Constitution of Aenopia

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Constitution of the
Empire of Aenopia
Front page of the current Aenopian Constitution
Front page of the current Aenopian Constitution
Created August 2019 - present
Ratified N/A
Authors Simon Reeve
Signers Simon Reeve

The Constitution of Aenopia (Welsh: Cyfansoddiad Aenopia) is the fundamental law of the Empire of Aenopia. The constitution was started on 15 August 2019 after Aenopian independence from Empire of Emosia. It technically serves as the 2nd version of the Aenopian Constitution, as it was completely rewritten.

The document covers aspects about Aenopia, including its law, National Symbols, rights of the citizens, free speech, The Crown and Succession, etc. Despite this, multiple parts of the constitution have been surpassed by newer legislation, notably multiple state symbols. The Constitution is entirely written in English and is currently an ongoing document, having never been finished despite promises by the Government to finish it. As of August 2020 it consists of 1502 words.

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