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Duchy of Corollia
Herzogtum Creland (German)
Duchy Creland (Corollian)

New Flag of Corollia.svg
New Coat of Corollia.png

Freedom and Peace
I Vow to Thee, My Country

Location of Corollia
Capital cityCorollia City
Official language(s)english and german
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy
- DukeCorollian Duke New Flag.svg Elijah
- Prime MinisterErkki Tšaikovsky
LegislatureGreat Council
EstablishedNovember 11th, 2019
Area claimed558 km²
Population0 (2019)
CurrencyCorollian dollar (©)
Time zoneUTC -3
Internet TLD.dc (proposed)
This micronation is a member of UAMW and Great Micronational Commonwealth

Corollia, officially the Duchy of Corollia (Corollian: Duchy Creland, German: Herzogtum Creland) is a micronation located on Elephant Island in Antarctica. It was established on 11 November 2019. As of 2020, it has a population of 0, but it has 13 citizens.


The Duchy of Corollia was established at November 11, 2019. Now Corollia is in development.

At January 1, 2020 Corollia has joined the Union Against Micronational War. The same day Corollia has founded a micronational organisation called Micronational Commonwealth. It was criticised by micronational community which called it "YAMO". As of 2020, it has 4 members.


The first and current Duke of Corollia is Elijah.

The Prime minister is Erkki Tšaikovsky.

The Viscount of Corollia is Zachary Abrahams.


A map of Elephant Island.

Corollia is located on the tip of Antarctica upon Elephant Island. Island size is 27x47 kilometers.

The weather is normally foggy with much snow. As soon as Corollia is a part of Antarctica, the weather here is usually cold.

Administrative divisions

The administrative divisions of Corollia on a map of Elephant Island.

Duchy of Corollia is divided into 4 realms:

  • Sothland
  • Pengerland
  • Kawelta
  • Rowett Island

Each realm has autonomy, but all of them belong and report to a single Corollian government: Corollian Parlament and The Duke of Corollia. Rowett Island is the only realm that has it's own Microcode: RI.

Each realm is divided into 3 districts.



National currency

The offical currency of Corollia is the Corollian Dollar.


As of April 2020, Corollia citizens don't have to pay any taxes.

Foreign relations

Recognised nations

Ally nations

Armed forces

Flag of Corollian police

Corollia doesn't have military, but it has police department, officaly called "The Royal Defenders of The Duchy of Corollia".

Police chief position is held by Sir Elijah.

"Royal Defenders of Corollia" is a part of Corollian Ministry for Protection.

National attributes

The national motto of Corollia is "Freedom And Peace".

The national anthem of Corollia is "I Vow To Thee My Country" by Nathan Lay.

Corollian national color is blue.

Corollian national animal is a penguin.

Corollian national drink is water.

Corollian national dish is rice with soy sauce.

Corollian national sport is ice hockey.

Corollia also has a Microcode: DC.

Tourist attractions

Point Wild (Cape Wild)

A bust of Captain Luis Pardo Villalón on Point Wild.

The bust of Captain Luis Pardo Villalón is located at the east north side of Corollia, at Kawelta Realm.

This is so far the only monument in Corollia.

Rowett Island

A photo of Rowett Island, date taken unknown.

Rowett Island is a tiny rocky island at the south of Corollia. It is the only corollian Realm that is not located on the Elephant Island.

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