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Micronational treaties are often the most universally agreed upon means of attempting to enforce "intermicronational law". A number of conventions and treaties which parties may optionally become a signatory to have aimed to set standards for micronationalism as a whole, such as the Edgbaston or Wrythe Conventions, while others target single issues, such as Sough2020 and the Augusta Accord.

Given the large size of the micronational community as a whole and relative little power treaty makers hold to enforce their standards, all treaties can largely do are act as guidelines for diplomatic and polite standards - though, violators can be disowned through condemnations, ending relations or social oustings by other micronations and micronationalists, as the enforcer may be otherwise powerless to enforce it through other means.


Ultimately, treaties may allow micronational entities and sometimes intermicronational organisations to become a signatory, "party". The definition of a party is any entity "that ratifies, accedes to, approves, or succeeds to the treaty."


Treaty Concluded Topic Signatories Former signatories
Augusta Accord 29 September 2020 LGBT Rights 13 0
Denton Protocol 27 July 2014 LGBT Rights 2 2
Edgbaston Convention 28 June 2019 Intermicronational standards 26 1
Federation Treaty 1972 Mutual aid and alliance treaty 4 0
La Salle Convention 5 October 2020 Digital warfare
Online bullying
12 0
Levaria Treaty 5 August 2014 LGBT Rights 9 0
Micronational Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Law of Treaties 19 August 2012 5 0
Montediszamble Convention 22 November 2020 Freedom of Speech
75 4
Sough2020 1 December 2020 Environment (climate change) 28 0
Sough Convention on Global Climate Change, 2019 29 September 2019 Environment (climate change) 4
Wrythe Convention 15 September 2018 Falsehoods 78 12
Treaty of Persenburg 23 March 2020 Secessionism 18 3
Chyše Charter 25 June 2022 Differentation of micronations and similar, but hostile entities and micronational conduct 9 0