Republic of Agelonia

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Republic of Agelonia
Flag of Republic of Agelonia
Motto: Socialism, Liberalism - These are our words!
Official languagesRussian, Belarusian (Academic style), Ukrainian, Agelonian, German (DDR-Deutsch), Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Rusyn, Finnish, Hungarian, Gagauz, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbo-Croatian
GovernmentAuthoritarian presidential-parliamentary socialist republic
• President of Republic of Agelonia
Vuk Petrovich
LegislatureCouncil of Deputies of Republic of Agelonia
EstablishmentDid not declare independence
CurrencyAgelon (AGL)
Time zoneUTC+2:00/UTC+3:00 (Without DST)

The Republic of Agelonia (Rus. Республика Агелония, Bel. Рэспублiка Агелонiя, Agl. Rēpubliča Agelonija) is a state located in the south of Belarus in one of the districts of the Gomel region.



The Republic of Agelonia was officially founded on 17 March 2018. Initially, the Republic of Agelonia was a project to create an ideal state, but over time it was decided to implement the project as a micronation.

Period Date Duration of the period Notes
Project "Ideal state" 21 February 2017 - 16 March 2018 388 days
MicroWiki (MicroNations Fandom) 17 March 2018 - 31 March 2018 14 days
LoMN 1 April 2018 - 30 June 2019 455 days
RIC 1 July 2019 - 26 April 2021 665 days
The collapse of the RIC 27 April 2021 - 17 June 2021 81 days
Post-RIC 18 June 2021 - 25 August 2021 68 days
Short-term stagnation 26 August 2021 - 20 October 2021 55 days
Revision 21 October 2021 – present

Political structure


The President of the Republic of Agelonia has the supremacy of the executive branch and has broad legislative powers, and is also the guarantor of the observance of the constitution. The scope of the President's powers, enshrined in the constitution and legislation, is comparable to a dictatorship.


Parliamentary powers are exercised by the Council of People's Deputies, the Congress of Local Representatives, the Congress of Local Deputies and local bodies of parliamentary self-government.


Commissions and committees

Elections and referendums

At the time of July 2023, elections and referendums were not held in the Republic of Agelonia.

Political parties

Republican parties

Agelonian Republican Party

It is the ruling party of the Republic of Agelonia under the leadership of the president. Party ideology is agelonism and socialism (marxism-leninism, stalinism, brezhnevism, titoism and democratic socialism).

Regional parties

Socialist Union - Yugoslav Movement

Bulgarian People's Union

For Hungary!

United Party

United Party of the Czechia and Slovakia

Polish People 's Party

New Germany

Finnish Union


Administrative division

The Republic of Agelonia is a unitary republic with autonomies.


The sphere of competence of the Republic of Agelonia is small and difficult to calculate. The territorial claims of the Republic of Agelonia are extensive, which leads to attacks from other micronations. The government considers it bad form to call large territorial claims signs of simulation and frivolity, since the claims are "realizable" (not territories on the Moon or Mars), and we are not talking about the actual control of these territories.



According to the legislation, only citizens and people with a residence permit are considered to be a population, but due to the lack of a citizenship system, the number of the population is zero.


The Republic of Agelonia has been developing a full-fledged citizenship system similar to the macronational one since 2019, but during this time it was not possible to complete it due to constant "improvements". In 2023, a commission on citizenship affairs will be held where a decision on this issue will be given. The plans include the temporary introduction of formal citizenship and consideration of the implementation of a new project in the field of citizenship "Project Yuna", which is supposed to be developed together with other micronations.


The main language of office work is Russian.


Culture and media

Agelonian culture


The red star of socialism and the yellow outline of liberalism are symbols of the basic values of the state ideology.

Blue is the color of the peaceful sky, red is the color of fire in the hearts of the people of Agelonia, green is the color of fields, meadows and forests.

Cult of personality

List of state holidays and days

Date Name Notes
1 January New Year
25 January Student's Day
12 February Darwin's Day
14 February Valentine's Day
20 February Socialism Day
23 February Men's Day
March Granny Spring (Baba Marta or Mărțișor)
8 March Women's Day
14 March White Day
15 March Consumer Day (World Consumer Rights Day)
1 April April Fool's Day
12 April Space Day (Cosmonautics Day)
14 April Black Day
22 April Lenin's Day
26 April Chernobyl tragedy commemorative day
28 April Labor protection day
1 May Labor Day
9 May Victory Day
15 May Family Day
1 June Children's Day
25 June Flag Day
1 September Knowledge Day
1 October Day of Older Persons
15 - 21 October Week of all Professions
7 November Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution
14 November Day of Agelonian Rights and Freedoms
21 December Stalin's Day
25 - 31 December Week of USSR

Copyright in Agelonia

The term of copyright is 20 years during the lifetime of the author and 5 years after the death of the author. The Republic of Agelonia supports the freedom of copying information.


There are 3 TV channels, 2 radio station, 1 newspaper and 2 magazines registered in the Republic of Agelonia.


The official support of the Ministry of Culture and Media is enjoyed by the genres of disco, synth, electro, folk and metal.

Electronic Experiment


Among the literature, encyclopedic books, classical works of fiction, fan fiction and varieties of comics (manga, manhwa, manhua, web) are popular.

Films and animation



Strategies, simulators, RPGs, shooters and visual novels are very popular in Agelonia.



The basis of Agelonia cuisine is Soviet cuisine. The cuisine of Agelonia is also dominated by the cuisines of the peoples of the Republic of Agelonia and globally widespread dishes. Attention is paid to the creation of new dishes and variations of old dishes for Agelonian cuisine.

Human rights and freedoms

LGBT rights in Republic of Agelonia

Censorship in Agelonia

Political and artistic censorship is present in Agelonia, but the country continues to adhere to the ideology of liberalism. Art censorship is mainly focused on the prevention of poor-quality products and materials not considered acceptable. Political censorship focuses on the fight against extremism (SJW (feminism, LGBT (organizations, ideology and symbols), BLM, environmentalism, animal rights), religious political movements (islamism, christian democracy), anarchism, nazism, pro-life, antifa, incels).

List of prohibited information in Agelonia

As of 5 August 2023, 125 films, 204 sites and 15 organizations are banned in the Republic of Agelonia.

Religion in Agelonia

In Republic of Agelonia, people can practice any religion, but with restrictions established by law.

Foreign policy

Foreign relations

Foreign relations of Agelonia

Foreign policy doctrine

Foreign policy is aimed at cooperation with other states, expanding the sphere of influence through organizations and treaties. The Republic of Agelonia tries not to participate in conflicts if these conflicts do not affect the interests of the country. The constitution prohibits participation in military blocs, but not cooperation.

Intermicronational activity

In 2018 and 2019, the Republic of Agelonia promoted and worked on many initiatives, but since the initiatives did not find interest and support, mainly due to the political views of the president, the government decided to stop working in this direction.

Intermacronational activity

Domestic policy


Basic (9 years), secondary (11 years) and specialized secondary education (9 or 11 years + college, technical school, lyceum, institute or vocational school) is completely free. Applicants who scored the highest scores on centralized testing are entitled to free higher education, the rest receive education on a paid basis.

Health care

In the Republic of Agelonia, first and second level medicine is free (excluding plastic surgery), third level medicine is completely paid.

Criminally-legislative system

At the moment we are using the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, with some specific amendments. The death penalty is applied in the Republic of Agelonia.



The currency of Agelonia is Agelon. The use of cryptocurrencies is permitted and not regulated, but mining and NFT are prohibited.

Refinancing rate

The refinancing rate is 6,5%.

Exchange rates

Major currencies
Date 1 BYN 1 RUB 1 USD 1 EUR 1 GBP 1 PRB 1 XDR 1 RSD
7.08.2023 4,7619 0,16 14,5 15,8242 18,85 0,9006 19,829 0,135
29.05.2023 4,7619 0,1755 14,0 15,248 17,5 0,8696 18,2143 0,13
30.12.2022 5,5556 0,22 13,5 14,665 17,0 0,8385 20,2317 0,125
1.06.2022 5,7143 0,24 15,5 16,0 19,0 0,9627 19,8635 0,1344
29.12.2021 5,8824 0,203 14,9 16,85 19,9 0,9255 20,74 -
31.05.2021 5,814 0,2 15,0 18,1 21,0 0,9317 - -
Additional currencies
Date 1 CNY 1 TRY 1 JPY 1 CZK 1 KZT 1 PLN 1 AMD 1 CHF 1 BRL
29.05.2023 1,972 0,7 0,101 0,633 0,0312 3,33 0,0362 15,39 2,811
30.12.2022 2,05 0,77 0,109 0,64 0,0315 3,28 0,0365 - 2,75
1.06.2022 2,214 0,91 0,117 - 0,0346 3,46 -
29.12.2021 2,33 1,25 0,131 0,0342 3,65
31.05.2021 2,314 1,72 0,1355 0,0344 4,0
Micronational currencies
Date 1 SPL 1 GCU 1 DRM 1 ATS
3.10.2022 83,1 1,215 8,505 37,058
31.08.2022 87 1,3 9,1 37,7
1.06.2022 93 1,5 10,5 39
29.12.2021 89,4 1,4 9,8 36,4
31.05.2021 90 1,51 10,57 37,75

Agelonian companies

See the article: List of companies in Agelonia


  • VAT - 20%
  • Unified social tax - 20%
  • Tobacco tax - 80%
  • Electric vehicle tax - 50% + VAT
  • Corporate tax - 5 - 70%
  • Church donation tax - 25% of the donation amount
  • Exchange tax - 0,5% + 20 USD
  • Vehicle registration tax - 1500 - 2000000 AGL


Minimum wage 3515 632,7 253,79 3 October 2022 3680 772,8 253,79 5 August 2023
Minimum labor pension 2160 390,6 156,67 2175 456,75 150
Social pension (by age) 1800 324 129,96 1900 399 131,03
Unemployment benefits 1200 216 86,64 1500 315 103,45
Living wage 2000 360 144,40 2000 420 137,93

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