Kingdom of Roranhon

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The Kingdom of Roranhon (O Reino de Roranhão)
National Flag
National Shield

Peace and Light.
"Peace and Parliament, Love and Light".
Capital cityCasmania Rodrigania
Largest cityCasmania Rodrigania
Official language(s)Portuguese (Brazil) and Vùttsuti
Official religion(s)Atheism and Christianity
Short nameRoranhon
DemonymRodrigonese / Roranhese
- KingRodrigo L. I
- Type - Parliament
Established29th May 2021
Area claimed120m² (probable size)
CurrencyRalorinee and Brazilian Real
Time zoneUTC -2
National sportBasketball
National dishToast
National drinkSprite and Water
National animalTurtle

The Kingdom of Roranhon (Portuguese: O Reino de Roranhão) or with a short name, Roranhon, is the "reincarnation" of Osp-Rodrigolandia, a dissolved micronation. Roranhon is a small micronation and a independent sovereign state leadered by their founder since first estabilished. Roranhon is also a self-proclaimed kingdom and is more focused in the Internet than in real life. It got first established in 11st April of 2021 as Osp-Rodrigolandia and second estabilished in 29th May of 2021. The micronation is enclaved in Natal, the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte. The capital city is Casmania Rodrigania which was located in the northeast of the kingdom. The Roranhese official currencies are the Brazilian Real and the Ralorinee, which is only used to buy products made in the micronation.

Their current population is 3, 100% of it speaks the Brazilian Portuguese and 0% of the population speaks the Vùttsuti, a Main Language from the micronation.



In 11st April of 2021, Osp-Rodrigolandia has been first established as a kingdom. It got formed when the king, Rodrigo L. decided to found their own micronation, for the simple reason of many recent micronations being formed. After the foundation of the kingdom, various different reasons for the micronation being founded have appeared. Such as making relationships with foreign micronations, being recognized, government responsability and many different reasons. Which makes the micronation surviving for a long time.

Republican Era

In 25th April of 2021, the kingdom changed their ideology to a Democratic Republic for the first time. This happening was suppost to make the micronation better for the reason of the ideology structure. Changing their ideology. When the micronation have turned onto a republic, the time that a president can stay in the power was only about 6 months. Then it's having a new election. The founder and king of the micronation was elected after turning onto a republic.

The New Kingdom Era

In 3rd May of 2021, The Republic of Osp-Rodrigolandia has been changed their ideology to a kingdom once again. The king of the micronation is still Rodrigo L. I, since he was the president of the republic in that epoch. The structure didn't changed at all happly, however, it didn't stayed too many time. The micronation at the epoch was The Crown of Osp-Rodrigolandia and also called The Second Kingdom of Osp-Rodrigolandia.

The Rise of The Second Republic

The Crown of Osp-Rodrigolandia has changed their ideology for the third time in 15th May of 2021. The sovereign state has turned onto a Republic for the second time. The structure was apparently better than before and more active. The sovereign state is still leadered by the dear king and now president, Rodrigo L. I. The republic was reformed for of course. evitating inactivity, with inactivity, the micronation might dissolve and no longer exist anymore.

The Fall of Rodrigolandia

In 27th May of 2021, The Republic of Osp-Rodrigolandia dissolved temporally until the activity return back. The micronation dissolved because of many reasons, included massive inactivity, causing more reasons for stopping, such as few events and resulting onto a short history for the micronation.

The Rise of Roranhon

In 29th May of 2021, Rodrigo L. I decided to "revive" their micronation and start their activity in The Kingdom of Roranhon. And so, Roranhon was estabilished as a "reincarnation" of Osp-Rodrigolandia and focused in activity, events and interest in general.


The origin of the name is simple, the "Ro" from "Roranhão" comes for the first two letters of the king's first name. And the "ranhão" doesn't has real any meaning, it only seems "cool". The micronation name is supposed to be easier to spell, basic to type and writing.


Micronational Holidays

Day Data Celebration
Independence Day 11 April Celebrates the day when the micronation was estabilished for the first time.
King's Birthday 11 March Celebrates the birthday of the king that founded the micronation.
Roranhon Day 29 May Celecrates the day when Roranhon has been estabilished.

Foreign Diplomacy

Recognised Nations; no diplomacy

Foreign Diplomats

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