Democratic Republic of Rhodesia

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Commonwealth of Tasmania

Flag of Rhodesia (1968–1979).svgRhodesia CoA.png

"Sit Nomine Digna"
Rise O'Voices of Rhodesia
Capital citySalisbury
Largest citySalisbury
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism
Short nameRhodesia
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Republic
- PresidentGHazardPerry
- Prime MinisterMargaret Tchacher
LegislatureHouse of Delegates
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - April 2021 general election
Established7 April 2021
Area claimed187,592 sq. miles
Population29 (all 29 are non-territorial)
CurrencyRhodesian Dollar
Time zoneUTC
National sportBaseball
National animalGuinea Pig
Patron saintSt. Francis of Assisi
Member state of no International Organization

Not Available

The Democratic Republic of Rhodesia, commonly known as Rhodesia, is a self-declared micronation claiming 50 square miles around Bright Creek state park in the United States. The nation is currently in a growth spurt, hitting 20 citizens on 15 April 2021, and then 25 on 17 April. Rhodesia currently has 29 citizens, all of which are non-residents.

Defined by the Tuesday Articles, Rhodesia's first constitution, the government is laid out as a unicameral legislature, the House of Delegates, in which each constituency is required to send one member to the national government in Salisbury. The executive office is split between the President and Prime Minister, who hold different responsibilities in said office, and are also elected in different manners as well. The President is elected by national popular vote, whilst the Prime Minister is chosen between the leaders of the two largest parties in the House of Delegates by the Delegates themselves.


Rhodesia was founded on 7 April 2021, with it's two founding brothers signing the Tuesday Articles, which became Rhodesia's de facto Constitution. All institutions in government were set up the following days, on 8 April created the Treasury, and on 9 April the legislature. Rhodesia soon established itself on a discord server. And gained several citizens through it's services. It also established it's first political parties.

Early Days

Rhodesia in her first week would gain 8 citizens from it's starting 6, as well as starting major publicity campaigns. Rhodesia held it's first public election on 13 April 2021, a presidential election. The vote was certified 24 hours later, with GHazardPerry winning the race over future Prime Minister Margaret Tchacher. Perry was sworn in on 14 April, as Rhodesia's first constitutionally elected President.

The Tuesday Articles are planned to be revised and changed on 25 April 2021. All posts will be resigned and new electoral and statutory law will be placed into effect. All politicians have currently resigned their positions, and new elections are to be held soon.