Principality of Tomeone

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Principality of Tomeone
Principato di Tomeone (Italian)

Tomeonean Flag 2019.jpeg
Coat of arms

In libertate, opus est scriptor (Former) Ad maiorem princeps gloriam (Actual)
Inno al Principe Composed by Gustav Ernesaks

Tomeonean claims inside the red area
Capital cityAltamezia
Largest cityFenaria
Official language(s)Italian,German,Tomeonean
Official religion(s)Catholic
GovernmentTotalitarian Principality
- PrinceMarco 1° Fossati
- General Secretary Rt Hon. Manuel M. Soldini (Virtual) Hon. Roberto Zanini (Real)
- Head of the Internal Security MinistryUmberto Verdi
Established23, June,2012
Population120 (Estimated,circa 2018)
National sportTennis
National drinkDouble S. Cola
National animalCat
Patron saintSt. Mark

Official website

Tomeone, officially the Principality of Tomeone, is a micronation landlocked within the Italian Peninsula, in the city of Bergamo (Bergamo,Italy), and has colonies/mandates (Mandati) in various parts of the world. It claims the legal right to use weapons as a form of defense, though unlikely since the nation doesn’t approve the solution of wars. The Prince of Tomeone, Marco 1°, controls both the Council of the 10 and the government itself, the Prince also controls and dispatches the National’s Army (TAF), and also is the head of the Tomeonean Space Agency, which was founded in 2014 as a response to the poor management of the Italian Space Program. The Civilians are strictly controlled by the STAT.I.S. (Ministry of Statistics and Internal Security, ”Ministero per la statistica e la sicurezza interna”) which enforces the law by filing civilian profiles, controlling every street (with the help of CCTV cameras) and monitoring the intake of immigrants.


On 23 June 2012,Marco Fossati,an Italian teenager,who was deeply disappointed,along with some other people,of the Italian government (which then evolved to be an economic crysis),created the Principality of Tomeone to rebel against the Incompetence of most of the Italian politics of the era. Though the Tomeonean population still pays the taxes to the Italian government (and also respects all of the Italian laws),the Tomeonean nation claims to be independent from the Italians.

Armed Forces

The principality repels any wish of belligerance if not for defense,the Tomeonean Armed Forces are a group of multiple teams,each with it's own specialization,wether it is Air Force,Land Force or Naval Force. Specialized groups of the Armed forces are the GrenzerKompanie,which patrols the border of Tomeone,and the STAT.I.S.,which holds the permission of repulsing any rebel activity inside the Principality's territory.

The Tomeonean Armed Forces participated in the Tomeone-North Tomeone war,proving to be a great resource against rebels and newly formed indipendent groups.

Sights,Landscape and Buildings

Tomeone has a variety of structures within its land,mostly built before the founding of the nation by the Italian government,more specifically by the City of Bergamo's administration board. Structures include the Octagonal church and some sports fields,which were built in 1970. There is also a river that passes on the southern Tomeonean border,which is the torrente Morla,an affluent of the Po river.


The law in Tomeone is regulated by the Ministry for Public Justice (Ministero della Giustizia Popolare),every crime,from the smallest to the biggest,is punished by the ministry. The Tomeonean Law differs only a bit from the Italian law,with more laws applied than the Italian one. The Tomeonean Law also controls some of the citizen's habitual actions and even some of the citizen's personal object.

A Car roundel.
The car decal roundel which differentiates an Italian car from a Tomeonean car.

The Road law is an example of how the Tomeonean Citizens need to diverse themselves from the general Italian populace,as an instance,Tomeonean citizens will be given,upon buying a car,a decal,that will have to be attached near the rear license plate,wether it is Italian or not.

The Road law also imposes any government car to have,near the Roundel,the Coat of Arms,or the STAT.I.S. Emblem (Government and Internal security service,respectively)

General Culture

The Tomeonean Populace holds onto their tradition in its own methods. From the daily vow to the Prince to watching the Central News Broadcast directly from the State-Allowed TV Channel (Canal Primo),which offers a wide selection of movies,television series and News broadcasts throughout the day,and in particular,the Prince's speech during special festivities,such as New Year's day,Christmas and Easter.

The Tomeonean cuisine is one of the smallest,humble,yet tasty cuisines of all the Italian Peninsula,from Bergamo's traditional Polenta taragna,to the Tomeonean Frittelle di Patate (pancake of Potatoes,fried with bacon bits inside);another speciality which shows the connection between Tomeone and Italy is the Pizza Principe Marco 1°,named like this because it is thought as the Prince's favourite pizza.

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal (Bilateral) Recognition

-Upon the founding of the GEUP:

-Prior to the founding of the GEUP

Tomeone Does Not Recognize


  • The church of the Principality is a de-facto territory of the Vatican state.
  • The Principality is present in virtual games.
  • The Principality has a NationStates Page.
  • The Flag has a ratio of 16:9,compared to the standard 3:5 or 2:3. This does not apply to the physical version of the flag,which is 3:5, but only to the digital and documented version.


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