War against the Seljuks

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Great Micronational War
Date4 June 2021 – 12 December 2021
(6 months and 8 days)
Online (as of 6 June 2021)
Status Over
Mexican Brazil
Unity Block
The Royal Mercenary Service
Selijuk Empire
Kayi Tribe
Withdrew from the War
Commanders and leaders
General Daniel Chen
Governor Roy
King Cole
Colonel Cristopher

TopHatGaming (real name not found)
Dictator Wolf Boy
Commander Otto
Husan Bey
Supreme Leader Biden
King Liam
Prime Minister-elect Noah Irwin
Defense Minister Simon
Wellmoore King Luke
Prezisend Kristiāns
Units involved
1st Army Company
1st Airborne Unit (flying puffins)
1st Navy Unit 1st Infantry Company
1st Wolf Boy division
1st Almednrian SSU (Special Sabotage Unit)
Kayi Army
  • .
  • Red Right Hand
  • Epsilon 11 company
  • 1st Infantry Company
  • 1st Airborne Unit
  • 2nd MP Company
  • 3rd Intel Company

1st Infantry Company
Odins skinwalkers
7 soldiers, 3 transport vehicles, two ships and 1 drone
5 soldiers
4 soldiers
Total: 23 soldiers, 2 ships, 2 transport vehicles, 1 drone
3 soldiers
5 soldiers, unknown amount of nuke bots
5 soldiers

46 soldiers, 1 ship, 2 transport vehicles, 3 vehicles, 3 drones and 1 plane (Cessna 172)
3 soldiers

Wellmoore 9 soldiers and 1 vehicle

The War against the Seljuks, also known as the Great Micronational War and the Freedom War, was a conflict between several nations. The conflict mainly consisted of raiding and "nuking" Discord servers, the latter being done with the use of bots.The community had noticed a huge increase in server raids and has sent lots of nations into panick.


WolfBoy used the Empire of Aeternia sever to track down many Micronation. On 3 June, the Seljuk Empire, an alleged empire run by "Wolfboy", a Discord user, nuked the Discord server of Favendria.[1] Said "empire" also attempted to nuke the Discord server of the Republic of Ambestan; this ultimately failed, which prompted an investigation of the matter by the People's Republic of Titan, given that Ambestan was Titan's ally. The investigation resulted in Titan raiding the server of the Seljuk Empire; when explaining the relations of Ambestan and Titan to Wolfboy, King Liam was called a slur. The Seljuk Empire promptly grabbed the IP addresses of 2 Titan officials through the Grabify service,[2] in addition to raiding the server of Titan; this resulted in a declaration of war on 4 June, at around 02:50 UTC.[3]


4th of June 2021

On the 4th of June The People's Republic Of Titan launched an attack on the Seljuk Empire using DMs causing mass damage to their server and their community. This raid/attack caused the Seljuk Empire to launch a raid on The People's Republic Of Titan that failed because the systems did not let them. King Liam kicked all of the Seljuk’s raiders out of their server. Wellmoore decided to provide support to their ally (People's Republic Of Titan) in their war against the Seljuk Empire.

5th of June 2021

On the 5th of June 2 People's Republic Of Titan government officials where targeted by the leader of the Seljuk Empire and where send links to lead to a peace treaty, they actually took they IPs of these two officials. A state of emergency was declared in The People's Republic Of Titan while the Red Right Hand got these government officials and took them Site-5 (A safe house in The People’s Republic Of Titan’s territory).

6th of June 2021

On the 6th of June Ambestan declared war on the Seljuk Empire.[4]

7th of June 2021

On the 7th of June Esnaria raided the Seljuks. On the 7th The Republic of Mexican Brazil Declared war.[5]

8th of June 2021

On the 8th of June the Ambestan pulled out of the war after a raid happened to the People's Republic of Titan that had a total of 20,000 pings. The People's Republic of Titan then conducted a raid on their server in retaliation but left the war and declared themselves neutral because they no longer saw a point of the war.

10th of June 2021

On the 10th of June The Royal Mercenary Service entered the war after being hired. The Seljuk Empire also conducted a raid on the chat for the war against them and they caused the server to collapse.

The Seljuks also raided one of the most important micronational servers ,The Empire of Aeternias server

4th of October 2021

Luke I of Wellmoore decided to withdraw Wellmoore from the war after 4 months of engagement. This was so Wellmoore had a lower chance of being a target of the Seljuk Empire, internal affairs could be focused on more and so Wellmoore was less vunerable as during Wellmoore's time in the war they also faced insurgency.

12th of December 2021

The War ended with most nations pulling out, leaving Esnaria as the only nation in the war meaning they where victorious.


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