Kingdom of Elysia

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Kingdom of Elysia
엘리시아 왕국(Korean)

2018 - Current

Elysia Flag.png
2rd Elysia National Emblem.png

함께 나라를 이루자!
Let's Together!

엘리시아의 영광
Elysia's glory

150px 150px

Capital cityChelsia
Largest regionChelsia
Official language(s)Korean English
Official religion(s)None
DemonymElysian (English), 엘리시아인 (Korean)

GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingTeryx Alterion

LegislaturePrime Minister

Formation1 July 2020
Area Claimed1.045km²
Population20 (2020 census)
CurrencyNix (₦)
Time zoneUTC+9
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
National animalNONE

The Kingdom of Elysia, also known as the Elysian Kingdom or Elysia, is a micronation located in the Korean peninsula, presumably the Republic of Korea.


Elysia was formerly known as Elysium, not to be confused with the Republic of Elysium. At a meeting of the cabinet body of the Alteria Grand National Party, the name was switched to Elysia to symbolize eternal peacefulness. Both names are derived from the Elysian Fields, a paradise in Greek mythology.[1]


The history of Elysia can be traced back to March of 2018, when the Kingdom of Borsia was founded. Elysia was founded on 1 July 2020 by Teryx Alterion, the first and current King of Elysia.[citation needed]


Elysia is a constitutional monarchy; that is, the king is a figurehead and acts as Elysia's head of state, while a prime minister handles the daily tasks of the government.


Cabinet of Elysia
Position Incumbent
Prime Minister Enomadic Von Pentac
Minister of Foreign Affairs Moon In-ki
Minister of Culture vacant
Minister of Justice vacant
Minister of Public Security Nam Yoon Woo
Minister of Health vacant
Minister of Industry vacant


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