perejil"

Capital Cala Blava (provisional)

Official language Catalan
Co-oficial languages English, Spanish

Official religion Atheism

Demonym Perejilian

President of the Republic Olegari B. Oliver
Archduke of Perejil Albert I

Government Socialist Republic
Prime Minister Arthur B. Oliver
Agriculture and Commerce Minister Sandra V. Espino
Culture and Arts Minister Marina G. Casals
Defence and Interior Minister Daniel G. Casals
Finance Minister Enrique S. Arrizabalaga
Foreign Minister Oriol G. Heras
Health, Education and Tourism Minister Arnau P. Playà
Public Works, Propaganda and Transport Minister Lleonard O. Burwitz
Government Secretary Nicolau O. Burwitz

Legislature Popular
Secretary of State Marc Ch. José

Established December 2010

Constitutional Territory
– Perejil Island 0.15 km2
– Newland 2 km2
– Emporion Islands 0.003 km2

Newspage of SR Perejil

The Socialist Republic of Perejil (República Socialista de Perejil in Catalan language) is a micronation that claims the sovereignty of the Island of Perejil, along with other territories at the Mediterranean Sea. It's a Republic based on direct democracy and socialism.



The History of the Socialist Republic of Perejil began in 2010, when a group of Spanish teenagers declared the independence of a small territory placed in Mallorca (known as Emporion Islands). They created a sovereign nation called República Independent del Mediterrani (Independent Mediterranean Republic), based in the socialist and humanist values. They established the capital at Milltown, a former Spanish house invaded by the Armed Forces of the Republic (Operation Eagle) and firmed the first Constitution.

After the Constitution was signed, the population elected the President of the Republic. Olegari B. Oliver was the only candidate, and he was approved by absolute majority. He appointed his older brother, Arthur B. Oliver, as the First Minister, and a provisional government was formed waiting for new expansions and economical equilibrium.


The first territory that was conquered was The Mark, placed in La Garrotxa (Catalonia). The President and the Prime Minister, along with Marina G. Casals and the then governor Oriol G. Heras proclaimed the inclusion of the Spanish land to the Republic. However, an hour later the R.I.M. lived its most turbulent period when a faction of the Army rebelled against the President, in an incident called The Republic Civil War. The military faction of the National Guard could defeat the insurgents and peace was restored. There were no casualties.

A trial was held after the war was over. The main responsible of the insurrection, General Natàlia, was condemned to death penalty, and General Laura G. Heras to life imprisonment, but their sentences were then downgraded. Natàlia was temporally acquitted, pending a new trial, and Laura was declared free of charges, after they claimed redemption and swore alliance to the President.

During a few months, the Republic didn't progressed very much. The citizens, who had not waived officially of their Spanish nationality, were not living inside the new nation frontiers, except the mayor of Milltown and the delegate of Newland. But by mid 2011 the main authorities reunited again in the Republic territories and agreed to expand the territory and implemented new social and economic politics to increase the standard of living of the citizens.

At September 2011, the Republic planned the conquest of two islands placed in the north of Catalonia, known as Socialist Emporion Islands. Daniel G. Casals was the commander in chief of the operation. After a military campaign that lasted three hours (Invasion of Emporion Islands), the two isles were conquered by the Republic. Spain didn't responded to the invasion, although some coastguard were there.


But the republic entered a period of crisis two month later, caused by the inactivity of the government. It seemed that the Republic was going to collapse, caused by oblivion, but Prime Minister Arthur B. Oliver made a total reform of the nation and expanded its objectives, claiming the sovereignty of Perejil Island, placed at the south of Spain, and the creation of a serious and independent microstate. The Government was changed and new ministries were created. A plan of reformation, called plan 3 March, which involves the invasion and occupation of the Island in a period of 10 years, was then implanted.

On March 20, 2012, the main authorities of Perejil voted on a resolution proposed by the Prime Minister, which consisted of declaring war on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The main reasons are the use of violence by the government with their own citizens, to support the Iranian revolutionaries and to prevent a nuclear war.

At 21:00 the voting was completed, with a large majority of votes in favor of the military intervention on Iran (75% in favor). Oriol G. Heras, Foreign Minister, wrote the declaration of war to the Islamic Republic, and was signed by the President, the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister, beginning the Perejil-Iran War. Perejil's Government have remarked that their intentions are not the occupation or the destruction of the country, but end with the regime of the Ayatollahs, to enable the Persian nation to be free and not to be invaded by the USA and Israeli armies, apart to avoid a large-scale nuclear conflict. Also they have stated that the citizens of Perejil won't suffer any damage caused by the conflict.

A former ally to the Socialist Republic, the Mediterranean Pirates Empire, joined to Iran's side at the war. They pretend to conquer all the Perejilian territories, and they have a lot of bases across the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, new Presidential Elections are planned to be hold in April 6. The main purpose of this elections is to allow the new citizens of Perejil vote his representant. Olegari B. Oliver, the current President, is the main favourite. If he wins, he won't change any position.

On March 29 the Socialist Nations Military Union was created by the Socialist Republic of Perejil and the Appalachian Socialist Republic. The State of New Catalonia joined the organisation too on April 3, the day of their foundation. This Military Organisation pretends to be a very powerful union between the different socialist states of the world.


At present, the Socialist Republic of Perejil owns three different territories at the Mediterranean Sea.


Newland's Avenue (Cala Blava)

Newland was the first territory that claimed independency from Spain. It consists in two cities, Cala Blava, the current capital, and Bella Vista, where the Government House (The House of Milltown) resides. Also, there is a forest and a desert, placed near the coast where there are several paradisiac beaches.

It is placed in Mallorca Island, and it is a provisional occupied territory. It has a temperate climate and have 500 habitants, the majority of them Spanish. It have approximately 2 km2. Also it have the main base of the army and all the institutions. The conquest of all the territory was done on April 6, 2012.

Emporion Islands

The Emporion Islands are an small archipelago placed in the Catalan coast, near to the ancient village of Empúries. It consists in two isles, Illa del Pescador and Gran Illa. They were invaded in September 2011, and they serve as an strategic place for the Republic.

Perejil Island

Perejil Island, future center of the Republic

The Island of Perejil is an isle placed near to Morocco, where Spain and the Islamic country had a military conflict in 2002. After the incident, it was free of signs of sovereignty and officially deserted, although some of the Mediterranean Pirates are known to operate sometimes in the island. It is about 480 by 480 meters in size, with an area of 15 ha or 0.15 km2. It reaches a maximum height of 74 meters and have a temperate/hot climate.

The Republic claimed the sovereignty of the place, and have the intention to permanently occupy the isle in 10 years, when the economy of the country will be powerful enough to pay the operation. A complete reform is planned to be done in the territory, consisting in a surface extending through the construction of artificial islands. Cities with all the imaginable services and luxuries will be placed there.

Government and Politics

The Socialist Republic of Perejil, as the name suggests, is a Democratic Republic based on socialist and humanist values. There is only one political party, the Socialist Party of Perejil, but all the citizens elect its leader, who become the President of the Republic. This person will choose a Government, ruled by the Prime Minister. The legislative power is owned by all the habitants of the Republic.

President of the Republic

Seal of the President of Perejil.

The President of Perejil is the person in charge to represent the Perejilian people and protect the Constitution. It is elected by all the citizens of the Republic and its term lasts 4 years. There is no term restriction, so a President can be reelected indefinite times.

To stand for election as a candidate, they have to be only a member of the Party. Any member can create his faction an try to win the elections. If there is only a candidate, the populations decide if this one has to be the President or not.

The competences of the President are several. He decides the members of the Government, and can dissolve it if he wants. He have to approve all the different laws and can suggest motions to the Government. As protector of the citizens and the Constitution, two of the main Institutions are ruled by him: the Supreme High Court and the National Guard. If the population is unhappy with the Government measures and wants the President's dimission, the Chief of the Perejilian State would have to accept it and retire.

The current President of Perejil is Olegari B. Oliver, who was elected at December 2010.

Government of Perejil

Government of Perejil logo.

The Government of Perejil is chosen by the President and it's ruled by the Prime Minister. Currently there are seven ministries. The Government is the responsible of create the different laws and made them be fulfilled. However, they doesn't have the absolute legislative power, because are the citizens who approve the laws.

The economy of the Republic, the different social laws, commerce, tourism, defense, all these competences are administrated by them. Apart of their direct organisms, hree of the main Institutions deppend directly by them but have own administrations. They are the S.R.P. Armed Forces, the National Bank of Perejil (B.N.P.) and the S.I.E.P. (Intelligence and Espionage Service of Perejil).

The Government is changed depending on presidential terms. Although they can deppend of different factions of the Socialist Party, they are obliged to follow Constitutional policies, based around equality, liberty and fraternity. Capitalism and religion are so prohibited.

The current Prime Minister is Arthur B. Oliver. Ministres are Marina G. Casals (Culture and Arts), Enrique S. Arrizabalaga (Finance), Daniel G. Casals Defence and Interior), Lleonard O. Burwitz (Public Works, Propaganda and Transport), Sandra V. Espino (Agriculture and Commerce), Oriol G. Heras (Foreign) and Arnau P. Playà (Health, Education and Tourism).Nicolau O. Burwitz is the Government Secretary and Gerard J. Rosset is the Government spokesman.




Foreign Relations

The official logo of the League of Countries.

The Socialist Republic of Perejil is a micronation that pretends to be in the future a recognized Stat in the whole world. Its foreign relations with other countries deppend on the characteristics of the other countries. Since March 19, 2012, Perejil is member of The League of Countries, an international organism formed by nations of any kind.

There is a list of countries depending of the relations with the Republic.


** Members of the SMMU * Treaty of Alliance Firmed

Nations with territorial conflicts


Future Project