Ministry of Inland Affairs (Lurk)

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Ministry of Inland Affairs (Lurk)
Ministerstvo vnitra
Agency overview
Formed 2011
Headquarters Ravensburg
Minister responsible h

Ministry of Inland Affairs, or more commonly, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is the government agency of the Noble Republic of Lurk responsible for multitude of other agencies, citizenship records and providing information to Lurkish citizens. It controls the Lurkish Television Broadcasting Committee, the state websites, citizenship application forms, political party registration forms and various other forms.


Ministry of Internal affairs traces its history to the first days of the Lurkish Republic, when it was created with its Department of Information, to provide information about Lurk to the external world. It was behind the production of the first anthem video of Lurk, the state symbols and the flag. Over the years, it has received more responsibilities, and it is regarded as one of the most influential organisations in Lurk.

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