Same-sex rights in micronations

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Many micronations have adopted laws regarding those who pursue relations with the same sex or gender. These laws vary greatly by micronation, and in many cases macronational law may interfere with the implementation of these laws.

Same-sex[1] rights have long been debated in the MicroWiki Sector, and many leaders of prominent micronations in this sector are open about their sexualities. The founding of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands and the signing of the Denton Protocol are some well-known events relating to non-hetero sexualities in micronationalism.

Desired rights and protections

Below is a list of civil rights issues commonly championed by and for same-sex-attracted people, listed loosely in order of priority:

In addition to the above rights, the following legal protections are also often sought by same-sex-attracted people:

Legislation by micronation

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North America


South America


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  1. The Constitution of Unitaria Act, 2022 states that Unitaria must follow all relevant macronational laws. Unitaria is within the United States, which banned employment discrimination against lesbian, gay, and trans people in Bostock v. Clayton County.


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