TES Conqueror

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TEV Conqueror
TES Conqueror posing next to Aenopia High Speed mark 1 set at AenopiaFEST on 12 September 2019
TES Conqueror posing next to Aenopia High Speed mark 1 set at AenopiaFEST on 12 September 2019
Name TEV Conqueror (2019-2020)
Owner Stockholms Hamnstyrelse
Registry w:Sweden Stockholm
Builder Marco Shipyard, New Aberdare
Yard number 361
Out of service 2020
Refit 2019
Identification ACG: EM-04-601
Fate Retired
Status Dismantled
Class Emperor class vessel
Length 48cm
Draft 6.5 m
Power N/A
Propulsion N/A
Speed N/A
Crew 0
Armament 1x Lego missile launcher

TES Conqueror (later known as TEV Conqueror) was a Lego Emperor Class vessel of the Aenopian Navy.

Conqueror was classified as an Emperor Class vessel and was intended to serve as the Citadel of the Aenopian Navy. Initially planned to be completed in December 2019, it was to have acted as the command ship of the Navy until its replacement by a larger vessel. It is currently under construction in Marco shipyard by Marco, a subsidiary of New Aberdare Construction Ltd. It was set to last for 1 year, for which most of its life was to be spent in dry storage, before being decommissioned in February 2020.

The ship is designated as BS-04-601, which is the universal code used by the Aenopian Navy to distinguish its vessels by class and unit no. It was scheduled to have been commissioned in late December 2019, however the date slipped numerous times, causing the expected commissioning to be TBC.



TES Conqueror was initially a Lego Police vessel which had been stripped of its components and left in a box.[1] Following requirements for a vessel for the Aenopian Navy, it was decided to convert the ship to become a vessel. With an initial commissioning date of October 2019, construction began in earnest. In early September 2019, the vessel featured in AenopiaFest2019 for 3 days before work restarted soon afterward. However, the commissioning date was pushed back to December 2019 following a lack of suitable pieces to finish it off. As of January 2020, the vessel is still not completed with no signs of it being finished soon.


Due to the constant late running of the project, the option of breaking it up had been brought up numerous times during its construction. Due to TES Conqueror utilising a Lego hull, motors and control equipment could not be easily fitted, so as such it could not be easily controllable. It is scheduled to be decommissioned in February 2020 or following replacement by a suitable vessel.



TES Conqueror was based around the hull from the Lego City Police boat 7287 released in 2011.[2] The hull measures to approximately 48 cm long and about 7 cm wide at its longest point.[3] The rest of the vessel was built using pieces either scavenged from other Lego sets.


TES Conqueror was equipped with one Lego projectile launcher from an initially unknown source, later identified as coming from a dismantled Lego Legends of China set.[4] Despite being an Emperor class ship, TES Conqueror wasn't intended to be used during military operations. This is mainly because of its lack of motor systems and Lego construction.


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