LGBT rights in Agelonia

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Republic of Agelonia treats LGBT people indifferently, as it does not consider them special and different from other citizens. The Government does not support a positive view of progressive values and LGBT rights, as it believes that these new rights confer privileges on them, contradict family values and freedom of speech. Protection from violence or slander is available to all citizens without exception and the presence of a separate item for LGBT people is very discriminatory, the policy of freedom of speech permits any opinion about people, except for calls for violence. Coming out is prohibited in the Republic of Agelonia, because the process of coming out discriminates against LGBT people considering them not normal. Government is against stigmatization and stereotyping of LGBT people as effeminate gays or HIV distributors.

The activities of LGBT activists, LGBT propaganda and agenda and the rainbow flag are recognized as extremism due to the violence taking place in the West against members of the non-LGBT community, their discrimination, the culture of cancellation and prohibition to use their constitutional right to freedom of speech and opinion, support for total censorship.

Republic of Agelonia does not conduct diplomatic relations with countries that prohibit homosexual relations, but also with those countries that persecute their citizens for wrong opinions about LGBT people.

Same-sex sexual activity
Equal age of consent 15 Years for all citizens
Anti-discrimination laws in employment No legal protection against any type of discrimination for all citizens
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Administrative and Criminal Codes do not consider many biological characteristics of a person when considering cases of defamation, discrimination, violence or calls for violent actions. Cases are considered as impersonally as possible, primarily taking into account the person's personality and actions that were committed within the case and earlier.
Anti-hate speech legislation Any criticism is allowed, except for violence and calls for violent actions. The prohibition of criticism is an infringement on the right to freedom of speech and is administratively or criminally punishable.
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) Only marriage
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage) Only biological men and women have the right to marry, this is enshrined in the Constitution and the Family Code
Adoption by same-sex couples / Only married people can adopt children, but it is allowed to transfer children to the biological parent with the consent of social services and the court (there are no legal restrictions on orientation)
LGB allowed to serve openly in the military Since July 2018
Transgender people allowed to serve openly in the military
Right to change legal gender Sex reassignment surgery, sale of hormones (unless prescribed by a doctor for treatment) and legal gender reassignment are prohibited and criminally punishable
Third gender option Only for intersex people
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians Illegal for all citizens
Equal access to surrogacy for all couples Surrogacy is criminally punishable
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood
Conversion therapy prohibited Only voluntary psychological therapy is allowed
LGBT education
Homosexuality is a mental illness
Transgender identity is a mental illness