People's Republic of Titan

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Founded on December the 6th 2020, the People’s Republic Of Titan is a small micronation. The micronation has over 100 residents and is hoping to gain more.

People's Republic Of Titan
People’s Republic Of Titan flag.jpg
Shield (1)h.png
Coat Of Arms
Motto: "Don't mess with Wendy Testaburger"
Anthem: Do you hear the people sing
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Welshpool district of PRoT.png
Island District.png
Melbourne District, Welshpool District, Island District and Victoria District
CapitalTitan city
LargestTitan City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Russian and German
Religionno official religion
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
King Liam I
• Elect
James G
• Governor
Tomas G, James B and Tom C
LegislatureTitan Parliament
House of the parties
House of commons
Independence from Australia
• Founding day
6th of December 2020
• Estimate
60 or more
CurrencyTNM (T$)
Time zoneUTC (UTC0)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code61+
Citizenship requests =>


Titan Airport

Pre War Era

On the 6th of December 2020 the People’s Republic Of Titan was founded by Liam Clark and the Minister of defence Josh Bence. The nation then adopted the name of Titan link then soon later the People’s Republic Of Titan. When the nation was founded it became an internet micro-nation but they soon want to change into a micro-nation with the territory of their own. On the 13th of December with the nation have been online for 7 days, 10 people joined the nation, the most recognized ones where Gus De Los Santos (leader of the ministers), Simon R (minister of foreign affairs/relations), Isaac Grounds (minister of agriculture) and Luca (minister of technology). On the 14th of December, the People’s Republic Of Titan’s government talked about moving the nation into real life by claiming an atoll in the coral sea but this claim did not take place due to it being owned by Australia and claimed by another micronation. However the nation did get some official land.

The Titan Civil War

On the 16th of December, The Insurgency of Titan was created by a former government officer and the Insurgency invaded 2 bits of land owned by The People's Republic Of Titan. King Liam Clark I was so angered by this that he ordered the Titan National Army to destroy this Insurgency, this event was the start of The Titan Civil War. On the 18th of December the Titan National Army took back all the land that The Insurgency of Titan took, and the Insurgency gave up and surrender to the People's Republic Of Titan. However a day later the insurgency came back, King Liam Clark I was aware of this and orginised a meeting with him and Tomas Gebrehiwot (leader) also Tom (spy). In this meeting Tomas Gebrehiwot was taken to the wall and executed for treason by the famous RRH (Red Right Hand) all those who helped kill Tomas Gebrehiwot got the PRoT Medal of Loyalty.

Development Era

On the 23rd of December, a new system was put in place. This system was called the one man party, how it worked was the people would elect someone into the role of the elect. This elect would control the nation and work with the king to make the People's Republic of Titan a better place. The elect also gets to appoint a governor for each district. On the 27th of December the PRoT government made multiple new divisions in its government and started funding a number of companies, some of these divisions included PRoT WRD, PRoT PRA, and PRoT Mobile Task Force.

The December leaks

On the 29th of December the citizens of PRoT became aware of a game developed by the PRoT WRD called The Battle and the side effects of the game after a "data leak" from PRoT PRD, the public also became aware of other experiments that PRoT had involvement with. However all files "leaked" where denied by PRoT to have anything to do with them.

The Golden Era


List of elects

  • 6th of December - 1st of January => James G


Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies House of commons House of the parties The elect
партия товарища Джеймса None JIG James G Far Left Communism
5 / 12
1 / 3
1 / 1
People's Republic Of Titan's Party of Science and Tech PRoT SAT.png SAT Gus D Centre Democracy
4 / 12
1 / 3
0 / 1
The People’s Republic Of Titan R&D (Research and Development) None RND Unknown Far Left Communism
3 / 12
1 / 3
0 / 1

Roles of the government

Role Person currently in the role
King King Liam I
Elect James G
Governor of Welshpool District James B
Governor of Melbourne District King Liam I
Governor of Island District Tomas G
Governor of Victoria District Tom C


Laws Of The People’s Republic Of Titan

Clark Oval in the Melbourne District


  • Welshpool District
  • Melbourne District
  • Island District
  • Victoria District

National military

there are 4 sections of the national military they are:

Land Forces

A section of the national military that has a focus on in real life military operations based on land, sea and air.

Cyber Forces

A section of the national military that has a focus on crimes against the nation via the internet.

Surveillance Forces

A section of the national military that has a focus on surveillance of threats to the nation.

Citizen Forces

Reserve forces for the national military

TNM (titan national money)

Rowellen training camp
Amount of TNM AUD
Conversion to AUD
1 TNM 1.35 AUD
5 TNM 6.75 AUD
10 TNM 13.5 AUD


The following nations are formally recognized by the People's Republic of Titan and maintain full diplomatic relations:

The following nations are formally recognized by the People's Republic of Titan but maintain no diplomatic relations:

The following states are not recognized:

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