Principality of Tomeone

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Principality of Tomeone
Principato di Tomeone (Italian)
Tomeonean Flag 2019.jpeg
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: In libertate, opus est scriptor (Former) Ad maiorem princeps gloriam (Actual)
Anthem: Inno al Principe Composed by Gustav Ernesaks
Tomeonean claims inside the red area
Largest cityFenaria
Official languagesItalian,German,Tomeonean
GovernmentTotalitarian Principality
• Prince
Marco 1° Fossati
• General Secretary
Hon. Giuseppe Rota
• Administrator for the Ministry of Statistics and Internal Security
Marco 1° Fossati
LegislatureCouncil of the 10
Establishment23, June,2012
• With citizenship, 63 (Estimated, 2022) census
220 (Estimated, 2022)

Tomeone, officially the Principality of Tomeone, is a micronation landlocked within the Italian Peninsula in the city of Bergamo (Bergamo,Italy). It has colonies/mandates (Mandati) in various parts of the world. The Prince of Tomeone, Marco 1°, effectively controls the government by both being the Monarch and the Head of the Council of the 10, He also is the Administrator of the Ministry of Statistics and Internal Security and commands the Nation's Volounteer Force. Civilians are kept under control of the Ministry of Statistics and Internal Security, which keeps data on all the citizens living inside the territories of the Principality in an effort to prevent crimes and to ensure a high living standard.


On 23 June 2012, Marco Fossati, an Italian teenager who was deeply disappointed of the Italian government (which caused an economic crysis), created the Principality of Tomeone to protest against the incompetence of most of the Italian politicians of that era. Though the Tomeonean population still pays the taxes to the Italian government (and also respects all of the Italian laws), the Tomeonean nation claims to be independent from the so-called "Oppressor Government".

Armed Forces

The Principality repels any wish of belligerance if not for defense. The Tomeonean Volounteer Forces together with the Volksdienst (Civil Service) Volounteer Force ensure safety and security inside the Nation's borders, keeping an eye out for crime and helping those in need.

Sights,Landscape and Buildings

Tomeone has a variety of structures within its land mostly built prior to the founding of the nation by the Italian government, more specifically by the City of Bergamo's administration board. Structures include the Octagonal church and some sports fields, which were built in the 1970's. There is also a river that passes on the southern Tomeonean border, which is the river Morla, an affluent of the Po river.


The law in Tomeone is regulated by the Ministry for Public Justice (Ministero della Giustizia Popolare), every crime, from the smallest to the biggest, is judged by this Ministry before handling off the suspects to the Italian Authorities if it is required.

A Car roundel.
The car decal roundel which differentiates an Italian car from a Tomeonean car.

The Road law is an example of how the Tomeonean Citizens need to diversify themselves from the general Italian populace, Tomeonean citizens will be given, upon registering a car to the Ministry of Transports, a decal that will have to be attached near the rear license plate.

The Road law also imposes any government car to have the Coat of Arms or the STAT.I.S. Emblem.

General Culture

The Tomeonean Populace holds onto their tradition with their own methods. From the daily vow to the Prince to watching the Central News Broadcast directly from the State-Allowed TV Channel (Canal Primo), which offers a wide selection of movies, television series and News broadcasts throughout the day. A speech by the Prince is also transmitted during special festivities, such as New Year's day, Christmas and Easter.

The Tomeonean cuisine is one of the most humble yet tasty cuisines of all the Italian Peninsula, from Bergamo's traditional Polenta taragna to the Tomeonean Frittelle di Patate (Fried Potato Disks with Bacon inside).

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal (Bilateral) Recognition

-Former Recognition, upon the founding of the GEUP:

Tomeone Does Not Recognize


  • The church of the Principality is a de-facto territory of the Vatican state.
  • The Principality is present in virtual games.
  • The Flag has a ratio of 16:9,compared to the standard 3:5 or 2:3. This does not apply to the physical version of the flag,which is 3:5, but only to the digital and documented version.


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