Nek River

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Nek River
Nek River
OriginNear the village Tehovec, Czech Republic
MouthVltava, Czech Republic
Basin countriesNoble Republic of Lurk
Length36,2 km
Mouth elevation182 m o. s.

The Nek River, also referred to as Rokytka in Czech Republic, is one of the major rivers in the Lurk Hills area. It is a major part of Lurkish culture and symbolism. The Nek River ends in Czech River Vltava, which flows into the river Elbe. The river Elbe ends in the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the three rives in Lurk. All minor rivers in Lurk flow into Nek. Several bridges are built over the Nek River for bikes, people and cars. The Nek River is symbolized in the flag of Lurk as the bottom of the blue stripe. 50.4 hectare surrounding area of meanders and riverside terrain is protected as a national park in Lurk and has a Micronational Heritage Association classification of 1 — Natural heritage site.

Nek in Austenasia

Nek flows through the Austenasian territory of Aurora. Aurora consists only of the river and both banks of the river.

Nek in Loringia

Nek is a major river flowing through South Loringia. Nek is approximately 616 meters long and cuts South Loringia in half. In Loringia, Nek river's tributary, the Saar stream, flows into Nek through the Nekker lake, although this is not where the Saar stream ends.

Nek in Lurk

Nek is the defining feature of South Lurk, due to its meandering, islands and small river lakes it creates. In the North, closer to Aurora, Nek river flows in a straight manmade riverbed.

The river system of Lurk and Loringia.