Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council

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Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council
Consiglio di cooperazione Atlantis-Woking
Flag of Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council
Coat of arms of Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council
Coat of arms
  Republic of Atlantis
  Republic of Woking
Capital New Scotland
Largest city Woking City
Official languagesEnglish
• Secretary-General
Danny Clarke
• Vice Secretary-General
Alexander Eastwood
EstablishmentJanuary 8, 2012
Dale Republic Pound

The Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council (AWCC; Italian: Consiglio di cooperazione Atlantis-Woking) is a political union between the anglo and italian micronations of the Republic of Atlantis and the Dale Republic as was founded to further improve cooperation between the two states which isn't just restricted to politics but can include culture, economics and more.


Early cooperation


Negotiations over the creation of a cooperation council between the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke and the Republic of Atlantis, Alexander Eastwood shortly after Danny Clarke resigned from Secretary-General of IMTO on December 17, 2011. However little progress towards its founding before the new year was not possible due to the Atlantis Conservative Party were in power, but the idea of a cooperation council was still popular in the SocialDemocratic Party (Atlantis) and when they took power in 2012 the Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council was officially founded.

IMTO exit

On the 14th January, 2012 discussions between the member states of the Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council began secret discussions over their future place in IMTO. It was quickly decided that both nations thought that it would make sense to leave the organization. Reason for the exit which both nations thought was the lack of professionalism and the criticism the organization, especially that the Dale Republic received for apparently running and controlling IMTO. The two members of the council officially left the organization of the 16th January 2012 despite harsh criticism of the Dale Republic's exit from the Hamlinian Republic.

Expanding cooperation

During the time of dropped Dale Republic activity caused by internet issues, the Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council began to become inactive and in a step to improve activity in the organization suggestions of expanding membership was suggested and was supported by both the Dale Republic and the Republic of Atlantis. Both sides agreed to expanding the council to cover the whole of Europe as the European Cooperation Council but still decided to delay its creation until all immediate issues which could arise in its early existence were dealt with to an acceptable standard.



Danny Clarke, Dale Republic, 8 January 2012 to Present

Vice Secretaries-General

Alexander Eastwood, Republic of Atlantis, 8 January 2012 to Present

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