Republic of Jayditaria

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Republic of Jayditaria
Republika ng Jayditaria
Flag of Republic of Jayditaria
Coat of arms of Republic of Jayditaria
Coat of arms
Motto: Libertas sit amet, non voluntariis
Liberty is mandatory, not voluntary
Anthem: Hail Thee, My Jayditaria
Largest cityHodiernis
Official languagesEnglish, Filipino
• President
Jayden Riley V. Dagsa
• Vice-President
Rhiana Mireille A. Lopez
• Acting Vice-President
Dana Francesca D. Abgelina
LegislatureCongress of the Jayditarian People
Senate of the Republic
House of Representatives
Disabled due to lack of citizens
• Declared independence
16 September 2018
• Annexed by Novus Hierosolymis
24 April 2021
• Total
0.0000497 km2 (1.92×10−5 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• Census
Feb. 2021 online census
CurrencyJayditarian dollar (JD$)
Time zoneUTC+8
  1. This nation was a member of the Progressive Association

The Republic of Jayditaria, more commonly known as Jayditaria, was a micronation in Southeast Asia. Located in the Philippines, it was entirely landlocked by the mainland of Luzon Island of the Philippines. Jayditaria was a federal presidential republic, with the President of Jayditaria serving as head of state and head of government.


Jayditaria was named after its founder, Jayden Dagsa.


There were 2 main eras in Jayditarian history, which are the Monarchist Era and the Democratic Era.

Monarchist Era

Jayditaria was first established as the Kingdom of the Philippine Islands, claiming all territory in the Philippine archipelago. However, this was short-lived as Mr. Dagsa didn't like monarchies at the time, and expressed support for a fully democratic government, so he dissolved the monarchy on 17 September. Later on, he knew that this was a violation of the Wrythe Convention.

Democratic Era

1st Inactivity Period

From 17 September 2018 to 4 March 2019, Jayditaria was inactive, due to unknown reasons. No events of importance happened in this period.

Appointments Period

From 4 March 2019 until an unknown date, Jayditaria had its first constitution, with no elections, but instead appointments made by the President. One important event in this period was when Jayditaria entered into informal relations with the Republic of Molossia.

2nd Inactivity Period

From an unknown date to 19 January 2021, Jayditaria was inactive, due to unknown reasons. No events of importance happened in this period.

Discord Period

Since 19 January 2021, Jayditaria moved most of its operations, if not entirely, to Discord. It has then written a new constitution, creating a fully functioning government, with a proper executive, legislative and judicial branches. Intermicronationally, it joined the Progressive Association, and signed treaties with other micronations. It was then annexed by Novus Hierosolymis on 24 April 2021, after a 1-hour public referendum.

Politics and government

Jayditaria a federal presidential republic. The Executive branch was led by the President, and includes the Vice President and Cabinet of Ministers (honorary due to the circumstances). The legislative branch is the Congress of the Jayditarian people, composed of the Senate as the upper house, and the House of Representatives (currently dissolved due to lack of citizenry) as its lower house.

Political parties

This list consists of all political parties in the Republic of Jayditaria which are registered by the Jayditarian Elections Agency.

Party Logo Chair Ideologies Presidency Senate Supreme Court
Liberal Democratic Party
Jayden Dagsa
1 / 1
4 / 6
1 / 3
Nationalist Party
Matthew Laptev
Economic centrism
0 / 1
0 / 6
0 / 3
Social Democratic Party
Far-left politics
0 / 1
1 / 6
0 / 3
Epic Progressive
Strongly Environmental
Social Liberal Monarchs
EPSESLM EPSESLM.png John Lake Gradualism
Social liberalism
0 / 1
0 / 6
0 / 3

Foreign relations

Jayditaria has signed treaties with the following nations:

  1. Nexan Republic - Treaty of Centris
  2. State of Indradhanush - Treaty of Hodiernis (repealed due to information acquired from Notification dated 5 Feb 2021 issued by the Government of Vishwamitra and the issuance of [1]


The Armed Forces of Jayditaria was the main military force in Jayditaria. It has been involved in 2 major wars:

  1. Kranjovec-Mensur War
  2. Jayditaria-Aenderia Conflict
  3. Ambestani-Jayditarian-Novohierosolymian War against the UKR


The currency in Jayditaria was the Jayditarian dollar (JD$). Its' main realist industry was homemade foods, and they export it to foreign buyers from the Philippines. In their Discord server, however, they have the state-run Wing Company, which sells clothing apparel. The net worth of the economy in Jayditaria was estimated to be at approximately 6 million Jayditarian dollars.

Culture and media

News and media was quite bland in Jayditaria. There were 3 main outlets, one being JSTV News, the state-ran outlet, the second being the West Puerto Rican Public Network, ran by JLMJXD, and the No Cap News Network, ran by Matthew Laptev.

See also

Order of Liberty (Jayditaria) - The highest honor in Jayditaria

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