New Jonesland

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New Jonesland
Joneish Flag.png
Transoparent coat of arm.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "In Hoc Signo Vinces"
Anthem: Anthem of the Land
Area Claimed By New Jonesland.png
Merseyside, United Kingdom
and largest city
Kárúnsk District
Official languagesJoneish, English, Spanish
GovernmentCollective leadership
• President
Christian Jones
EstablishmentOctober 2010
CurrencyBritish Pound
Time zoneGMT

New Jonesland is a micronation founded in October 2010 by Christian Jones. New Jonesland fought in a war against Grunkia in 2011 and months later in 2011, the nation went in inactive.


New Jonesland was founded in 2010 on October by Christian Jones. In 2011, a war broke out between Grunkia and New Jonesland. The President of New Jonesland threatened to use "missles" at Grunkia. The war later ended with another micronation criticized the New Joneish Government for using a fake military commercial.