Redwood City

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Free City of Redwood
Flag of Free City of Redwood
Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria.
 • Total0.002 km2 (0.0008 sq mi)
 • Total5
Time zoneCET, LMT

Redwood City, later Redwood Directly Controlled Area and finally Free City of Redwood, was founded in early Autumn of 2011. It is the capital city of Lurk and also the largest city. It has vast resources of clay, water, food and rocks. Most prominent is the mining industry, producing fine clay and the chemical industry. Agriculture suffered from unclaiming nearly a half of the land, due to new construction project on the property.


Map of the Redwood City

History of this property dates to pre-World War 1, when it was bought by the paternal great-grandfather of Alex White. The only building was built sometime around this date. The property was annexed with beginning of the Federation as capital city located in the Acrest Republic. On November 26, it was made a directly controlled area, which removed it completely from Acrestian control.

Currently, the main building and the entire property is in reconstruction.


It shares continental climate with the Czech Republic and the rest of Lurk. The area tends to be colder, due to presence of a nearby river and a large forest.


The land is almost flat, with one higher plateau. Several unique and small "environments" used to exist here, until half of the property was split away and most of these areas were removed. This led to establishment of National Parks in the Lurk Hills area.