Kingdom of Titan

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Kingdom of Titan
Flag of
Coat of arms of
Coat of arms
Motto: “For king and country”
Anthem: Do you hear the people sing?
Melbourne District, Welshpool District, Island District and Victoria District
Melbourne District, Welshpool District, Island District and Victoria District
CapitalTitan city
LargestTitan City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
no official religion
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
King Liam
• Elect
Noah Irwin
• Deputy Elect
Kartikein Pillai
• Minister of Defense
Simon Roseman
LegislatureTitan Parliament
House of the parties
House of commons
Independence from Australia
• Founding day
6 December 2020
• Name Changed to The Kingdom of Titan
16 July 2021
• Defunct
4 August 2021
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
HDI (2021)0.944
very high
CurrencyValorem/Valoren (℣VAL)
Time zoneUTC0 (UTC)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code61+
Citizenship requests =>

The Kingdom of Titan was a micronation located in Australia, founded on 6 December 2020 by King Liam. The micronation had over 127 residents.


Pre War Era

On the 6th of December 2020 the People’s Republic of Titan was founded by King Liam and the Minister of defence Josh Bence. The nation then adopted the name of Titan link then soon later the People’s Republic of Titan. When the nation was founded it became an internet micro-nation but they soon want to change into a micro-nation with a territory of their own. On the 13 December with the nation have been online for 7 days, 10 people joined the nation, the most recognized ones were Gus De Los Santos (leader of the ministers), Simon R (minister of foreign affairs/relations), Isaac Grounds (minister of agriculture) and Luca (minister of technology). On the 14th of December, the People’s Republic of Titan’s government talked about moving the nation into real life by claiming an atoll in the coral sea but this claim did not take place due to it being owned by Australia and claimed by another micronation. However, the nation did get some official land.

The 1st Insurgency War

On the 16th of December, the Insurgency of Titan was created by former government officials and the Insurgency invaded 2 bits of land owned by The People's Republic of Titan. King Liam was so angered by this that he ordered the Titan National Army to destroy this Insurgency, this event was the start of The Titan Civil War. On the 18th of December, the Titan National Army took back all the land that the Insurgency of Titan took, and the Insurgency gave up and surrender to the People's Republic of Titan. However a day later the insurgency came back, King Liam was aware of this and orginised a meeting with him and Tomas Gebrehiwot (leader) also Tom (spy). In this meeting, Tomas Gebrehiwot was taken to the wall and executed for treason by the famous RRH (Red Right Hand) all those who helped kill Tomas Gebrehiwot got the PRoT Medal of Loyalty.

Development Era

On the 23rd of December, a new system was put in place. This system was called the one man party, how it worked was the people would elect someone into the role of the elect. This elect would control the nation and work with the king to make the People's Republic of Titan a better place. The elect also gets to appoint a governor for each district. On the 27th of December the PRoT government made multiple new divisions in its government and started funding a number of companies, some of these divisions included PRoT WRD, PRoT PRA, and PRoT Mobile Task Force.

The 2nd Insurgency War

The 2nd Insurgency War Started on the 13th of May 2021 when a new insurgency was formed. This insurgency was made by 2 politicians (Oscar and Spencer of the Anti Waste Party). On the 14th of May the insurgency created their own micronation called "The Abyss". The Abyss then launched 2 attacks on government buildings, these attacks caused 1,000s of TNM in damage. On the 15th of May the People’s Republic of Titan mobilised their military and started securing their land. On the 3rd of June 2021 King Liam declared the war was over because of a long stalemate, the war ended on the 4th of June 12pm (AEST).

War against the Seljuks

On the 3rd of June the Seljuk Empire nuked and destroyed Favendria just because they wanted to. On the same day the Seljuk Empire tried to attack the Republic of Ambestan, King Liam and The People's Republic of Titan saw this and because the Republic of Ambestan Was their ally they decided to investigate the problem, finding how large it was.

On the 4th of June The People's Republic of Titan launched an attack on the Seljuk Empire using DMs causing mass damage to their server and their community. This raid/attack caused the Seljuk Empire to launch a raid on The People's Republic of Titan that failed because the systems did not let them. King Liam kicked all of the Seljuk’s raiders out of their server. Wellmoore decided to provide support to their ally (People's Republic of Titan) in their war against the Seljuk Empire.

On the 5th of June 2 People's Republic of Titan government officials where targeted by the leader of the Seljuk Empire and where send links to lead to a peace treaty, they actually took they IPs of these two officials. A state of emergency was declared in The People's Republic of Titan while the Red Right Hand got these government officials and took them Site-5 (A safe house in The People’s Republic of Titan’s territory).

On the 8th of June People's Republic of Titan declared neutrality in the conflict because the Seljuks threatened to do something that has since been classified.

The 2nd Development Era

On the 7th of July the Kingdom of Titan National Police Force was created by Tom Cusak. On July the 16th PRoT became The Kingdom of Titan. On the 22nd of July the Eurasian Wolf was made the national animal.

The End of The Kingdom of Titan

On the 4th of August 2021 multiple parties attacked The Kingdom of Titan and destroyed it. There was no way to recover the damage so the nation was shut down and became defunct.


The Government of The People’s Republic Of Titan is made up of the monarch, the elect, the upper house and the lower house. The first elect was James Ghaly he was elect from the 6th of December 2020 to the 24th of April 2021, the current elect Noah Irwin has been elect from the 24th of April 2021 and his term will end on the 6th of December 2021.

The government law passing system in The Kingdom of Titan


The laws of The Kingdom of Titan can be found in this page -> Laws Of The Kingdom of Titan. The laws are decided by the lower house (House of Commons) then the upper house (House of Parties). Laws can be proposed by the minister of defence, the elect, the deputy elect, the king, members of the lower house and members of the upper house. In an emergency the king, elect, deputy elect or the minister of defence can declare a state of emergency. In this state of emergency laws can be passed without moving through the lower or upper house.


There was a small amount of corruption in The Kingdom of Titan such as the KOT insurgency hoax and the jailing of political rivals by the elect for false charges. Other corruption includes the jailing of citizens who spoke out against the government.

Criminal/Court System

The court system in The Kingdom of Titan

The Kingdom of Titan’s criminal/court system is simple, if you are accused of a crime you will go to court, the court you go to will vary on the crime accused of. If the court finds you guilty you will be either sentenced to jail, community service or death in extreme cases. After 3 weeks into community service or jail you can apply for an appeal. When you appeal you will get a inquiry then have to go back to court and if you are found guilty you go back to jail/community service if found innocent you will be let free and the crime will be taken off your criminal record.

There has been a few cases where this hasn’t been the system used for example the Luca K case and the Tomas G case. In both of these cases it was a political trial and one was banished and the other was jailed and disappeared. There has also been other cases where citizens have been jailed for one to two days because of their political beliefs.

Often political prisoners and normal prisoners in The Kingdom of Titan would be blacklisted from all of The Kingdom of Titan’s allies and other micronations. Prisoners would also be put on blacklists such as the Nexus Watchlist. Efforts are also made by the Red Right Hand, KOT RTF and KOT IA to silence these prisoners from speaking out against The Kingdom of Titan.


Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies House of commons House of the parties The elect
TPCP JIG James G Far Left Communism
1 / 6
1 / 6
0 / 1
PST SAT Gus D Centre Democracy
1 / 6
1 / 6
0 / 1

RND Noah Irwin Far Left Communism
1 / 6
1 / 6
1 / 1
CA CA Gaia Gribhinneach Far Left Socialism
1 / 6
1 / 6
0 / 1
CPP CPP Tom Cusak Far Left Communism
1 / 6
1 / 6
0 / 1
C0P TC0P James Far Left Communism
1 / 6
1 / 6
0 / 1
LASP None TP Alan Far Left Communism
0 / 6
0 / 6
0 / 1

Geography and Climate


The Kingdom of Titan is located in multiple macronations (mainly Australia). The Victoria District is located in the Lerderderg state forest, The Melbourne District is located in Melbourne, The Island District is located in the coral islands and the American District is a small district in America, California.


The climate of The Kingdom of Titan is significantly influenced by ocean currents, including the Indian Ocean Dipole and the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, which is correlated with periodic drought. Water restrictions are frequently in place in many regions and cities of The Kingdom of Titan in response to chronic shortages due to droughts.

Climate data for Melbourne District (2019–2021)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 45.6
Average high °C (°F) 27.0
Daily mean °C (°F) 21.6
Average low °C (°F) 16.1
Record low °C (°F) 5.5
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 44.2
Average rainy days (≥ 1mm) 5.6 5.0 5.5 7.1 8.1 8.6 8.3 9.4 9.8 9.0 7.7 6.5 90.6
Sunshine hours 272.8 228.8 226.3 186.0 142.6 123.0 136.4 167.4 186.0 226.3 225.0 263.5 2,384.1
[citation needed]

National Military

Emblem of the national army and coat of arms.

Kingdom of Titan National Military was made in the lead up to the 1st Insurgency War. There are 4 sections of the Kingdom of Titan National Military: they are The Red Army, The Red Airforce, The Red Navy, Intel Forces, Epsilon Forces and The Red Right Hand. The National also has multiple drones, vehicles and transport vehicles.

Sections of Kingdom of Titan’s National Military

  • The Red Army (Main section of the military. Has a focus on land operations.)
  • The Red Airforce (Has a focus on air operations and support for land forces.)
  • The Red Navy (Controls the sea around The Kingdom of Titan.)
  • Intel Forces (Focuses on online crimes committed by citizens of The Kingdom of Titan.)
  • Epsilon Forces (The special forces of The Kingdom of Titan.)
  • Red Right Hand (A special forces unit that is loyal to the monarch.)


The Valorem/Valoren (sign: ℣; code: Val) is the official currency of The Kingdom of Titan. It was created on 6 April. The maximum amount allowed in circulation equates to the amount of Australian Dollars in reserve, with a 0.001% to 0.01% monthly inflation rate being allowed, but not mandatory. The name of the currency (Valorem/Valoren) is the direct translation of Value in Latin. One Valorem/Valoren is worth 1 dollar and 25 cents Australian.



The following nations are formally recognized by the The Kingdom of Titan and maintain full diplomatic relations:

The following nations are formally recognized by The Kingdom of Titan but maintain no diplomatic relations:

The following states are not recognized: