Republic of Agelonia

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Republic of Agelonia

Socialism, Liberalism - These are our words!

Capital cityDragin
Official language(s)Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Agelonian, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Rusyn, Finnish, Hungarian, Gagauz, Romanian (Latin and Cyrillic), Moldavian, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic))
Official religion(s)Orthodoxy (de facto), Atheism (de jure)
Short nameAgelonia
GovernmentAuthoritarian presidential-parliamentary socialist republic
- President of AgeloniaVuk Pétrovich
LegislatureCouncil of Deputies of the Republic of Agelonia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - Not held
EstablishedDid not declare independence
CurrencyAgelon (AGL)
Time zoneUTC+2:00/UTC+3:00 (Without DST)
National dishMultinational cuisine
National drinkSoviet drinks, kvass and birch sap
National animalZubr and squirrel
Patron saintSocialist leaders

The Republic of Agelonia (Rus. Республика Агелония; Bel. Рэспублiка Агелонiя; Agl. Rēpubliča Agelonija) is a state located in the south of Belarus in one of the districts of the Gomel region.


The project to create the state began in February – March 2017. Within a few months, the foundations of the state were set. Until October 2017 there was a lull, and since that time, the active development of the state began. And starting from 17 March 2018 (the date of writing the article on MicroNations Fandom), the Republic of Agelonia became a full-fledged micronation.

Political structure


The president has the highest legislative and executive powers, is the guarantor of the observance of the constitution. The extent of the president's powers enshrined in the constitution and legislation is comparable to a dictatorship.


Parliament of the Republic of Agelonia is represented by the Council of People's Deputies. The council has an advisory function.


At the moment elections in Agelonia were not held.

Political parties

Agelonian Republican Party

It is the ruling party of the Republic of Agelonia under the leadership of the president. Party ideology is agelonism and socialism.

National Party of Freedom and Independence

Party ideology is radical national-liberalism, antiislamism, antiglobalism and isolationism, cultural conservatism, pro-Trump and anti-SJW.

Ideology of Agelonia

Agelonism is based on socialism, liberalism, authoritarianism, cultural conservatism, alterglobalism, anticlericalism, pragmatism, anti-SJW, sovietism, pan-slavism, civic nationalism, antiislamism, meritocracy and euroscepticism.


Administrative division

The description of the administrative division is written in the Constitution. At the moment, the country includes: Draginskaya Oblast' and Dragin.


Agelonia owns small land, it is impossible to calculate the size at the moment. Agelonia also has many claims to the land.


Residents can not be counted at the moment.


At the moment, citizenship is not issued, because the documentation has not yet been developed.

Culture and Media


The Red Star of Socialism and the Yellow Outline of Liberalism.

The blue color of the sky, the red color of fire in the hearts of the Agelonian people, the green color of the fields.

Copyright in Agelonia

The term of copyright is 20 years from the publication of the work and is increased by 5 years after the death of the author. The Republic of Agelonia supports the freedom of copying information.

Agelonian Culture

Agelonian culture is divided into the Presidential, State and Public.

Censorship in Agelonia

Political and artistic censorship is present in Agelonia, but the country continues to adhere to the ideology of liberalism. Art censorship is mainly focused on the prevention of poor-quality products and materials not considered acceptable. Political censorship focuses on the fight against extremism (SJW (feminism, LGBT (organizations and ideology), BLM, environmentalism, animal rights), anarchism, libertarianism, Islamism, nazism).

Religion in Agelonia

In Republic of Agelonia, people can practice any religion, but with restrictions established by law.

Foreign policy

Foreign policy is aimed at cooperation with other states, expanding the sphere of influence through organizations and treaties. The Republic of Agelonia tries not to participate in conflicts if these conflicts do not affect the interests of the country. The constitution prohibits participation in military blocs, but not cooperation.

Domestic policy


In the Republic of Agelonia, education is completely free, including higher.

Health care

In the Republic of Agelonia, first and second level medicine is free (excluding plastic surgery), third level medicine is completely paid.

Criminally-legislative system

At the moment we are using the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, with some specific amendments. In Agelonia, there is a legal death penalty.



The currency of Agelonia is Agelon. In the Republic of Agelonia, the use of cryptocurrency is allowed without restrictions.

Refinancing rate

The refinancing rate is 14%.

Exchange Rates

Date 1 BYN 1 RUB 1 USD 1 EUR 1 GBP 1 PRB
20.01.2021 6,25 0,2162 15,945 19,294 21,691 0,993

Additional currencies

Date 1 TWD 1 MXN 1 CNY 1 TRY 1 JPY 1 UAH 1 KZT 1 ZLT 1 KPW
20.01.2021 1,427 0,8106 2,46 2,144 0,1533 0,5665 0,0379 4,26 0,1775

Micronational currencies

Date 1 SPL 1 GCU 1 DRM 1 ABT 1 ATS
20.01.2021 95,67 13,412 11,0246 23,9175 37,9559

Agelonian companies

State Companies

ARCUT, Agelonoton, ARCOIMTERA, ANTRC, Agelonbank, RAPS and Tuwezex.


  • VAT - 20% or 15%
  • Unified social tax - 20% or 16%
  • Tobacco tax - 80%
  • Jewelry tax - 25 - 80%
  • Electric vehicle tax - 25% + VAT
  • Corporate tax - 14 - 50%
  • Church donation tax - 10% of the donation amount
  • Exchange tax - 0,5% + 320 AGL
  • Vehicle registration tax - 1500 - 780000 AGL


Entity AGL BYN USD Date In Belarus/BYN USD
Minimum wage 3000 480 188.15 20 January 2021 400 156.80
Minimum labor pension 1800 288 112.89 260.82 102.24
Social pension (by age) 1250 200 78.39 129.06 50.59
Unemployment benefits 750 120 47.03 58 (Maximum) 22.73
Living wage 2125 340 133.27 258.11 (Average) 101.18

Diplomatic relations and alliances

The Republic of Agelonia recognizes PRC and Taiwan, Israel and Palestine, Abkhazia and PMR and does not recognize Kosovo.

Entity Date of alliance/recognition Notes
Vlasynia 1 April 2018 (I.D.R) Mutual recognition, alliance, I.D.R, RIC
Republic of New Rizalia 2 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy) Diplomacy, Alliance, RIC
Peipohja x April 2018 (Diplomacy) Diplomacy, RIC
Kingdom of United Counties 13 April 2018 (MR)

24 October 2018 (Alliance)

Mutual recognition and Alliance
Libertia 22 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy) Alliance, Diplomacy, RIC
Republic of West Trerva 16 May 2018 (Puppet)

24 May 2018 (Autonomy)

The puppet state and autonomy in Agelonia
Kingdom of Pollomaa 1 July 2018 Mutual recognition and I.D.R
Republic of Cycoldia 1 July 2019 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Kosnian Democratic Republic 4 July 2020 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Republic of Long Island 4 July 2020 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Forwardist Republic of Eastasia 5 July 2020 (MR, C1) Mutual recognition, RIC
Entity Notes
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Member
North-Western Alliance Member
MDU Member
Entity Date Notes

Contact details

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