Empire of Truto

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The Empire of Terutia, also known as the Empire of Zapotokya was a micronation located in Lesser Poland, Poland. It was active in the IMC sector.

Imperium Potockie,Cézarstwo Potockié
Flag of Truto
Coat of Arms of Truto
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Ojczyzno/Ôtcowino!
Largest cityBajkówka
Official languagesGoral Trutian Polish
Recognised national languagesGoral Trutian Polish Polish Slovak Czech English German Esperanto (Kolokvial')
Ethnic groups
Gorals Lachs (non-Goral Poles)
Catholicism Trutian Catholic Union
GovernmentClassical Sanation
• Masiołek/Marszałem (Marshal) Wódz(The Leader)
LegislatureThe Zgoda
• Independence from Poland, Goral region
26th June 2019
• Estimate
26 (2022)
Time zoneCEST date_format =
Driving sideright


Truto is located in the Rabka valley between the Gorce and Island Beskids which are part of the West Outer Carpathians.The nation has one small hill range called the Lubonska Podgora.It also has 5 creeks with the Bajkowski Potok being the main one flowing through the country.Within the province of Nadrzeka you can find the only shores in the nation on the Raba river.They often attract locals in the summer.


Truto's culture is quite similar to the surrounding Goral culture however Truto developed a few of it's own customs.


One of the main culinary customs is kompot making.The locals kompot has many unique ingredients including mint from the shores of Nadrzeka.The national dish is a bread called chlybek.It is made out of simply flower water and butter.They are often served warm on special occasions and are covered in cheese.Another food from the country is disvarigebla cheese.It is made out of cow milk in a similar fashion to paneer.Many choose to add cut up bell peppers for taste.It is short-maturing,crumbly and sour.Sometimes it is marinated in balsamic vinegar.

Chlybe being cooked
Disvarigebla cheese


Another tradition is the celebration of Panki.Sweets are thrown out all over the nation for children to find them.The children believe that creatures(what creature exactly varies greatly from person to person) who live on Luboń Wielki.

Luboń Wielki

The highest peak of Truto is often seen as a magical place.The proposed flag of The Council Democracy of Truto even was to include the mountain.Many say that to become a true Trutian one must climb the mountain.


Ancient Ages History

Truto as a state came around in the 1980s and was very archaic. In those days it lacked a flag and anthem and was disorganized. The state that existed during that period is known as Dolassia.

Dark Ages and Revivist History

Around 2000 begun the dark age in which Truto became modern yet seemed like it was dead. De jure Truto lost independence.

In 2015 the resurgence happened and the revival of Truto's former glory begun. A movement known as the Potokists sprung up. They were seeking to rebuild a new Trutian state based off Dolassia. This culminated in a congress known as The Great Promise also known as The Flowering of The Nation. That was when the word Truto came to use. There were many other proposed names like The Barstiatic (pl. Barsy, Barszczyzna). The movement was heavily tied to raumist eseprantism. Truto from this point slowly being rebuilt. Around June 2019 Truto fully returned as The Council Democracy of Truto (pl. Rada demokratyczna Potoku).

Shortly after this, the Kukrathian War started.The Kukrats are regarded as a aggressive micronation and are disliked.The war is not recognized by Truto and is widely hated.

On September 29th 2020 Truto decided to interact with the wider community. They also annexed Antrisia (at the time the name of Recanesia) and Rekaria around February 2020. They held them as a colony for a while until April officially deciding to give them independence under the names of Recanesia.

After the drama the situation with the ELM calmed down with Truto formally rejoining.Truto

Trutist map of Truto from probbably 2018-2019

Imperial Era

The April 9 Election and Transition of Power was an event in the former Council Democracy of Truto which was a transition of power turning Truto into an Empire.It also saw a short period of being part of a united ELM state.The Imperial era has been said to been the worst for the Kukrathia war.

Truto said alot of lies and has decided to stop promoting them.This caused people to mostly forgive Truto however Nixia former Truto's ally called the diplomat a liar and said he doesnt believe a thing Truto's diplomat says.Truto is still formally part of the ELM.Rumours said Truto might make an exit from the alliance however those came out to be false.Truto has been doing pretty well with having all of it's foreign relations fixed.

On the third of January 2022 operation Mikułow was launched annexing a bunch of land.

On January 18th the Kukrathian war was declared dead and de facto over.

Break up

On May 11 a mass quit of Truto was made and many short lived states came to be most notably Raboslavia.Kukrathia tried to take advantage of the situation however came in too late.


On June 23rd 2022 Marshal Dawid declared Truto together with Pierzymka a state and reunited Raboslavia creating Truto.He took absolute power and installed the Sanation.Two days later Kukrathia occupied the Bartsa Park.Truto sees this as a sort of independence "war" however said they will not fight but use diplomacy.

Foreign relations

Truto is only allied with ELM members.Truto recognizes Israel,Taiwan,Kosovo(but acknowledges it as historical Serbian land) and supports the annexation of Pridniestrovie by Ukraine or it being it's own buffer state.

Administrative divisions

Truto has officially 3 provinces and 2 zones.The 4 provinces are:

West Truto (Zachód)

East Truto (Wshód)

Bartsa (Bajkówka)

Majerówka (Majerówka)