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AenopiaFest2019 Logo.png
Date9–12 September 2019
VenueMarco Shipyard, New Aberdare
ThemeNew Science and Technology in Aenopia

AenopiaFest was an event located in New Aberdare, intended to show of new technology in Aenopia. It was hosted from 9 September for 3 days in Marco Shipyard, and featured 9 exhibitions including TEV Conqueror and Aenopia High-Speed mark 1 no. BS1001 (which later featured in the record setting run). The Event was sponsored by Marco, a shipbuilding company in Aenopia.


Some of the 9 exhibitions on display included: -Aenopian Navy's TEV Conqueror -Aenopia High Speed Mark 1 no. BS1001 -Aenopian Air Force's Sulzer (Which featured in a naming ceremony during the event) -National Collection's Crimson Streak