Kingdom of Butler

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Founding and the First Kingdom

The Kingdom of Butler was originally founded on 9 October 2016 by Addy I, They were in Butler County, Ohio and they expanded into Preble County annexing it all. On 28 January 2017 Addy I abdicated and fled to Kentucky because of fear of annexation from Loveland. Addy II became Queen of the Kingdom and she served until 4 March 2017 when they were annexed by the Republic of Loveland.

Under Lovelandian Rule

The Kingdom of Butler were treated nicely under Lovelandian Rule. During Lovelandian rule they oversaw 2 civil wars and the Empire declaring war on Ohio. On the Treaty of Hamilton, which was at the end of the 2nd Civil War and Lovelandian Conquest of Ohio, The Kingdom of Butler became a puppet of The Kingdom of Loveland and had Butler County and Preble County, Hamilton became a free city state, This all happened on 20 August 2018


On 25 August 2018 there were massive rebellions again the Kingdom of Butler. The citizens did not like the puppet government so many nations started to break away.