Rainbow Republic

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Rainbow Republic
Flag of Rainbow Republic
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• Speaker of the Rainbow Assembly
Kairo Boyce
• Independence
16 August 2022
• Total
0 km2 (0 sq mi)

The Rainbow Republic is an internet-based micronation established in 2022 with the goal of uniting LGBTQ+ people and their supporters. The micronation aims to promote democracy, human rights, equality and interests of LGBTQ+ community. It also claims to be the first LGBTQ+ micronation which exists only online.


Rainbow refers to the well-known LGBTQ+ symbol. Republic emphasizes the micronation's political structure and adherence to democratic values.


The Rainbow Republic is one of few micronations which exist fully online and don't have any territorial claims to other nations. The government emphasizes that physical territory is not so important in the digital age. At the same time the Rainbow Republic claims that in future it may purchase or acquire an unclaimed territory (terra nullis).


The Rainbow Republic was founded in August 2022 by a group of LGBTQ+ activists. On 16 August 2022, the Constitution of the Rainbow Republic was adopted. The First Rainbow Assembly was formed.

Politics and government

Political system of the Rainbow Republic

The Rainbow Republic is a parliamentary democracy governed by the Public Administration. The Public Administration consists of the Rainbow Assembly, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court.

The Rainbow Assembly is the legislative branch of the Public Administration. It debates on and adopts Acts, ratifies international treaties and initiates referendums. The Rainbow Assembly elects the Secretary of Stat (Head of the Cabinet) and Judges of the Supreme Court. It controls the Cabinet and may pass a vote of no confidence. The Speaker of the Rainbow Assembly acts as the Head of State. Members are elected at the General Election every four years.

The Cabinet is the executive branch of the Public Administration. The Cabinet is responsible for domestic and foreign policy, it adopts Resolutions and prepares Reports, proposes bills and international treaties to the Rainbow Assembly. The Cabinet is headed by the Secretary of State elected by the Rainbow Assembly. The Secretary of State appoints Cabinet Secretaries (ministers).

The Supreme Court is the judicial branch of the Public Administration. It resolves any disputes between citizens, companies and state institutions. The Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting the Constitution and other legal acts, calling General Election and referendums, counting the votes and announcing results. The Judges of the Supreme Court are elected by the Rainbow Assembly for seven years. They are accountable only to the Constitution and other legal acts.

As of November 2022, there are no active political parties in the Rainbow Republic due to small population and insufficient time since the proclamation of independence.

National values of the Rainbow Republic

Law and order

The legal system of the Rainbow Republic consists of the Constitution, Acts of the Rainbow Assembly, ratified international treaties, Resolutions of the Cabinet, Rulings of the Supreme Court and customary law.

As of November 2022, the legislation of the Rainbow Republic included the Constitution, Citizenship Act, Marriage & Divorce Act and Business Act.

The Rainbow Republic recognizes same-sex marriages and offers their registration. Moreover, its legislation doesn't limit the number of spouses, and marriages of three and more persons are theoretically possible.

Foreign relations

The Rainbow Republic has no claims to and disputes with other nations. The foreign policy is aimed at mutual recognition and beneficial cooperation with all democratic nations. The Rainbow Republic welcomed the same sex marriage legalization in Cuba in October 2022.

On 24 October 2022 the Rainbow Republic established diplomatic relations with the Vladastock Confederation. Negotiations with other micronations are being held.


The Constitution of the Rainbow Republic guarantees liberal economy with zero income tax rate and freedom of entrepreneurship. Official currency - Rainbow Coin. However, Rainbow Coin circulation hasn't been officially launched. Other currencies are recognized and accepted. The Government offers an opportunity to register a business in the Rainbow Republic. It believes that a zero tax rate, comfortable jurisdiction and emphasis on LGBTQ+ community make the business registration especially attractive.

Society and culture

Everyone aged 18 or older sharing democratic and LGBTQ+ principles is eligible for citizenship. Citizens are called Rainbownians. With the population growth the Government expects to develop culture, arts and education.

As of November 2022, there are no media in the Rainbow Republic. News are published by the Rainbow Republic official website, in its Facebook and Twitter communities.

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