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The Republic of Kirael, also more commonly known as just Kirael, is a micronation located within the country of Finland, located within northern Europe. Kirael was founded by its incumbent leader, Erkki, on 30 August 2020, and operates on the social media platform known as Discord. Kirael is characterized by a commitment to policies aimed at curbing inequality, eliminating oppression of underprivileged groups and eradicating poverty as well as support for universally accessible public services like care for the elderly, child care, education, health care and workers' compensation. These are the principles of social democracy. Kirael is officially recognized as a brick-mortar nation, with territorial claims consisting of legal property, owned by the leader and by a couple citizens.

Republic of Kirael
Finnish:Kiraelin tasavalta
Swedish:Republiken Kirael
5th Flag of Kirael.png
First Coat of Kirael.png
National Arms
Motto: "Efficiency, Equality, Welfare"
Anthem: Land of Liberty
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Finnish and Swedish
DemonymKiraelian, Kiraeli
GovernmentUnitary cancellarial republic
• Chancellor
Erkki Tšaikovsky
• Prime Minister
Saionji Kintsune
• Vice Chancellor
LegislatureKiraelian State Assembly
• Independence from Finland
30th August 2020
• 2020 estimate
30 - 40
HDI (2018)0.938
very high
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright
National animalBadger


The Republic of Kirael started off as a capitalist nation, and then became socialist 19th of October, 2020. Recently as of writing this, Kirael has once more updated its economical status back to its original form.

As mentioned earlier, Kirael operates on Discord since they do not have the resources to maintain a government anywhere else.

The nation started off small, like many others, and then suddenly started growing rapidly. Kirael got much support from allies and larger nations, which was one of the main reasons of the rapid growth. Advertisements in servers was also a key to gain members.

So far Kirael's diplomacy with other nations has been growing a lot, and a lot of inner reformations have been made; such as re-elections, building a parliament, forming a cabinet, new political parties etc. With new features added to Kirael we're taking each time one step towards further realism.

Kirael was also once a part of the Progressive Association, but left due to inner conflicts between another association.

For most of Kirael's lifetime it has been a part of the L, and has gotten support from them as well.

These are the main events of the history so far.

Politics and government

As it says in the country name, the nation is a republic, with a chancellor, making certain decisions and giving ideas which will be passed to an election or a voting poll, and a vice chancellor who is in charge of the nation if the leader cannot access Discord at the time for example. The vice chancellor can make larger decisions together with the chancellor. Of course, all citizens have the democratic privileges of voting on certain decisions as well. There is a cabinet (consists of the Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Minister of Foreign Affairs etc.).

The government currently has four different political parties. The Social Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Party, The International Party and the Confederation of Kiraelian Anarchists and Libertarians. The descriptions are below:

The Confederation of Kiraelian anarchists and libertarians is represented by the politician Emberglow. Its ideologies are Libertarian socialism, Minarcho Socialism, Syndicalism, Feminism, Anarchist Communism, Libertarian Marxism and enviromentalism.

The Social Democrats are represented by Erkki Tšaikovsky. They stray for a society founded more by freedom, equality and solidarity. They think that each individual contributes to their own well being and common welfare. Justice is generated by the balance between rights and responsibility.

The Christian Democrats are represented by the politician Pohjan Poika. In practice, Christian democracy is often considered centre-right on cultural, social and moral issues, but centre-left "with respect to economic and labor issues, civil rights, and foreign policy" as well as the environment. Christian democrats support a social market economy.

The International Party is run by Hisona, and focuses heavily on foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. Strengthening diplomacy would support mutual recognition, resulting into higher member statistics. The International Party is located on the left side of the political spectrum.

The government has an assembly (Kiraelian State Assembly) which consists of seven seats, and creates laws e.g. criminal act, citizenship act, etc.

The assembly's members are part of political parties, and through the assembly's decisions they try to make the country more according to their own representing ideology. This is another element of democracy in Kirael.

Kirael has also agreed upon the standards of the Edgbaston Convention, as well as the Wrythe convention, meaning Kirael stepping further into professionalism. They also signed the Libertas Convention to be an accepted member state of the League of Independent Nations (LIN).

Law and order

The Republic of Kirael does have a court room, although it isn't used very often. If though, there was a hypothetical case that would have to be solved, the people in charge of the nation would look into it and question the accused person. If they make a conclusion that there were false accusations against the person being accused, they will look further into it, as expected. The court trials are pretty generic, but there might be some differences considering the fact that it works digitally.

Reasons for punishments can be: not abiding by the country laws, insulting the sovereignty of Kirael, causing unnecessary trouble and noise or just generally behaving unacceptably. Different punishments can be: server mute, political restrictions, having to do something extra, being kicked out of the server, or in the worst case getting restricted from entering the country in the future.

Foreign relations

Kirael maintains bilateral ties with the following nations:

  • The Nexan Republic
  • The People's Republic of Arsalania
  • Monmarkian Empire
  • The Open Republic of Mooreonia
  • NeoUK
  • The Coleman Empire
  • Luchijan
  • Corollia
  • The Tinakulan International Zone
  • Republic of the Union of Eastasia
  • State of Vishwamitra
  • The Valencian Republic
  • The Limbonian Federal Republic
  • Confederation of Luka
  • The Greater Republic of Ambestan
  • United Republic of Helm
  • People's Republic of Andistan

Kirael is also part of the League of Independent Nations, the Roosevelt Congress, the New Micronations Internationale, the Nordic Confederation, East Coast Treaty Organization, The Pan-Leftist Unification Movement and has rejoined the Progressive Association.


The government doesn't use a military since it operates on Discord, but there ar*e however server moderators who can take care of the conflict in the server if someone behaves unacceptably.


There are three official languages, which are: English, Finnish and Swedish. English is most commonly spoken.

  • National animal: Badger
  • National dish: Karelian Pie
  • National anthem: Land of Liberty
  • melody: Jääkärimarssi

Flag History

The First Flag of Kirael
The Second Flag of Kirael
The Third Flag of Kirael
The Fourth flag of Kirael
Current flag of Kirael

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