Lurk Space Agency

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Lurk Space Agency

Affliation Lurk, Slin (25 June 2013-)

Established 30 November 2011

Headquarters Artifax, Archduchy of Loringia, Noble Republic of Lurk

Chief constructor: Alex White

Official languages Czech, Slin-Englysh

Motto "Spatia viam nostram."

Lurkish Space Agency or LSA was a Lurkish space exploration and space research agency. The agency's operations lie mostly in the virtual world, but observation of Jupiter, the Moon and Venus still reguraly take place. In the past, the agency participated in SETI@Home.


Micrasian Lurk used to claim the achievements made in the game Kerbal Space Program as it's own. Lurk used to have a large-scale space program in it, having an array of several sattelittes, two orbital stations and one permanent Moon station in the planning. Even more extensive was airplane research.


No. Program Badge Launch vehicle Launch Date Aim Success Yes/No Notes
1 Aerian Custom Aerian ship 1 December 2011 First official launch. Yes Due to technical difficulties had to be completed day later.