Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland

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Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland
क्लाऊडीलैंड का राज्य (Hindi)
Flag of Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland
Coat of arms of Independent Kingdom of Cloudiland
Coat of arms
Motto: "Teen sitare itne kareeb"
Anthem: God Bless the King
and largest city
Swarg Nagar
Official languagesEnglish, Hindi
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Maharaja
His Royal Highness King Cloudi I
EstablishmentSometime in 2019, offical independence date: October 12, 2021
• Census
CurrencyCloudiland Broccolo
Time zoneCDT, IST, EGY, PHT

Cloudiland, officially the Independent Kingdom Of Cloudiland (Hindi: क्लाऊडीलैंड का राज्य), was a constitutional monarchy micronation with S.A.Rs located in Texas, India, and Philippines. The head of the parliament and the current ruler is Maharaja Cloudi I. The largest city and the administrative capital is Swarg Nagar which is located in the S.A.R of Swarg Nagar N.C.T.

As of 2023, the micronation is memorialized with plans to rebrand and restart in the future. Due to the nation no longer being active, this article may have outdated information.

Important information

Important people and national symbols

  • Maharaja: Maharaja Cloudi I
  • National Anthem: God Bless The King
  • National Songs: Wolf Totem by The Hu; Troopers Of The Stars by Dragonforce
  • Motto: तीन सितारे इतने करीब (teen sitare itne kareeb) (English: the three close stars). Represents the power of teamwork.
  • National emblem: तीन सितारे (teen sitare) (English: the three stars)
  • Official language: English and Hindi
  • National Palace location: Texas
  • Currency: Broccolo ($1 = 3.05BRO)
  • National Fruit: banana
  • National Vegetable: broccoli
  • National Food: Biryani (Hydrabadi, Lucknowi, and Cloudic style)
  • Official religions: Cloudic and Hinduism

National Holidays

  • May 19- Remembrance Day
  • September 11- 9/11 Tribute Day
  • October 12- Independence Day/National Day
  • November 26- 26/11 Tribute day
  • December 17- King Cloudi I Day
  • December 26- Boxing Day Tribute

Mandatory Religious Holidays

  • Lohri
  • Holi
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Eid
  • Halloween
  • Diwali
  • Christmas

Other religious holidays are given by workplace managers who are required by law to give a day off to celebrate holidays.


The Republic of Tanka and merging with New Juania

Cloudiland was established sometime in 2019 by Maharaja Cloudi I as an absolute monarchy under the name of The Republic Of Tanka. Tanka was soon merged with the nation of New Juania that was started by King Cloudi I's cousin and was renamed to The Republic Of Tanka And New Juiania.

Freedom, the People's Republic Of North Africa, and Coup d'état

The country's government was changed to an authoritarian military dictatorship in 2021 and Tanka was renamed to the People's Republic Of North Africa. After negotiations, North Africa gained independence from Kat Land on October 12, 2021. A new flag and coat of arms was adopted. A few months later, a few citizens attempted a Coup d'état which was successful. Maharaja Cloudi I was exiled from the land and the nation was renamed to Kat Land once again.

Peace treaty and Cloudiland

After a few months, Maharaja Cloudi I was let back into Kat Land. Maharaja Cloudi I founded the nation once again, this time as the Independent Kingdom Of Cloudiland. The plan was to create a socialist paradise where poverty and crime would be almost non-existent and where citizens have a say in the law-making. All religions and ethnic groups will be accepted without discrimination. Kat Land-Cloudiland tensions were over and both nations signed a peace treaty. Her Royal Highness Duchess Devisi I was made the defense minister of the Broccolo National Defense Team and the duchess of Dunetown. Cloudiland allied with many more micronations and is now a part of the NAU (North Atlantic Union).

Creation of Dunetown and Bir Tawil

Dunetown was established in Maharaja Cloudi I's old house in Delhi. when Cloudiland annexed the micronation of Unitedlands, they made that a part of Dunetown as well. Cloudiland however gave back 1/2 of the territory to Ruler Ray of Unitedlands. Devisi I, the defense minister was made the Duchess.

On June 8, 2022, Maharaja Cloudi I colonized Bir Tawil in Africa.

Philippines Colony's Merging with Bir Tawil

When Ilzat Mikhalov was removed due to his ties with Qardasha, Cloudiland's Philippines colony got merged with Bir Tawil.

Cloudiland becoming a constitutional monarchy

After Cloudiland lost the Cloudiland-Qardasha war, they were pressurized to convert the country to a constitutional monarchy which they did. They haven't adopted a constitution yet and are still in a process of making a parliament.

Formation of the S.A.R of Kanaknagar

On July 11, 2022, the part of Bir Tawil located in the Phillipines colony declared independence as a separate S.A.R, Kanaknagar. This move was accepted by the federal government. The cause of the separation is due to socioeconomic differences and isolation.


Independent Attack on Cloudiland (May 21th 2022)

An individual who'd like to stay anonymous attacked the nation. Nukes were sent to his house. Cloudiland won the war.

Bear Land Attack on Cloudiland (May 25th 2022)

The Kingdom Of Bears sent nukes to Cloudiland after the king of Bear Land was arrested in Cloudiland for murder. Cloudiland intercepted the nukes and instead nuked Bear Land. Cloudiland nuked Scotland by accident as well. Both Bear Land and Scotland were destroyed but were later rebuilt in 1 second by Cloudiland's really cool and awesome technology. 1 person in Scotland was injured. Cloudiland Government payed all medical bills. Residents were sent to an underground bunker during the duration of the war.

B****land attack on Cloudiland

An individual created a nation/hate group called "b****land" (censored due to profanity) and spammed the DMs of Cloudiland's residents. He also threatened to buy 4200 bots and send them to Cloudiland's group chat. Fortunately, we have relations with many micronations who were willing to back us up and he got scared and dropped the whole thing and surrendered. Cloudiland won the war and they signed a peace treaty.

Qardasha attack on Cloudiland (June 25th 2022)

Also See: Qardaishan-Cloudiland Liberation War

After an argument between Qardasha and Cloudiland, Cloudiland decided to stop all diplomatic relations between Cloudiland and Qardasha. This caused tension between both sides. Ilzat Mikhalov was removed due to his ties with Qardasha and Bir Tawil S.A.R became part of the N.C.T. Later that day, King Cloudi I heard rumors of a possible raid against Cloudiland by Qardasha. He was presented with evidence of a possible raid. He ordered for the border to be closed and for all the residents and citizens to evacuate and go to an underground shelter immediately. A national state of emergency and a red alert was declared. Cloudiland's Discord server remained closed for the duration of the war and the members could only access one channel. Anyone else trying to join the server would see a blank channel advising them to go back. King Cloudi I sent some spies into Qardasha. Turns out, they were not attacking Cloudiland but some other nation. On June 25, 2022, Qardasha declared war on Cloudiland due to them sending spies. They tried raiding but failed. Cloudiland retaliated and failed. They kept attacking each other and failing, so the Conservative Creek Republic (The CCR) decided to help establish peace. During the process of the meeting, CCR gave King Cloudi I access to a bot and told him to invite it to Cloudiland and use a command as this will remotely nuke Qardasha. As you can probably tell, his plan had many red flags so King Cloudi I decided to test out the bot in an empty server and sure enough, it was meant to attack Cloudiland. CCR was reported to the MIU (Micronational Intercontinental Union). Cloudiland and Qardasha later signed a temporary ceasefire.

On June 26, 2022, Qardasha asked Cloudiland to surrender, to which they refused. This ended the ceasefire and the residents were evacuated and sent to the bunkers again.

On June 28, 2022, Cloudiland's Defense Minister betrayed the nation and let the enemies in, which led to the server being raided. Cloudiland was forced to convert to a constitutional monarchy. The war ended shortly after. Devisi I was removed from the throne and was exiled from the kingdom.


With more than 701 Trillion BRO in the royal treasury, Cloudiland has become the richest micronation.

The Auto PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) service was started throughout the N.C.T in May 2022.

Cloudiland conquered 1/2 of Unitedlands after they banned their military on May 21, 2022.

The Auto PMV service has expanded to all S.A.Rs.

The Royal Cloudiland Culinary Department started a cola soft drink company called "Sludge" in June 2022.