Republic of The Sohnland

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The Sohnland
Sohnland flag.svg

Love your family, love your local community, love your country, Simple as.
"Hymn of The Golden Pigeon"

Capital cityCarnifron
Official language(s)English and German
Official religion(s)Secularism
GovernmentDictatorial Technocracy
EstablishedApril 20 2005
Area claimed300m2
CurrencyPound Sterling (£)
Time zoneUTC±00:00
National animalGolden Pigeon

The Sohnland, officially the Republic of The Sohnland, is a self proclaimed nation-state situated within Warwickshire, England with Carnifron acting as its capital and as a special autonomous region of The Sohnland where its valuable assets and government documents are kept. The country shares a guarded border with England, only allowing government officials and those who are invited passage into The Sohnland and access to its benefits, medical aid and residency. The official languages of The Sohnland are English and German. This is because The Sohnland dual cultural, with ethnic Germanic and Anglo Saxon heritage.

The Purposes and The Origins of The Sohnland
The Foundation day of The Sohnland (April 20 2005) may not actually be the day The Sohnland was officially founded on as it was never documented or ever written down. However, April 20 2005 was chosen to be the day of foundation as this date is chosen based on the earliest time The Sohnland could have been created. The Sohnland could have been created anywhere between April and September of 2005. The Sohnland did not get an official flag until 2010

The original purpose of The Sohnland was to act as a domain for its leader and to represent and create a space for his identity, ideas, culture, beliefs and tradition. The leader of The Sohnland still willingly continues his nation today as he identitifies less with England and the UK and more with The Sohnland itself as a national and cultural identity. This is most likely a consequence of introverted isolation after the year 2012, causing gradual changes in its founder/leader from how he communicates, interprets the world around him, his sense of morality even possibly down to the neurological level.

The Sohnland is not like most micronations because it was founded because of cultural differences and rather than the typical way a micronation is created, that being through the inspiration of another more well-known micronation or just for fun.

Citizenship in The Sohnland
Being a citizen of The Sohnland means you are allowed to live and work in The Sohnland without paying for a residency permit. You can get access to its free healthcare which is exclusive to citizens and residents of The Sohnland. As a citizen, you can request to have a a Sohnlandic passport for a fee of £60, this is if you want to show off you national pride of The Sohnland or as a novelty.

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However, there are some requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for citizenship in The Sohnland. You will need to live and work in The Sohnland for 10 years which requires a residency permit that needs to be renewed periodically. You will need to have perfect English speaking, writing and understanding English on a colloquial level similarly to a native speaker. You will need to have a stable livable income. You have to be legally considered an adult, this means 18 years of age or older. You will need you adopt the cultural values of The Sohnland. You won't be eligible for citizenship if you illegally enter The Sohnland, have a criminal record and being born in The Sohnland doesn't automatically grant citizenship like most nations.

Ideology of The Sohnland

Sohnlandic-Juche is the official state ideology of the Republic of The Sohnland. The ideology derives from the official state ideology of the DPRK which is Juche, hence the name Sohnlandic-Juche.

Flag of Sohnlandic-Juche:


The Supreme Leader of The Sohnland has described the ideology as "The only way The Sohnland shall and will ever be run to chart our own independent course". Sohnlandic Juche postulates that the people of The Sohnland should be the writers of their own destiny and that they should treat other nations the same way they expect foreigners to treat The Sohnland; This means not interfering or influencing other nations and respecting other cultures for the same favour in return. Sohnlandic Juche also postulates that The Sohnland should not trade or exchange assets or work with or for foreigners as all it takes is efficient and effective hard work at home to improve our lives and the nation. In a nutshell, the ideology idealises that The Sohnland and its people can work hard to achieve its goals with foreign intervention. The Sohnland's official Ideology shares aspects and attributes with other ideologies such as isolationism, nationalism, patriotism, autocracy, technocracy and capitalism.