Republic of Ardenturia

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Republic of Ardenturia
Flag of Ardenturia
Motto: Morality, freedom, equality
Official languagesEnglish
Organizational structureFederal semi-presidential republic
• President of Ardenturia
Daniel Hamilton
Independence from Australia
• Independence declared
22 November 2020
• November 2020 census
Purported currencyAustralian Dollar
Driving sideleft (de facto)
Calling code+61 (de facto)

The Republic of Ardenturia, colloquially known as Ardenturia, is a self proclaimed sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation to external observers. It declared independence in late November 2020 [1] , under the leadership of the Australissian politician Daniel Hamilton.

Ardenturia is a federal semi-presidential republic. The President of Ardenturia is Daniel Hamilton, who is the nation's head of state, and the head of the Ardenturian Congress.


The Republic of Ardenturia was founded on 22 November 2020, following discussions within The Fun Gang regarding Project Unity, a project to make Australis a Republic, however this never occured, with Ardenturia taking this idea.



The legislature of Ardenturia, otherwise known as the Congress of Ardenturia, is the primary branch of the Ardenturian Government, and is responsible for lawmaking and management of the nation. Nominally, the Congress would be 10 people in size; however there are currently only two members of the Congress; Daniel Hamilton and Casper von Naveria. Upon the full formation of the first Government, the Government shall develop the nation, and then make plans to hold a general election to democratically elect Government. One government term is six months in length.

Person Position Since
Daniel Hamilton President 22 November 2020
Casper von Naveria Minister for Foreign Affairs 23 November 2020

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Ardenturia has formalised relations via the Constantia Pact with the Unified Royal States of Australis, the Commonwealth of Naveria, Confederate States of America and the Kingdom of Dominel. In addition, the nation is a signatory to the La Salle, Wrythe and Edgbaston conventions. [2]

Name Logo Status Date Notes
Union Against Micronational War Union Against Micronational War logo.png Member 22 November 2020
Cupertino Alliance Cupertinologo2.svg Application pending 22 November 2020 (Applied)
Constantia Pact N/A N/A 22 November 2020 Founding member

See Also


  1. Hamilton, Daniel (22 November 2020) Ardenturian Declaration of Independence
  2. Hamilton, Daniel (22 November 2020) Convention Ratification Act