Republic Of Qupol

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Qupolianisches Reich (Qupolian Empire)
Motto: Never give up!
Anthem: Preußens Gloria

Emerald, Qupolianisches Reich 24/2/21
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentFascist Dictatorship
• (as of 1/6/2021) census
Time zoneUTC+10

The Qupolianisches Reich, more commonly known as Qupol, is a micronation in Brisbane,Australia. The Republic Of Qupol was originally founded on 8 May 2020 as the Emperal Empire but on 24 january 2021 the name was changed to the Republic Of Qupol. The flag was changed and the currency was also changed. 7/8/2021 Qupol changed its name into the Qupolianisches Reich


Emperal Empire Age

The Republic Of Qupol, more commonly referred to as Qupol declared independence from the Commonwealth of Australia as the Emperal Empire on 8/5/2020. On 24/1/2021. Emperal Empire changed its name to the Republic Of Qupol and the micronation was officially continued from a discontinued state.

Democratic Age

24/1/2021 - 1/6/2021

Dictator Age

1/6/2021 - 7/8/2021

Military Coup

7/8/2021 - 26/4/2022 The military has taken over Qupol and turned it into the Qupolianisches Reich with Dictator Austin as the head of state

Fascist Dictatorship

26/4/2022 - Ongoing President Austin has formed a government with himself as the Head of state and a fascist empire has been formed. The king has abdicated and the throne has been abolished

Politics And Government

Qupol's goverment is a fascist empire with a dictator as the head of state: (still in drafting)
Our Social Policy is Far-Right
Our Economic Policy is center-left
Dictator: Austin

Foreign Relations

The Qupolianisches Reich peacefully coexists with its host nation of Australia and its entire population is comprised of tax paying duel citizens who agree and follow Australian law and recognize that we need to follow it. The foreign policy of the Republic Of Qupol focuses exclusively on fellow micronations. The Qupolianisches Reich maintains diplomatic relations with several other well established micronations worldwide. While the Republic Of Qupol unofficially recognizes all nations sovereignty. "Joke nations" or roleplay/simulationist nations will not be recognized because there is a few nations attempting to make fun of micronations and we will not have any diplomatic relations with those nations.

Qupol Kriegsarmee

Qupol Kriegsarmee

English: The Qupol War Army

The Qupol Kriegsarmee was founded on 26/5/21.

The Qupol Kriegsarmee aims to protect Qupol from any foreign threats and invaders.

Size of the Kriegsarmee (26/4/2022)

Size: 1 Men


Capital: Emerald


Qupol's Economy is a mainly agricultural based economy with us also selling our flags for a cheap price in our country. We mainly export and import to Australia and plan to export to other micronations eventually

We calculate our mark worth in silver grams/grains. Not AUD or another macro currency

1 mark is worth 2 grams of silver

Republic Of Qupol, 2021