Aenopian Postal Service

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Aenopian Postal Service
Temporary APS logo.png
Type TBC
Industry Courier
Founded 14 December 2019
Founder Aenopia flag.svg Simon Reeve
Area Served Greater New Aberdare
Key People Simon Reeve, Owner of APS
Since 14 December 2019
Services Letter post, express mail
Owner Empire of Aenopia

The Aenopian Postal Service is the national postal service of the Empire of Aenopia. Handled by the government, it distributes mail inside the territory of Greater New Aberdare and between Aenopia and other micronations. The Postal Service is also responsible for producing Aenopian Postage stamps which can be used within Aenopia.


The postal service was founded on 14 December 2019, following the need for a 1st class stamp for an Aenopian postcard being made by The Emperor for distribution to other micronations as part of a Christmas project. Two 1st class stamps was made, alongside two 2nd class stamps, all featuring a British train. Following this, it was decided to form a Postal Service to handle distribution of mail within The Empire. This included the introduction of 2 classes of stamps: 1st class and standard class (referred to as '2nd class' on stamps), for which different prices will be provided.

During the designing of these stamps, it was also decided to produce limited edition stamp collections for important events or to commemorate events/characters/people or other influential historical events and influential medias. This will see yearly timetables released every January for scheduled stamp collection release dates.


The Postal Service operates 2 services: Internal distribution and External distribution. Internal distribution handles the distribution of mail being sent through the territory of Greater New Aberdare, the only populated territory in The Empire. External distribution handles the distribution of mail from Aenopia to other micronations and vice-versa. This service is carried by macronational Postal services, namely Royal Mail, a British Postal Service.

Post Offices

Currently, only one Post Office us under development. New Aberdare Post office will be the HQ of APS and will handle the sorting and redistribution of mail around Aenopia. All mail will be sent to New Aberdare Post office, where it will be sorted and send to its final destination. A postbox will be installed and a printer will be based there for printing stamps, letters, printable E-mails and other items which may require printing. It is expected to open in January 2020.


2019/2020 series

The first series of the Aenopian Postal Service stamps was created on 14 December 2019 and was designed by Simon Reeve, and test printed in New Aberdare the same day. This is the main series of stamps. These stamps follow the principle of having an image of a British train instead of usual stamps which feature a portrait of the ruler or a symbol of the nation. This comes from The Emperor's love of railway locomotives and rolling stock, and Aenopia's connections to the railway.

2020 National Symbol Change series

The second series of the Aenopian Postal Service stamps was created on 15 February 2020 and was again designed by Simon Reeve in response to the change in National Symbols a few days beforehand.[1] The Stamps feature the new National Symbols displayed on them or in the case of the National Anthem, a reference to the Symbol in question. These are set to enter into circulation soon.

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