Autonomous State of Kirael

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Autonomous State of Kirael
Kiraelin Autonominen Valtio
National Flag
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Kirael
GovernmentDevolved government under a constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Chancellor of Government
Erkki Tsaikovsky
LegislatureState Assembly
• Independence from Finland
30 August, 2020
• Autonomy
29 May, 2022
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
Time zoneGMT+2 (EET)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

Kirael, officially Autonomous State of Kirael (Finnish: Kiraelin Autonominen Valtio) is a micronation in Finland, a self-governing state within the Grand Duchy of Corollia. Despite having territorial claims, the nation operates almost entirely online.

Kirael has fallen into an age of inactivity since its accession to Corollia, with very little activity taking place within the substate micronation. Despite all efforts made, political or otherwise, the future of Kirael as a micronation remains grim as both the founders and citizens of Kirael have had a considerable hiatus of commitment with the very idea of Kirael.


The Republic of Kirael started off as a capitalist nation, and then became socialist 19 October 2020. Eventually, Kirael has updated its economical status back to its original form.

The nation started off small, like many others, and then suddenly started growing rapidly. Kirael got much support from allies and larger nations, which was one of the main reasons of the rapid growth. Advertisements in Discord servers was also a key to gain members.

So far in it's history Kirael's diplomatic interaction with other nations has been steadily increasing, and a lot of inner reformations have been made; such as re-elections, establishment of a parliament, forming a proper cabinet, new political parties etc. With new institutions and organisations established in Kirael, the government is taking further steps to make the workings of the nation free from simulationism.

Kirael was also once a part of the Progressive Association, but left due to inner conflicts between another association.

For most of Kirael's lifetime it has been a part of the LIN, and has gotten support from them as well.

Corollian Era

The Corollian Era, as it began after Kirael's decision to join the Grand Duchy of Corollia as a dependency has been rather mixed for Kirael. Although Kirael's political scene has been revitalized, the virtual realm of Kirael has been facing issues with inactivity and 'ghost citizens' from the old Republic who are not even associated with the country any longer.

At that, although Kirael's future is uncertain it was believed that it is likely that Kirael will survive the present era and perhaps reach the peak of it's activity and prosperity soon. However, in recent months, due to a severe lack of micronational activity and general participation on behalf of both the government of Kirael and its now very limited population (which is far lower than the 30 citizens estimate that was previously evaluated during the last year), the future of Kirael has become quite doubtful with many speculating as to what its fate as a micronation will be.


Although Kirael operates and exists mostly in the virtual realm, it's physical territories exist at several undisclosed locations within Finland.

Government & Politics

While a dependency of Corollia, Kirael is self-governing and is a functioning democracy with an elected Legislature and has recently introduced political parties. The Chancellor previously functioned as the Head of State while the Prime Minister would be the Head of Government, however since it's secession to Corollia the Chancellor has become the Head of Government. Kirael has only had one Chancellor since foundation as well as after it's integration into Corollia.

After the advent of political parties, the Kiraelian Unity Party has quickly gained popularity and has become the largest party in Kirael.

State Assembly

The State Assembly of Kirael is the Legislature of the Autonomous State and is responsible for voting and debating any proposals and issues that arise within the country. It presently has two members in addition to the Chancellor of Kirael and the Grand Duke of Corollia who also hold a vote and can observe the proceedings.

Current political parties

This list consists of all political parties in the Autonomous State of Kirael

Party Logo Party flag Party leader Ideology(s) Status
Kiraelian Unity Party
Arsal Abbas Mirza
Big tent


Kiraelian Libertarian


KLP Lachlan Andrews Libertarianism Registered
Socialist Democratic Party SDP Laurel Bach "Meow Zedong" Liberal Socialism Registered

Foreign relations

Being part of Corollia, foreign relations of Kirael are handled in cooperation with the Corollian Ministry of External Affairs and the Kiraelian Ministry of External Affairs.

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