Lurkish Giant Mountains

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Lurkish Giant Mountains
Lurkské Krkonoše (cz)
Anthem: Anthem of the Lurkish Giant Mountains
Country Noble Republic of Lurk
Founded byKarl Friedrich
 • Council RepresentativeAlejandro Whyatt
 • Totaln/a
Time zoneCentral European Time (CET)

The Lurkish Giant Mountains (Czech: Lurkské Krkonoše) is one of the central cantons of the Noble Republic of Lurk, bordering the Czech Republic to the North and West, and the Lurkish cantons of Elysium, Vertylia and Canton Lurk clockwise. It is named after the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic, which they resemble. This canton is unique in that is the only canton in the Lurk hills area covered with a coniferous forest. The canton contains the National Park of the same name, the Dresler Square and several important roads.

National Park

Majority of the canton is declared a national park by the Noble Republic of Lurk, due to the uniqueness of the canton within Lurk.


Unlike the majority of the central cantons, the Lurkish Giant Mountains have a strech of paved road and a concrete panel road. Both of these roads connect to the Czech Republic and the canton of Elyisum, Vertylia and the Canton of Lurk in Lurk.

Roads within the Lurkish Giant Mountains, important places marked with a circle and a number.

Dresler Square

Dresler square, named after an important cultural figure in early Lurk, is one of the largest squares in Lurk. It is an unpaved, 670 m2 irregularly-shaped area of great historical significance to Lurk, and the first major crossroad after the border with the Czech Republic. It connects the cantons of Elysium, Lurkish Giant Mountains, Canton of Lurk and to a certain extent Vertylia.

Dresler square, 1. on the map.

Scenic road

Scenic Road, officially S9, is a concrete panel road designed for pedestrian or cyclist usage. It is best known for being close to the Lurkish Giant Mountains national park, and the view of it.


The canton hosts the 5th Border Crossing, the National Square and a crossing with S2, the National Road.