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Kingdom of Impy
Vương Quốc Ím
Flag of Impy
Coat of arms of Impy
Coat of arms
Motto: "Công bằng và bình đẳng" and "Tự do và bình đẳng"
"Fair and equality" and "Freedom and equality"
Anthem: Small kingdom in vast space
Map of Mainland Impy
Map of Mainland Impy
StatusSovereign Micronation
and largest city
Shafia flag.png Shafia
Official languages
Recognised languages
  • Vietnamese
  • Impytish
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Local languages
Ethnic groups
60% Impytish

20% Air Pillow

20% Indian
  • Impytish (official demonym in Impy)
  • Impytic (used in war times, military demonym, language classification system and war naming,...)
  • Impytese (Rarely used)
  • Impytician (Rarely used in war times, military demonym, language classification system and war naming,...)
GovernmentUnitary Republican Monarchy
• Monarch
King Son I (Tran Ba Son)
Established inside Vietnam
• Established
May 7, 2020
• Territorial teleported
August 9, 2022
• Total
0.0238 km2 (0.0092 sq mi)
• Land
0.0238 km2 (0.0092 sq mi)
• Water
0 km2 (0 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
  • 5 Actual citizens (1 non-human)
  • >1000 In-territory residents
• Density
168/km2 (435.1/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
~ $6101.7
• Per capita
~ $1525.425
HDI (2022)0.75803
CurrencyImpytish Keb (IPK)
Time zone
  • De facto:
  • Main territory: UTC+6:45
  • De jure:
  • Marie Byrd Land: UTC-9:00
  • Oroug Bani: UTC+3:00
  • North Bering: UTC+12:00
  • North Greenland: UTC-2:00
  • St. Christopher: UTC+2:00
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+84
  1. [a]

The Kingdom of Impy (Vietnamese: Vương quốc Ím), abbreviated as Impy /impɪ/ (Vietnamese: Ím) is a sovereign, independent micronation with a republican monarchy.[b] It was founded on 7 May 2020 and is de facto located in Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and de jure in Northern Greenland, Northern Berin, Oroug Bani in Saudi Arabia, St. Christopher and Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica.[c][1]

The kingdom has a de facto area size of 0.0238 km2 or 2.38 ha with six provinces and four overseas territories around the world spreading over five time zones or one time zone(de facto).[d] Impy can be considered as a Southeast Asian micronation due to its capital being located in Southeast Asia. This micronation was territorial teleported on 9 August 2022 due to some reasons.[1]

The main purpose of the micronation's existence sometimes is for fun and it is not against any other nations thereby maintaining a neutral status at all platforms. It is still following to all the guidelines and policies of the party, state and people of Vietnam.

War naming rule

Impy had the war naming rule if countries or group have war with Impy:

If Impy not having war with ex: China,... then the war will be named Impytic-... War.

If Impy having war with ex: China,... then the war will be named ...-Impytic War.



The name Impy was imagined by King Son I but it is a strange coincidence with the movie Impy's Island.[e] In Impytish English, Imp means small nation while y means land of. Thus, the name "Impy" means a land of small nation.

According to King Son I, the reason of that name "Impy" is because humanity is too small to compare to the unbelievably big size of the entire universe, but his micronation is smaller than the humanity.


When the king started his micronation, he tried to name for it, he borrowed the word thím which means aunt, then he deleted 'th' in thím and turned it into Ím.


The Impytish language got the word Ĭ́nh is heavily influenced from Ím.


The history of Impy has many ups and downs, which include declarations of overseas territories, changing names, wars,... that made the Impy today. Briefly talk about the eras, the King's era is the early formation of Impy including the first form of government, flags, cultures...


Summary of the Impytish History


Milestones Super era Era Period
2017 2017-2019 none Faction era (not official) Complete
2020 Early 2020 Micronational


7 May 2020


Impytish King's Game-like
Late 2020
2021 2021
2022 Early 2022 Serious
28 May 2022 Inactive Early (first


4 June 2022 Late (second


Late 2022 Pre WW3 1st Stability Before 10th


entrance exam

2023 Early 2023

January 2023

Prepare for


10th grade

entrance exam

7 June 2023

(After the king

completed the

entrance exam)

War (will happen


Free (will

happen soon)

Pre History/Faction Era (Summer 2017 - 7 May 2020)

It is to note that this era is not related to the micronation's main history but it is deeply related to the micronation. It started in summer 2017 when the faction started. When the micronation's main history started, the faction is still active.

Ba Son's faction flag (Summer 2017-Spring 2020)

Before the Kingdom of Impy, there was a faction in Da Lat called Ba Son's faction founded in summer 2017 by King Son I. This faction was created to defend the founder himself and for fun. The reason behind starting the faction was because he had unhealed psychological traumas. The faction flag is now lost in real life.

Ba Son's Faction last flag (Spring 2020-May 2020)

Until May 7, 2020, King Son I was bored to the faction and hence decided to start a micronation for himself in order to have some fun. The micronation's original goal and the reason is same as the faction, protect LGBTQ+, women, and rights in the future. The kingdom's original flag is very similar to the current flag of Impy but it had a star at the right of the crescent moon, and the several stars at the right of the flag.

Impytish Super Era (7 May 2020 - 4 June 2022)

Kingdom of Impy-King's Era (7 May 2020 - 28 May 2022)

This period has been termed as the best period in the micronation's history.

First Republic of Impy (Early May 2020)

Red: Old Impy that the king claims (2020)

The history of the Kingdom of Impy actually started on 7 May 2020 with the First Republic of Impy which had a territory size of 36 sq. meters comprised of the king's house. Because of the lack of knowledge of politics, he had an idea of claiming the territory in Europe to "protect" Switzerland. Impy was founded by King Son I, with its original name as the Republic of Impy, but something wrong in there. There were several questions as to why a republican nation shall have a king as its head of state. Thus King Son I decided to change the nation's name to the Kingdom of Impy.

Original flag of Impy (7 May 2020 - summer 2020)

First Kingdom of Impy (Summer 2020 - February 2021)

After King Son I changed the name of the kingdom, he invited his family members to join and they eventually accepted. But the condition is must for fun, it must a game because protecting LGBTQ+ rights, and running a micronation for them is impossible. In summer 2020, King Son I decided to write his own rules and he succeeded in it.

Until he got knowledges about politics, King Son I removed his territorial claims in Europe. In summer 2020 due to some reason, King Son I decided to change the name of the micronation.

Kingdom of Pi (Summer 2020)

After King Son I edited the micronation's name again, he chose to start their own military with only two soldiers and two motorcycles. In late 2020, King Son I decided to change back the name to Impy.

Fall of First Kingdom of Impy (Authumn 2020)

Following King Son I's return to school joining the 7th grade, he stopped to care about or pay any attention to Impy.

Second Kingdom of Impy (February 2021 - End of 2021)

On 21 February 2021, King Son I started his own Youtube channel in order to make some money and its name was much similar to the name of the micronation with many contents and he started with Clash of Clans videos, then songs, etc. After sometimes of making videos, in Mid 2021, he realized that he needed focus at one niche, and then he chose to make Minecraft content and making shorts, he was able to gain many subscribers.

Then, King Son I decided to expand the territory of Impy to the passages, but the passages were short, just >10m length and >2m width.

Flag of Impy (Late 2021 - now)

Third Kingdom of Impy (End of 2021 - 28 May 2022)

Northern Bering map (Latitude: 69.2962848 N, 174.5028197 E)

King Son I decided to increase the territories of the micronation and expanded the territory to another passages and the large courtyard, up to 0.71 hectares. In Summer 2022, he declared that North Marie Byrd Land belongs to Impy unknowing of the other claims of the land. He also chose to create his own time zone in North Marie Byrd Land that is UTC-9:00. Morever, King Son decided to remove the stars in the micronation's flag to make it more simple.

In early May 2022, he launched the nation's official Youtube channel where he posted about the facts, anthem, news about the micronation and named the channel on the kingdom.

The day of 22 May 2022, King Son I decided to further increase the territories of the kingdom and expanded it over the world. Now, the micronation has territories spread over five time zones. The king also introduced a new currency for the micronation which is known as the Impytish Keb (IP₭).

Until a shocking event on 25 May 2022, when King Son I let the citizens to vote that must Impy should recognises Taiwan as a country. Instead of voting, most of the people of the kingdom advised the king to give up the idea of the micronation because it is impossible which led to the end of the King's Era and marks the beginning of the Inactive Era. Following the fall, the Kingdom of Impy did not collapse but rather became inactive. However, Ba Son's faction still remained active.

Inactive Era (28 May 2022 - 4 June 2022)

Fourth Kingdom of Impy

After 25 May 2022, most of the activities of the micronation ceased and King Son I was forced to stop the activities of the micronation. On 4 June 2022, the activities resumed marking an end of the recession period and the beginning of the recovery period.

Following the resumption of activities on 4 June 2022, the citizens of the kingdom accepted those activities.

Pre WW3 Super Era (4 June 2022 - now)

1st Stability Era (4 June 2022 - now)

Fifth Kingdom of Impy

Sheet of Small kingdom in vast space (Vietnamese)

The Kingdom of Impy officially accepted the use of Impytish Keb (IP₭) as an official currency and on 11 June, the official passports were introduced with its own requirements, expenditure etc. In a set of developments, the micronation also adopted its first national anthem on 16 June 2022 which is known as the "Small kingdom in vast space". On the morning 24 June 2022, Impy started to make a medal system. Day 25 June 2022, the Impytish government started to make their own rules. On late June 2022, King Son I started to creating his own language is Impytish (native name: Wi Ĭ́nh) starting with Impytish alphabet.

On 30 June 2022, King Son I established his micronation's website in English, then Vietnamese in same day, and Spanish on 2 July 2022 with Google Sites. He don't know Spanish, he used Google Translate to help he make the Spanish version.

Impy first time celebrates Impytish New Year Festival on 1 July 2022 (1 January ,23 in Impytish calendar). The first time that Impy calculated it's HDI (0.67915) is on 3 July 2022. In the day 6 July 2022, King Son I established Impytish Calendar.

In mid-July 2022, the civilians forced to king to delete everything in the internet that relates to Impy because they think that micronations are illegal in Vietnam. (Note: Impy is still exist)

On 24 July 2022, the kingdom uses a new time zone in the main territory is UTC+6:45 (Impytish Main Territory Standard Time/ IMTST).

Until 28 July 2022, the first time ever Impy was established the diplomacy relationship with other nation. It's the informal diplomacy relationship with Molossia.

See more at: Impy-Molossia Relation and List of entities that have relations with Impy.

On 9 August 2022, Impy was forced to move the territory for some reason, the new territory is 4 km away from the old territory in the southeast direction (equivalent). Everything in Impy is still preserved except for the territory. The new territory is included an apartment. Days after, the first time King Son I set Impy as a serious project is when he declare in front of the people that Impytish Keb will be a serious currency. Luckily, he was succeed. After that, Impytish Keb has been used seriously until now.

An event on 18 August 2022, the first ever political party exists named Micronationalist Party of Impy. Impy started diplomatic relationship with Kingdom of Ranzania on 20 August 2022. Both micronations planed to make an alliance. Until 28 August 2022, Impy and Ranzania became allies and recognized each other as independent.

See more at: Impy-Ranzania Relation and Impy-Ranzania Alliance agreement treaty.

In the beginning of September 2022, King Son I ask Ranzania that is micronations legal in Vietnam. King of Ranzania said King Son I to convince the citizens. After attempts to attempts to convince the citizens, King Son I said to the citizens about concept about micronations,... then, King Son I failed the convince badly.

On 22 September 2022, The Communist Party of Impy was formed.

The day 14 October 2022, Impy establish an overseas territory in Antarctica of St. Christopher. Impy established diplomatic relationship with Aerican Empire on November 15, 2022.

Months before the 2nd semester of the 9th grade, the citizens planned the learning strategy for the king to create chances to enter the school that study close to home is Ba Diem high school. The plan will apply when King Son I entered the 2nd semester. In the plan, the king must study both very hard and smart, the citizens will test him to make sure he knows the knowledges in 3 subjects: Math, Literature, and English. If he entered that school, It would be very convenient because this school is so near that the king can go by walking without any fear of going late. If he doesn't get a high score on the 10th grade entrance exam, he will enter Nguyen Van Cu high school, this school that studies so far from home that he must have to study part-boarding or even boarding. Not to mention, also traffic system in Vietnam is true chaos.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year (22 January 2023), the king updated the value of the Impytish Keb (1 IPK = 1.3 USD). He also planned to let a new blue pillow in his home become a citizen, he knew that both GDP per capita PPP and Nominal, and also HDI will have chance to decrease. But even if that pillow became a citizen, the king will skip that kind of citizen when he calculating HDI, or even GDPs (and GDPs per capita). Of course it will be count in population.

Image of Goi Tan Mai, a blue pillow.

King Son I did what he planned, on 24 January 2023, Goi Tan Mai became a first non-human citizen of Impy. And this citizen will only count in population and political parties' related analytics, not in GDPs related analytics, HDI. Goi Tan Mai also have all citizen rights and automatically became a mayor of Impytish Marie Byrd Land Flag.png Impytish Marie Byrd Land and a member of Micronationalist Party of Impy. Unfortunately, Goi Tan Mai's birth date is unknown.

Since 30 January 2023, King Son I only make Impy active when he have a true free time.

1st bees' invasion of Impy

The first war in Impy started on 3 March 2023 when a first bee went to king's bedroom maybe tried to attack in the first wave, causing his mom to close the mesh door in the window. The second wave is count for 3-4 bees approaching to citizens to attack in the living room and ended up in closed all the mesh doors in entire apartment causing stalemate. Finally, the bees has to go away and Impy declared victory.

After the invasion, on 25 March 2023, the citizens chose Ho Thi Bi high school instead of Nguyen Van Cu because this high school is closer than the Nguyen Van Cu high school.

Age of Tests

Since the April 2023, the King Son I and his classmates are prepared to do the a lots of tests to complete the 9th grade program in order to revisions for the 10th grade entrance exam. The pressure started to increase enormously when the entrance exam is closer.

Honey war of ant

Before 16 April 2023, 2 big honey bottles are placed under Son I's desk. Until the morning of 16 April 2023, the colony of ants found the honey and tried to loot it. His majesty's dad found it and reported it to the king's mom, she used the wet small towel to destroy the whole long ant colony and they all died. She was forced to take 2 bottles away in victory.

A toy gun in Impy.
The soft bullets when hit into a person did not cause any pains.

Since 20 April 2023, the trolls by toy guns happens rarely between the king, his dad, sister may to reduce stress before the king takes the 2nd semester exam. After the exam, the kign want to have fun freely until beginning of Sunday (30 April 2023). On 27 April 2023, the king has made and all of 4 citizens has signed the The policy of dividing land in the house. in the same day, Son's sister wanted to make a micronation to confrontation with Impy with a name The Federation of the Stutter Impytish King, and Impy recognized it.

Shafian war

Also the same day, due to the confrontation against Impy, King's dad decided to troll his daughter for fun, she fought back and starting the war, because the dad was in Impy's side so the king fight for his dad who is a leader of CPI. This is the first war of Impy that uses gun. In battle of K, Son shots soft bullets towards enemy micronation, and his dad keep trolling, she fought back with non-pain fast melee attack made the king had to withdraw. Not long after, Son took the flag and placed it in tFotSIK's territory causing the battle of New Sardinia but failed, and his bedroom got occupied, He Grandstanded and failed too.

In the morning of 28 April 2023, both sides fought a last battle (Battle of L). First, they shot each other, then Son and his sister occupied each other territory. He tried to make she to get out the room to shoot in order to get back the bedroom, many after, they lose heart to fight. At 9:55 same day, they signed the Treaty of Shafia ended the war and started to trade.

Culture and religions

The founder of Impy, King Son I wanted to have his own culture since he disliked Chinese and Chinese-influenced cultures because of his hatred for the Chinese government, extreme nationalism, imperialism and some other ideologies of the culture because of its unhealed psychological traumas.


The Impytish costumes is largely influenced on the modern day clothes.


The national sport of Impy is badminton.[1]


Date Official Name Details
7 May (7 November in Impytish calendar) Impytish Indepedence Day Celebrating Impy's establish day. It is a special national holiday.
1 July (1 January in Impytish calendar) Impytish New Year Festival Celebrating the first day of July, or the first day of the year in Impytish Calendar. It is a special national holiday.
25 August (25 February in Impytish calendar) King Son I's birthday Celebrating the birthday of founder and a first king of Impy. It is a special national holiday.


Impy have their own YouTube channel.


Since Impy expanded its activities on the Internet, it cannot manage all of the activities such as forms, Reddit,... and the preparation for the 10th-grade entrance exam combined made Impy got difficulties making friendships with micronations and micronationalists,... in the world because of a lack of contacts. But recently Impy got no malevolence from all entities.

Politics and government

Government system

Republican monarchy

Republican monarchy is a type of government system similar to the regular republican government but with a monarch as its head of state with functions and duties equivalent to the president of a republic. Elections are held democratically. In Impytish style, the first King Son I has all rights to introduce laws, constitutional acts, policies for the nation which must b democratic, logical and equal for all. After the first king, the kings succeeding him shall have the power to amend the laws and policies but those must be approved by the government and the people of the land. If the king introduces laws and policies in order to oppress the people through various authoritarian, conservative measures to support the rebel groups, they shall be forced to resign immediately.

The government is composed of the king and the prime minister. The King is the head of state while the prime minister shall be the head of government. Both the head of state and the head of government shall be responsible for the creation of laws, military and expenditure of the nation.


Impy is creating laws.

Foreign relations

Impy currently has informal diplomacy relationship with Molossia, and official diplomacy relationship with Kingdom of Ranzania, The Federation of the Stutter Impytish King and Aerican Empire.[3]

Micronations that recognized by Impy[3]
Name Is Allies with Impy?
Kingdom of Ranzania Yes
The Federation of the Stutter Impytish King No


The Impytish Military is the principal defence force of the micronation and is currently composed of two soldiers and two motorcycles. This military can be use when in the event of an attack without anyone helping (including the police and military) or in case of disasters to defend themselves from attacks, raids,... (defense) to protect food as well as life or search for food.

Minimum requirement to join the military:

  • The age must at least 18 years old.
  • Educational level must at least completed the Junior school.
  • Be an Impytish civilian.
  • Have patriotism to Impy.
  • Have a good health in both physical and mental.
  • Have no crime history or have crime history but really regretted and be pardoned.
  • Have the Impytish passport.


The Passport of Impy is an official passport for use by Impy. The cost to attain the passport is 50 IP₭ which is equivalent to 65 USD and has five requirements.

Political parties

In the Impytish laws, all political parties have rights to active but they must follow the Impytish laws. In early 2023, Impy only have 3 government seats is King(1 have), Prime Minister(0 have) and Mayor of Impytish Marie Byrd Land(1 have).

Currently, Impy has 2 political party is Micronationalist Party of Impy and Communist Party of Impy.[5]

Party name Logo Leader Ideology Seats in the Government
Micronationalist Party of Impy MPI
Micronationalist Party of Impy Logo.png
King Son I
  • Micronationalist
  • Nationalist
  • Expansionism
2 / 3
Communist Party of Impy CPI None unknown
  • Socialism
  • Communism
  • Marxism-Leninism
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought
  • Socialist-oriented market economy
0 / 3

Geography, divisions and climate


Main territory (de facto)[6]

Main territory in Impy location is Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

It has 6 provinces:

  1. Shafia flag.png Shafia (Capital of Impy)
  2. South Shafia
  3. Khalit
  4. Lophi
  5. Southern Impy
  6. Qiu

This place use UTC+6:45 (Impytish Main Territory Standard Time/ IMTST).

Currently, none of provinces of Impy have counties.

Overseas territories (de jure)

Impytish Marie Byrd Land (de jure)

It has 4 overseas territories:

  1. Oroug Bani (Southern Saudi Arabia) - UTC+3:00 - Population: 0 people
  2. Flag of North Bering (Impytish overseas territory).png North Bering (Northern Chukchi) - UTC+12:00 - Population: 0 people
  3. North Greenland - UTC-2:00 - Population: 0 people
  4. Impytish Marie Byrd Land Flag.png Impytish Marie Byrd Land - UTC-9:00 - Population: 0 people
  5. Flag of Impytish Romastia.png St. Christopher - UTC+2:00 - Population: 0 people

Geography and climate

Main territory (de facto)

The main territory of Impy geography is plains. Its climate is savanna, the dry season in Impy is really hot, and the rain season is really cool and wet, bit less temperatures and rains regularly.[7]

Climate data for Impy (based in Hoc Mon)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C 32 33 34 35 34 33 32 32 32 31 32 31 32.6
Daily mean °C 27 27 29 30 29 28 27 28 27 27 27 26 27.7
Average low °C 22 23 25 26 26 25 25 25 24 24 23 22 24.2
Average Precipitation mm 10 4 6 18 68 141 162 154 144 186 110 39 1,042
Average high °F 90 91 93 95 93 91 90 90 90 88 90 88 90.7
Daily mean °F 81 81 84 86 84 82 81 82 81 81 81 79 81.8
Average low °F 72 73 77 79 79 77 77 77 75 75 73 72 75.5
Average precipitation inches 0.39 0.16 0.24 0.71 2.68 5.55 6.38 6.06 5.67 7.32 4.33 1.54 41.02
Source: Year-round Average Climate and Weather in Hoc Mon
Oroug Bani map

Oroug Bani (de jure)

It's a part of the most sandy desert in the world. As well as the dissected limestone plateau underlying the linear dunes, the reserve includes part of the Tuwaiq Escarpment, wadis and gravel plains. The ergs of red sand lie parallel to each other and may be as much as 150 m (492 ft) high. They are separated by corridors with sandy or gravelly bases. The climate is hot and arid. Rainfall is very infrequent and averages about 30 mm (1.2 in) per year. Downpours on the escarpment cause the wadis to flow and water drains into the substrate where it is retained.[8]

North Bering (de jure)

This territory it's in Russia, it had very cold climate, borders with Arctic Ocean, snows every winter, had mountains in the southeast.[9]

North Greenland (de jure)

With no snow, dry, rocky, very cold climate, borders with Arctic Ocean.[9]

Marie Byrd Land (de jure)

The geography and climate of North Marie Byrd Land is same to other places in Antarctica.[10]

Climate data for Impy (based in Impytish Tercia)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C 3 3 2 0 -1 -3 -3 -3 -2 -1 0 1 −0.3
Daily mean °C 2 2 1 -1 -3 -5 -6 -5 -4 -2 -1 1 −1.8
Average low °C 1 1 0 -3 -5 -7 -8 -7 -6 -4 -2 0 −3.3
Average high °F 37 37 36 32 30 27 27 27 28 30 32 34 31.4
Daily mean °F 36 36 34 30 27 23 21 23 25 28 30 34 28.9
Average low °F 34 34 32 27 23 19 18 19 21 25 28 32 26
Source: Year-round Average Climate and Weather in Teniente R. Marsh Airport

St. Christopher (de jure)




This micronation's GDP Nominal is the lowest in the world, it's just only ~ $6101.7. and GDP per capita is ~$1525.425, lower than India. And the GDP PPP and GDP PPP per capita is unknown.


This micronation at first uses Vietnamese Dong for trade, then it created it's own currency: Impytish Dollar (2020), 1 IPD = 10 USD and Impytish Keb (Early 2022), 1 IPK= 1 USD, because the king can't product much then Impy go back to use Vietnamese Dong. In May 22, 2022, King Son I decided to let the kingdom use new Impytish Keb (IP₭), 1 IPK= 2 USD. The value now is 1 IPK= 1.3 USD

The reason that Impytish Keb's official symbol is similar to Lao Kip so they updated the official symbol to IP₭.


This nation exports >6000 USD per year.



Things you need to know when you go to Impy

  1. Don't walk barefoot from outside to the house.
  2. Don't wear shoes from outside and come into the house without doing anything.
  3. If someone is angry for no apparent reason. If they don't want to talk, let them go. If they want to talk then share it with them.
  4. Don't ruin Impy.
  5. If you can change the time zone, there is no UTC+6:45 (Impytish Main Territory Standard Time/ IMTST) in your electronic device. You can change it by just set the time or day.
  6. Respect everyone.
  7. Don't entice people to follow the opposing side that go against Impy.
  8. Don't violates the Impytish laws.
  9. Don't say something unlucky.
  10. Respect the culture.

Measurement units

Impytish measurement system is officially called Cinecrectic system is a measurement used in Impy.



Degree Son

  • Degree Son (Vietnamese: Độ Sơn) is the official temperature measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is °S. Per °S in the Son scale (1°S) equals 0.5 °C and 0°S starts from -50 °C, 0 °C is 100°S.

Calculation formula:

°C to °S = (°C*2)+100
°S to °C = (°S-100)/2



  • Banun (Vietnamese: Ba nưn) is the official length measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is Bn. 1 Bn equals 1.36897 meters (m).

Calculation formula:

m to Bn = m/1.36897
Bn to m = Bn*1.36897
  • Mini-Banun (Vietnamese: Mini Ba nưn) is the official length measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is MnBn. 1 MnBn equals 1.36897 decimeters (dm).

Calculation formula:

dm to MnBn = dm/1.36897
MnBn to dm = MnBn*1.36897
  • Mega-Banun (Vietnamese: Mega Ba nưn) is the official length measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is MGBn. 1 MGBn equals 1.36897 kilometers (km).

Calculation formula:

km to MGBn = km/1.36897
MGBn to km = MGBn*1.36897



  • Gia (Vietnamese: Ghi-a) is the official length measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is Jzm. 1 Jzm equals 2.789 kg.

Calculation formula:

kg to Jzm = kg/2.789
Jzm to kg = Jzm*2.789


Impytish Litre

  • Impytish litre (Vietnamese: Lít Ím) is the official length measurement unit used in Impy. It's symbol is l(IP). 1 l(IP) equals 1.03681 Litres (l).

Calculation formula:

l to l(IP) = l/1.03681
l(IP) to l = l(IP)*1.03681


  2. Republic monarchy is a fusion of monarchy and republic with the monarch as the head of state whose role is no different from a president who is elected democratically.
  3. Marie Byrd Land is an unclaimed territory and hence it is claimed by several micronations including Impy.
  4. The European colonial empires have many overseas territories and time zones. Impy is not a colonial empire but it has overseas territories and time zones like European colonial empires
  5. Impy's Island (German: Urmel aus dem Eis) is a 2006 German computer-animated feature film based on the children's novel Urmel from the Ice Age by Max Kruse.


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