Lurkish National

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Lurkish National Conglomerate Incorporated
State-owned incorporated conglomerate
FoundedApril 2, 2012; 12 years ago (2012-04-02)
FounderGovernment of the Lurk Federation (Dissolved)
Government of the Noble Republic of Lurk
HeadquartersNoble Republic of Lurk,
Národní třída 1
Area served
Entire Lurk
Key people
Alex White
Wooden products
Paper products
OwnerGovernment of the Noble Republic of Lurk (51%), shareholders
DivisionsFormerly APSILAB, LNSA

The Lurkish National Conglomerate Incorporated (Czech: Lurkská Národní, of officially Lurkský národní konglomerát, a.s.) or just Lurkish National is the largest Lurkish company. The company focuses on internal economy of Lurk, and therefore is not export-oriented. Despite that, the company offers its services to other states, services such as software or website development. The company was reformed under the times of the Noble Republic of Lurk, from previously being the only independent company in Lurk uniting all private and state companies under its banner (officially for more state control over the economy) to a simple state-owned company focused on multiple industries.


Perhaps the only internationally known service of Lurkish National were the short news broadcasts known as Lurk Today. Lurk Today usually covered internal developments of Lurk and a major intermicronational story, or one closely affecting Lurk or the nations it had friendly relations with.