Kingdom of Loveland

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Kingdom of Loveland
Motto: Vive le Lovilend
Largest cityCincinnati
Official languagesEnglish, French
GovernmentKingdom under the Dynasty of Lou
• Monarch
Lexi Lou
EstablishmentJanuary 1, 2017 (official, as 1st Empire)

March 1, 2018 (Republic)

April 18, 2018 (2nd Empire)

August 20, 2018 (1st Kingdom)

• Census
CurrencyLoveland Dollar (LLD)
Time zone([1]) Eastern Standard Time
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Second Empire of Loveland
Kingdom of Loveland

The Kingdom of Loveland is Monarchy located in Southern and Central Ohio.


The Kingdom of Loveland is an absolute monarchy. It is under the Lou dynasty with Queen Lexi Lou as Monarch. The Monarchy was founded on August 20, 2018 after the Empire fell. The monarchy has a parliment that is home to 2 representatives from each state in the nation.


Pre-Micronational Age

Loveland is a city in southern Ohio. On 1793 it became a city and it has grown ever since then.


On January 1, 2017 at 12:00 noon someone named Lexi Lou created the nation of the Empire of Loveland. The nation has a bumpy start and was fairly unstable with many rebellions. The old Emperor Lexi Lou was removed from power after serving from January 2017 - March 2018.

The Republic

After Lexi Lou was removed from Power on March 1, 2018, the Empire of Loveland's government changed into a Republic. There was an election on March 5, 2018. Logan Denny won the election as President and Levi Denny was appointed Vice President. The republic saw many advancements in land, they annexed the Kingdom of Butler which gave them 470 mi². They reached a golden age with having setting an agremment whith their enclave nation of Ladybugtopia.

The Republic Union

The Loveland Union was ran by the Republic of Loveland it was established on March, 6. Six days after the Republic of Loveland was established. The Loveland Union was a union state between The Kingdom of Ladybugtopia, The Spy Clan and the Republic of Loveland. Loveland made this union because they wanted to annex the other smaller states inside of Loveland. The states in the Loveland Union knew this so it disbanded on March 16, 2018 because it did not work.

Civil War

On April 15, 2018 the Republic of Loveland fell under a Civil War. It was the Republic against the Empire Rebels. The Civil War started when Levi Denny resigned from office and occupied land close to the capital of the Republic of Loveland, Alexinari. Levi Denny wanted to restore the Empire and this time conquer all of Ohio.

The Freedom Act of April

On April 17, 2018 Logan Denny and the new Vice president Tyler Denny signed The Freedom Act of April. The Act states that people can be of any Ideology and of any political party, but if acting on these Ideologies or Political Parties by starting a Civil War those Ideologies will be banned. The banned Ideologies in the Republic of Loveland are Imperialism and Fascism as those are the ideologies of the Empire of Loveland.

2nd Empire

The 2nd Empire started when the Republic of Loveland lost their Civil War. On the same day the Empire of Loveland started the Conquest of Ohio.

The Acts of April

On April 19, 2018, Levi Denny decided to redo the Freed Act of April. Instead he is going to only let 3 political parties; Communist, Socialist, and Fascist Parties into the nation.

Second Civil War

The Second Civil War started on August 11, 2018 when Lexi Lou wanted to make the monarchy in Loveland real. The revolution started in the heartland of Loveland, of course Loveland. This became there capital they then marched to Blueash then Kenwood. There was the devestating battle of Cincinnati and Middleton, During the Civil War Ohio was able to take back the exclave of Loveland back. The Monarchist then marched to Fairfield then the Empire left Hamilton undefended and the Monarchists captured Hamilton City. This led to the Treaty of Beavercreek. It gave Ohio the northern counties of; Lake, Ashtabula, Geauga, and Trumbull, back to them. Gave The Kingdom of Loveland the City of Loveland and Hamilton County, and set up a puppet state with Levi Denny as leader in Butler County called the Kingdom of Butler.

The Kingdom

Loveland Conquest of Ohio

On 19 April 2018, Levi Denny, the leader of the Empire of Loveland declared war on the United States of America, stating that he would fight anyone that stands in his way. Denny would occupy Blue Ash on the same day.

The Ohio Protection Pact

On August 22, 2018 Loveland founded the Ohio Protection Pact. The Protection Pact is a Pact formed by Loveland, it is used to protect the nations of Ohio from outside powers. The Kingdom of Butler joined the Pact because it was a vassal of the Kingdom of Loveland. On August 23, 2018 the City-State of Hamilton joined the Ohio Protection Pact. In 2/3/2019 the Kingdom of Bryania requested to join the Pact and on February 10, 2019 their request was accepted.

Stable Government

All the past governments of Loveland have failed because they didn't have a stable government. Lexi Lou did not want that to happen. She announced her heir just in case she died during her rein. She set up a good economy and the nation was good. ON August 24, 2018 The Kingdom of Butler was looking like it was going to collapse. The citizens of the Kingdom of Butler did not like that there king was a puppet so the nation was looking like it was going to explode into a bunch of Smaller States. No matter what Loveland did the Kingdom of Butler was going to fall. The KISA (Kingdom's Intelligence Service Association) started spying on the rebel groups and all of them are planning on attacking on August 25, 2018 this would collapse the Kingdom of Butler and the Kingdom of Loveland would have a hard question, should they intervene or stay out. Loveland decided not to tell the Butler Government and soon the Kingdom fell. Now the Free City State of Hamilton is surrounded by 4 other nations and it could be invaded at any second, If we would help Hamilton the alliances of these Warring states are so complex and confusing that we have no idea what will happen, but as they were discussing what will happen the news came... Manylandie has declared war on Hamilton!

The Great Loveland War

Manylandie declares war on the City-State of Hamilton on Septermber 9, 2018, Loveland and what is left of the Kingdom of Butler declare war on Manylandie. Levelia and the Duchy of Fairfeild declares war on the OPP (Ohio Protection Pact). Middletown declares war on the OPP and Astoria joins the OPP. Elko declares war on the OPP. Butler marches through Elko and then Hamilton is left under siege on September 10, 2018. Loveland marches through Fairfeil and Manylandie and there were no troops. Just like WW1 and WW2 the Manylandie coalition marches through neutral Okeana causing Okeana to join the OPP on September 11, 2018. It seams that all of the troops were in the Northern Part of Manylandie, and in the North there are also no troops. The First nation to capitulate is Elko on September 13, 2018 because they had 0 troops. Then Middletown capitulated and they also had 0 troops so with a joint Astorian and Butler effort the starting invading Leveia when they tried to invade a bunch of Leveian troops started coming towards them and they were starting to be pushed back. Loveland Invaded the Duchy of Fairfeild and Manylandie Half of the Country was set up as a puppet called the Duchy of Flopizberguz led by King Floppy I.Leveia has pushed through the Lovelandian front line and they started rushing towards the Loveland City. Meanwhile the Fall of Hamilton happened when the City-State of Hamilton fell to the Leveian troops on September 16, 2018. The City of Loveland was in a battle, The Battle of Loveland. When the Lovelandian troops saw the troops coming the Monarch was transfered to Blue Ash making that ther Capital on September 20, 2018. The Capital was left under Siege from September 20–25, 2018. On September 25 Loveland fell to the Opposition,the OPP was being pushed back on allf ronts and the end looks near. On September 25, 2018 The Kingdom of Butler would capitulate to the Opposition five hours after that Astoria would Capitulate leaving all eyes on the Southern Lovaland front. On September 26, 2018 Blueash, Kenwood, Shanoville, and Glendale would fall simultaniously, Reading would fall 2 hours later. Then Western Hamilton County would fall in one big push. The New Capital of Loveland and the only big city they have left, Cinncinati would be under battle. It would fall later that day.

Treaty of Hamilton

The Ohio Protection Pact surrendered. The Free City-State of Hamilton was annexed into the Duchy of Fairfeild and the rest of the duchy of Butler was broken up.

Funeral of a Great Leader

The leader of the Empire of Loveland would pass away in December 2018. He would pass of Cancer. He was the leader of the rebellion but he was loved by the people of Loveland. His passing was sudden and fast. Levi Denny was one of the greatest leaders'of Loveland as a whole and what he did for this nation shallnot be forgotten.


With the lost of the first major war in a long time The Kingdom of Loveland needed to regrow and the citizen were wondering if it was teh end of a golden age for The Kingdom of Loveland. Democratic riots broke out through the country with people wanting democratic reforms. The current King of Loveland denied which caused more rebellions to break out.The King would cave and give each state of Loveland 2 representatives each and they would create a parliment.


With the interior of the nation slowly being stabalized the Kingdom decided to work on Colonization. They claimed islands off of the Coast of Antarctica as their land. They also claimed a large island in the Saint Lawrence as theirs. This island was known as Anticosti. The Loveland people would evacuate Anticosti on February 19, 2019 because of they need to focus on other things than maintaining a colony.

Brink of War

When the Kingdom of Butler fell into its microstates nations fought over control in that region. The Kingdom of Loveland controled the region before it fell and they saw themselves as the rightufl owners of the region of Butler. But The Republic of Goshen saw them fit as the rulers that Butler needed because Loveland let them fall. Loveland now that it was rebuilt felt like it could go to war, but other people in the nation did not. Loveland and Goshen are on the Brink of War. Loveland sent an Ultimatum to the Republic of Goshen that they would need to give up all claims on Loveland and give Loveland the enclaves that they have in Loveland to The Kingdom fo Loveland. This ultimatum was denied and then Goshen declared war on Loveland.

The Second Great Loveland War

When Goshen declared war on Loveland several Butler states joined on Goshens side. But some states joined on Lovelands side. The first battle would take place right outside of the Loveland capital, Alexinari. Gosehn surrendered after the first battle.

The Abdication

The Queen Lexi Lou abdicated from the throne of Loveland, this was after she was thought to have gone mad. Lexi Lou gave the United States some of their old land. Lexi Lou then would also dismiss all military arms causing the Loveland Government to have no way to defend themselves. Then she abdicated. This caused Loveland to go into complete chaos. Lexi Lou had no known relatives and no one would be able to take her place. Loveland then went into a place of chaos and madness. The states that would appear in Loveland are various states. The state that would still hold the Loveland Mandate was the Loveland Parliamentary Republic

Administrative Regions

The Kingdom of Loveland is split up into states, these states are what make up the nation. The states include, The state of Miami, which is in Western Loveland, North Loveland, which is in Northern Loveland, Riverpoint, which is in Southern Loveland, The City of Loveland, which is in Eastern Loveland, and Cinncinati, which is also in Southern Loveland. 2 reprentatives are elected from each state to serve in the parliment.


You can contact the government of the Kingdom at