Casmania Rodrigania

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Casmania Rodrigania
Municipality Flag (Don't confuse with the flag of the micronation)
Municipality Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Peace and Light".
Anthem: "Peace and Parliament, Love and Light".
Official languagesPortuguese (Brazil) and Vùttsuti
DemonymRodriganian / Casmanian / Roranhese
• Mayor / King
Rodrigo L. I
Establishment11st April 2021
• Census
0 - 3
CurrencyR-Dollar and Brazilian Real
Time zoneUTC -2

Casmania Rodrigania is the capital city of The Kingdom of Roranhon. Where the king, Rodrigo L. I works mostly of the day in the micronation's activity and different stuff. It's also the bank from the micronation's currency, Ralorinee. The municipality is the neighbor of Rorania and Golarias.