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  • Kingdom of Unitedlands
    (Tagalog:Kaharian na nagkakaisalupain)
    (Deutsch:Königreich Unitedlans)
    Flag of Kingdom of Unitedlands
    Coat of arms of Kingdom of Unitedlands
    Coat of arms
    Motto: "Magkaisa, Umunlad, Magtanggol "
    (English:Unite, Prosper, Defend)
    (Deutsch:Vereint, gedeiht, verteidigt )
    Anthem: Unitianlied

    Royal anthem: Royal Anthem of Unitedlands
    a border map between Unitedlands and the Philippines
    a border map between Unitedlands and the Philippines
    and largest city
    Official languagesTagalog, English, Deutsch, LOLCAT
    GovernmentUnitian styled Absolute Monarch
    EstablishmentApril 15, 2022 - September 1, 2022
    • (Additional 0~13 citizens on their Colony. But not official citizens) census
    GDP (nominal)estimate
    • Total
    CurrencyPHP (₱) USM (★)
    Time zoneUTC +8:00 Philippine Standard Time/PST
    Preceded by
    Government in annexation Kingdom of Unitedlands

    Unitedlands, officially as Kingdom of Unitedlands (tagalog:Kaharian na nagkakaisalupain), was a micronation located in Las Piñas City, Philippines. It was established in April 2022 and dissolved in September 2022. It was a Role-playing nation and reformed into a micronation in hopes to be recognized by other countries.

    Unitian metro line

    The Unitedlands metro line was the largest and only metro line in Unitedlands spanning in the State of Bedinia all the way to Loweria

    Province jack

    This flag is a Province jack flag used by Unitedlands there are 4 Provinces in Unitedlands Bedinia, Tablia, Unorganized Province of Unitedlands and Loweria.

    Colonial possessions

    Unitedlands have 1 colony throughout it's existence.

    List of Unitian Colonial Possessions:




    Unitelands was mainly located in the Ruler's house in it's existence. It also had some "claims" on the sun until it was sold to another micronation and the moon.


    The Beginning

    Unitedlands originally Reylandia was established back in 2015 as a role-playing state but later disestablished a week later. A few years past Rey found out about micronations and micronation groups so he founded back Reylandia again but this time in his imaginations and later Reylandia was renamed into Unitedlands.

    The invasion of Assignmentian Rebels

    Unitedlands was soon invaded by what so called Assignment Rebels and after a week Unitedlands won.

    The Expansion

    Unitedlands was officially founded on Rey's Bedroom on April 15, 2022 and later expanding to the whole house and to the moon and the sun.

    The Invasion of Cloudiland

    In May 19 Kingdom of Unitedlands is invaded by the Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland. The Unitians have no protection since Military on Unitedlands is Banned. Unitedlands became a colony on 1 week and then later got Independence from Cloudiland in Exchange they will get 1/2 of the land owned by the the Country.


    As of May 25 Kingdom of Unitedlands is semi claimed by some Micronations to avoid wars. Also on May 25 they invaded a micronation called Timorsburg and won only in 3 minutes. They also got 1/2 of their land back to Cloudiland but they did compensate by giving 2/3 of their Colony to Cloudiland. It got dissolved and ceded back in the Philippines at September 1, 2022


    Unitedlands had their own government called Unitian styled Absolute Monarchy. It is just a normal Absolute Monarchy type with some additional rules, the people can rebel and overthrow the Monarch when he is abusing his power as a Ruler and replace him with a new king that does everything to make the micronation greater than ever before.

    Foreign affairs

    Unitedlands had made 11 official relations since it's existence until it's dissolvement.

    Most notable ones being with Land of the Bears and Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland.

    Land of the Bears is one of the micronations that first reached out to the micronation since it's foundation.[1]

    Their relations with the Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland is mixed with hatred and friendliness it all started with a military ban on Unitedlands [2] by the Ruler until a follow up invasion by Cloudiland began virtually. Unitedlands gained their independence at April 25, 2022 after an agreed territory borders. [3] after the independence of Unitedlands was given both the micronation and the Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland joined the North Atlantic Union, an alliance created by the Land of the Bears [4]


    Unitedlands is a name combined with two words "United", and "Lands" it's roots traces to a Filipino tradition where everyone is United and lives in peace.

    The former name "Reylandia" comes from the name "Rey", and the word "Land"

    • 2015-2022 Reylandia
    • 2022 Kingdom of Unitedlands

    list of wars

    Unitian Assigmentian war

    "Cloudilandian invasion".


    The official economy of Unitedlands doesn't have a bank, they dont export products outside of the Unitedlands, they also have their own currency called Unitian Souvenir money or USM which is an online Souvenir.

    Unitian Souvenir Money

    The Unitian Souvenir money is an online currency given by the ruler in August-September.

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