Socialist States of Tinakula

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Socialist States of Tinakula
Coat of arms
Motto: "N'ca pur r'kuaka d'ne persas"
Anthem: "Kue iloma n'natil / Draca y Ma'kla"
Emananus island (Top Left), Tinakula (Centre), Vuaqava (Bottom Right) and Nord Island (Bottom Left) are shown on this map indicated by the points.
Largest cityTinakula, Nord Island, Emananus Island, Vuaqava
Official languagesPacifican (Old), Pacifican (New), Pacifican (Cyrillic Version), Pacifican (Transnational), English
Demonym(s)Tinakulans (Tinakulfes)
GovernmentSocial Democracy
• Prime Executive
Afrasiyab Jamshaid
• Vice Executive
Alex Villar
• Chancellor
Luke Raid & Ramirez
• President
Joseph Magellan
• National Secretary
Erkki Tšaikovsky & Adi Gautam
Establishment30th September 2020
• Census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
4,439,892 ꝳ
CurrencyMendañan Dollar (ꝳ)
Time zoneUTC + 0, UTC + 2, UTC + 8, UTC + 10, UTC + 11, UTC + 12, UTC - 12, UTC - 7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Communist Republic of Baffin
United Vuaqava

The Free States of Tinakula is a micronation created after the peace treaty with the DRBSI and the dissolution of Baffin RAJ.


The Socialist States of Tinakula is located in various places around the world. The capital is located in Tinakula, but this micronation also claims Nord Island, Emananus Island, Vuaqava and has territories in Sutton and Tadworth.

The satellite view of the Tadworth and Sutton territory is strictly not shown for privacy reasons.


Safety varies in The Socialist States of Tinakula. This chart illustrates safety and risk of homicide (includes conflicts and natural disasters) in this micronation.

Safety in Socialist Tinakula
State Safety Number
Tinakula 3
Nord Island 6
Emananus Island 5
Vuaqava 5
Desecheo Island 5
Grassholm 5
Leneu Island 5
Magdalena 6
Makalom 5
Mborokua 5
Namuka 5
South Byrd 2
The Guyam Islands 4
Tokū Island 5
Sutton (Sutton Provinces) 5
New Bosphorous (Sutton Provinces) 5


  1. Very Dangerous
  2. Dangerous
  3. Moderate
  4. OK
  5. Safe
  6. Very Safe

List, compared to the world:

  1. Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia
  2. Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique
  3. Mexico, Brazil, Colombia
  4. India, Turkey, Argentina, Chile
  5. UK, France, Sweden
  6. Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland


The Socialist States of Tinakula has had 2 national flags:

The Socialist States of Tinakula also has flags for its regions:

Flags of previous territories


The Socialist States of Tinakula was created after a peace agreement between The Communist Baffin and The DRBSI. The Baffin RAJ decided to let go of its claim of The Baffin Republic and Skokholm. The DRBSI let go of its claim of its pocket of territory in Sutton (not the same territory as the Tinakulan & The Baffin RAJ one).

On the 13th of October, Rohan McCauley, leader of the DRSBI, decided to cut relations between Socialist Tinakula and his nation, he though of Socialist Tinakula as a threat. Prime Executive of the Socialist States of Tinakula made a statement on this decision, "The Baffin Republic has no future under that far right wing leader, I was committed to strengthen the foreign relations between the two, the last thing I wanted was for Rohan McCauley to call the Socialist States of Tinakula a threat. Lawrence Martin of the liberal party was a better leader. This needs to resolve."

On the 21st of October, Socialist States of Tinakula decided to establish relations with the Republic of Aridale, and a day later, on the 22nd of October, the Socialist States of Tinakula started relations with the Kingdom of Wellmoore.

On the 27th of October, Afra decided to cut relations with Ambestan, due to the Micronations craziness and instability, Afra thought a relationship with that micronation would not be appropriate. The leader of Socialist Tinakula also expelled four citizens of Tinakula, most who were citizens of Ambestan, for trying to destroy and violate the rules of the Socialist States of Tinakula.


On the 29th of September, The Communist Republic of Baffin retracted its claim of The Baffin Islands & Skokholm, and become The Socialist States of Tinakula. The territories which weren't retracted (Tinakula, Mc Cluer, Sutton territory and Tadworth territory), became the original and founding states of The Socialist Tinakula.

Afterwards, The RAJ decided to end the dictatorship ruled micronation and turn it into a socialist state aiming to achieve a state of social democracy.

On the 2nd of October Afra reluctantly claimed Emananus Island from Papua New Guinea. He stated "I could not find reported life there, but I'm still unsure, I seems to be very unkown, I'll claim it". Since claiming ownership of this island, Socialist Tinakula is now larger than Nauru.

On the 4th October, Afra found out that Mc Cluer Island and the other islands in the Crook Group, were freehold territory with international significance. Afra J retracted his false claim of Mc Cluer Island and shortly afterwards he claimed Dau Ac island from New Caledonia. He changed the name from Dau Ac, to Nord Island. The area of Socialist Tinakula had decreased from 24.4 km2 to 18.12 km2.

On the 5th of October, Afra claimed Vuaqava from Fiji, Vuaqava is an uninhabited island, but is visited by fishermen. Vuaqava is 8.4 km2, since the claiming or Vuaqava, the area of The Socialist States of Tinakula is 26.52 km2.

On the 24th of October, Afra decided to go multi-continental and claimed land in South America. He claimed Isla Ipun, Isla Paz and Isla Liebre from the southern part of Chile. Those three islands were renamed to West Santa Cruz which became an autonomous region (with its own flag) of the Socialist States of Tinakula. The biggest island of West Santa Cruz is four times bigger than the land Socialist Tinakula previously claimed. The area of Socialist States of Tinakula has now increased to 130.52 km2.

Two days later, on the 26th October, Afra claimed Península Betbeder from the Chubut Province of Argentina. This peninsula connects to the mainland, this makes Tinakula officially border the UK and Argentina by land. The area claimed was 9.45 km2 and Península Betbeder was renamed to North Ushuaia and became another autonomous region of the Socialist States of Tinakula.

On the 27th of October, Afra claimed a pocket of land in Istanbul, Turkey. This area is strictly not shown for privacy reasons.

On the 28th of October, Afra claimed Lady Douglas Island from British Columbia, Canada. Lady Douglas island become an autonomous region of the Socialist States of Tinakula as was renamed to North Vancouver. The island is 18.04 km2. The island shares a very small border (0.1 km) with Canada.

On the same day, the 28th of October, Afra J claimed an unnamed island from Greenland which was surrounded by an ice shelf, he named the island New Dusk. The area of New Dusk is 217.58 km2.

On the 22nd November, West Santa Cruz and North Ushuaia gained independence (peacefully) and became the Krucane Confederation (which joined Luchijan). A day later, the Prime Executive gave up all other autonomous regions and claimed these islands instead: Leneu Island, Magdalena, Makalom, Mborokua, South Byrd, The Guyam Islands (made of Ibahos and Guyam), Tokū Island, Funualei (which became a part of Vuaqava). New Bosphorus still remained in Tinakula and became part of the state called "Sutton Provinces & New Bosphorous". Desecheo Island became a state of Tinakula at the 21st of December, when Francisnia became part of Tinakula.

The size of the Socialist States of Tinakula has changed significantly.

On the 27th of December, the Grassholm region of the DRSBI became a shared state between Tinakula and the DRSBI.

Sattelite View

Religion & Ethnicity

The Socialist States of Tinakula is very diverse in terms of religion & ethncity. Here are the charts:

Elections and Political Parties


The first election took place in The Socialist States of Tinakula on October 1. The only which party participated in that election was the Tinakulan Socialist Party as the deadline to register parties is five days before the election, but this micronation was only created a day prior.

Elections take place every two months on the first day - however, there was an election on December 23 due to corruption allegations of the Prime Executive, he still remained popular among his citizens.

Political Parties & Compass

There is a separate page for political parties and where in the compass they are:

List of political parties:

La'haca Suraca

New Democrats

Green Party

Democratic Conservatives

Conservative Socialists

The Unionist Party

The Competent Fools Party

The Liberation Party

List of Prime Executives

Only two Prime Executives have ruled Tinakula so far. The name Prime Executive will be changed to "Director - General" under Lawrence's rule. When Al Nuttuere claimed leadership in the New Year, the title was changed to president.

Here is the list of leaders:

Tinakulan Socialist Party (La'haca Suraca) Prime Executive Afrasiyab Jamshaid: 30 September 2020 - 28 December 2020

Green Party Director-General Lawrence Martin: 28 December 2020 - 1 January 2021

Tinakulan Socialist Party (La'haca Suraca) Prime Executive Afrasiyab Jamshaid: 1 January 2021

(claimed) Tax Haven Party President Al Nuttuere: 1 January 2021

Tinakulan Socialist Party (La'haca Suraca) Prime Executive Afrasiyab Jamshaid: 1 January 2021 - present

Mayoral Elections

Each state in Tinakula is represented by a candidate - who is also a mayor of that state.

Political Seats of Tinakula

Tinakulan Members of Parliament
State Candidate Opposition Opposition Opposition Political Party (in power)
Desecheo Island Joseph Magellan NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca
Emananus Island Adi Gautam NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca
Grassholm (shared) George Harris NONE NONE NONE Green
Leneu Island Luke Raid NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca
Magdalena Keith Allsman Alex Villar NONE NONE Green
Makalom Ermatveit NONE NONE NONE Democratic Conservatives
Mborokua Alexander Manley NONE NONE NONE Unionist Party
Namuka Ramirez Kieran Doherty NONE NONE New Democrats
Nord Island Erkki Tšaikovsky NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca
South Byrd Al Nutteure Afrasiyab Jamshaid NONE NONE The Liberation Party
The Guyam Islands Sir Elijah NONE NONE NONE Independent
Tinakula Island Jerry Qian Conner Prahlad Prabu Alex Villar Competent Fools Party
Tokū Island Ameesh NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca
Vuaqava Lawrence Martin Judah Neitz NONE NONE Green
Sutton Provinces Afrasiyab Jamshaid NONE NONE NONE La'haca Suraca

Election Results

Three elections have currently taken place in Tinakula - the October 1st election, the December 1st election and December 23 election.


The currency of The Socialist States of Tinakula is Mendañan Dollars, named after the first European explorer to discover Tinakula: Alvaro de Mendaña y Neira, he is also one of the most notable figures of Tinakula. The symbol for the currency is: .Banknotes are the main source of currency. Here's an article link to the high resolution images of banknotes below:

Currency of Socialist Tinakula

LGBTQ+ Rights

The Socialist States of Tinakula has always respected the LGBTQ+ community and it is also expected in the constitution.

LGBT rights in: Same-sex sexual activity Recognition of same-sex unions Same-sex marriage Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression
Socialist States of Tinakula Yes Always legal Yes Always legal Yes Always legal Yes Legal protection against all types of discrimination. Yes Transgender people can change their legal gender and name.

Coat of Arms

This is the current coat of arms of The Socialist States of Tinakula:

Foreign Relations

The Socialist States of Tinakula are allied with other micronations:


  • Tinakulan Alliance
  • Micronations Commonwealth
  • LIN (Observer State)
  • Protective Alliance for United Micronations

The language

Tinakula has four official languages.


Tinakula is mainly an island nation, although it does border some countries by land.

Nations which Socialist Tinakula Borders
Country Closest Distance Border Length
Greenland 0 km 86.42 km
Argentina 0 km 1.82 km
Canada 0 km 0.1 km
Turkey 0 km 0.09 km
The United Kingdom 0 km 0.06 km
Chile 0.23 km 0 km
Papua New Guinea 0.45 km 0 km
New Caledonia (France) 1.12 km 0 km
Fiji 4.70 km 0 km
Solomon Islands 28.46 km 0 km

The Anthem

The National Anthem of Tinakula, internally referred to as ''Le H'neo Natil le'Tinakula" uses the same soundtrack as the Chilean National Anthem (Himno Nacional de Chile).

The title of the anthem is: "Kue iloma n'natil / Draca y Ma'kla", translated in English as "Peace in our nation / Dragon and Mast".

Le H'neo Natil le'Tinakula
Pacifican Version English Version French Version
Title "Kue iloma n'natil / Draca y Ma'kla" "Peace in our nation / Dragon and Mast" "Paix dans notre nation / Dragon et Mast"
Intro Tinakulfes! Tinakulans! Tinakulans!
Verse 1 N’paca e l’mejau!

Amace da n’vuclanital

N’paca e l’mejau!

Nua wakta rungui!

Our fatherland is the best!

Guarded by our capital

Our fatherland is the best!

We rise up!

Notre patrie est la meilleure!

Gardé par notre capitale

Notre patrie est la meilleure!

Nous nous levons!

Verse 2 N’wurra iles na’hau,



k’Tinakula angite

A’rica n’kahata  

Our land is so new,

So great,

So powerful,

Tinakula has succeeded

To become powerful

Notre terre est si nouvelle,

Tellement bon,

Si puissant,

Tinakula a réussi

Devenir puissant

Verse 3 n’Tinakulias moeta,

maie torotoro,

maie k’tengua


We praise Tinakula,

from exploration,

form discoveries,

to thriving

Nous louons Tinakula,

de l'exploration,

former des découvertes,

à prospérer

Verse 4 h’Tinakules


le n’garas



O Tinakula,

The volcano,

The reefs,

The lakes,

The mountains

Ô Tinakula,

Le volcan,

Les récifs,

Les lacs,

Les montagnes

Chorus Kue iloma n’natil!

N’hakai p’na n’wurra

Ma’muri Me’nida, ma’mure hua,

Peace in our nation!

We fought for our own land!

Since Mendaña, since the eruptions,

Paix dans notre nation!

Nous nous sommes battus pour notre propre terre!

Depuis Mendaña, depuis les éruptions,

Verse 5 N’kaha, nu’kuraga, hangua u’Tinakulas,

h’Tinakulas, tu’hoatiu na’tenei wuraka!

Our effort, our courage, makes Tinakula stand,

O Tinakula, you gave us this sacred land!

Notre effort, notre courage, fait tenir Tinakula,

O Tinakula, tu nous as donné cette terre sacrée!

Verse 6 N’paca e l’mejau!

N’paca e l’mejau!

N’paca e l’mejau!

Our fatherland is the best!

Our fatherland is the best!

Our fatherland is the best!

Notre patrie est la meilleure!

Notre patrie est la meilleure!

Notre patrie est la meilleure!

Verse 7 Kue iloma n’natil!

Kue iloma n’natil!

Kue iloma n’natil!

Peace in our nation!

Peace in our nation!

Peace in our nation!

Paix dans notre nation!

Paix dans notre nation!

Paix dans notre nation!

Ending Tinakula, Tinakula, h’Tinakules! Tinakula, Tinakula, O Tinakula! Tinakula, Tinakula, O Tinakula!


October Crisis - 15th - 16th October 2020: Matt Turner & Rohan McCauley, who were the previous deputy and leader of the DRSBI, decide to make a law to ban Tinakulan-Baffic dual citizens, roughly half of the Tinakulan population decide to leave Tinakulan and solely become Baffic citizens. Tinakula is in a population crisis and plans to join with the Anuan Federation or the other members of the Oceanic Micronations Association (which later became the NPTASA). New Polynesia offers, but Tinakula politely declines, as it's population increases again, dramatically, once they set up a discord server.

Vortex Raids - November 4th 2020: On November the 4th 2020, the Socialist States of Tinakula discord server was flooded by gory images. Afra did not witness the images himself, but others in the discord server did and reported to the leader and Discord. Desslok screen screenshotted the images to use as evidence against Vortex. Vortex was the group which was known to have flooded these images and it wasn't only Tinakula affected but the discord servers of Luchijan, Kirael and other micronations. The Tinakula discord server was fixed again on the same day.

Since then, bots have been added to protect the discord server.

The Controversial Firing - 22nd - 23rd November 2020: During the voting in Tinakula, Afra decides to slightly change his cabinet, he decides to request Al Nuttuere to resign due to his lack of presence in Tinakulan Government and server. Al Nuttuere is outraged by this and decides to message this, expressing his opinions, on the Tinakulan discord server. The Prime Executive censors the messages, he mentions he wanted to talk about it privately and to make the situation peaceful. Al Nuttuere, who is also chairman of the LIN, decides to share this. reporting Tinakula as an undemocratic nation, and it should be checked on. Al Nuttuere describes Tinakula as an undemocratic nations (he also finds the Liberation Party), the Prime Executive denies those allegations.

December Crisis - 4th December 2020 - 10th December 2020: Very shortly after the election, a citizen requested a poll of no-confidence. Lawrence Martin, the incumbent Director of Democracy, agreed. The Prime Executive argues that the poll of made very soon after the election and in an unpeaceful way. The Prime Executive further criticises the poll by being biased, he accused Martin for only convincing the people who were against the leader to vote, and making the deadline incredibly short, the situation and lack of time made it difficult for most citizens of Tinakula to get a chance to vote in the poll. The leader did not recognise the poll and on December 6 the Prime Executive created his own poll, with a longer deadline, against the office of Democracy, which ends on December 10, where he hopes that the December crisis will end.

December Turmoil - 7th December 2020 - 23rd December 2020: Tinakula was in turmoil - many Tinakulans were removed from the discord server and the active population had significantly reduced. The official population of Tinakula had also decreased by over 10. When the Prime Executive admitted most of his corruption allegations and when some of the people who were banned, had their ban lifted - people started coming back to Tinakula. However, the Prime Executive described some of those against him as immature and mentioned how the other side was trying to destroy or destabilise Tinakula. Tinakula was recovering quickly on December 10 and had recovered the day after that, however the turmoil was only announced as over, by the Prime Executive, at the 23rd of December, when the election results came out.

Late December Crisis - 28th December 2020 - 1st January 2021: The worst crisis in Tinakulan national history. It started when Lawrence requested ownership, Afrasiyab has tagged him as leader and admin, but he still requested ownership and even made a post going against the previous (at the time) Prime Executive. That was not taken well, however La'haca Suraca and Afra J had a much worse reputation. A day after that, the Greens put in place a district idea, which had a lack of sense and was taken very badly by the people. La'haca Suraca criticised the idea the most. The previous Prime Executive also doesn't believe he was corrupt, he believes micronations work differently to real nations and Tinakula was relatively new and in its growing stage. La'haca Suraca and the New Democrats back Afra J.

New Year Turmoil - 1st January 2021 - present