House of Delegates (Rhodesia)

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Rhodesian House of Delegates
Semi-Presidential Republic
Rhodesia CoA.png
Term limits
2 weeks
FoundedApril 9, 2021
Prime Minister
Margaret Tchacher (acting), none
since April 20, 2021
-, none
Leader of the Opposition
Prov gov.svg
Political groups
Government (20):
Last election
Next election
To be determined
"For God and Country"
Meeting place

The House of Delegates is the Unicameral Parliament of Rhodesia. The House consists of 15 members from 15 separate and distinct geographical districts in the country. Each district must return a single delegate to Salisbury each election cycle, delegates are elected every two weeks. Currently, the government is vacant, with the new constitution being ratified on April 25, 2021. The new system requires a 11 majority, with 5 sets being elected by locality, and 15 by proportional representation.


The House is responsible for selecting the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, as well as accepting the President's appointment for the Speaker. The House is required every election cycle, to hold a vote on the Prime Minister, whether they stay in their current position, or another person is better suited for it. The Prime Minister is selected by a vote between the leaders of the two largest parties in the House, this vote is not public, meaning only the 20 delegates can vote on the Prime Minister.

The Speaker is selected by the President, and then confirmed by the House. Their job is to organize meetings and sessions of government, as well as docketing legislation for later dates, and reviewing legislation before a vote can be held.


District No. Representative Party Seat Name
1 vacant vacant Kintz Creek
2 vacant vacant Canadensis
3 vacant vacant Bushkill
4 vacant vacant Pecks Pond
5 vacant vacant Skypath

District Map of Rhodesia