List of companies in Agelonia

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This is a list of companies registered in Agelonia.


Company Founded Sector Business entity/Shareholder Products and brands Contacts
ARCUT 3 May 2018 IT, electronics (components and devices), software State-owned enterprise
GosKomProdukt 5 October 2018 Food production
Agelonoton 16 March 2019 Music and publisher Coverton and Publiton
NIS Video games
AgelonTransAvto 25 May 2019 Public transport
ANTRC 19 August 2019 TV and radio broadcasting First Republican (Agelonia 1), All right! (Agelonia 2), PTA (Agelonia 3), Radiogonal
People's publishing house "Flame" 12 November 2019 Polygraphy, publisher People's Newspaper
Syuiji Praveda 21 November 2019 Publisher
Anitres 15 January 2020 Animation studio
Muvax Film studio
Agelonbank 21 May 2020 Banking and insurance Kali Laska
NSP 2 June 2020 Canteen
Agelonian OGS (Oil and gas company) 13 June 2020 Oil and gas
RAPS 7 July 2020 Payment system
AgelonPharma 15 July 2020 Production of medicines
AgelonElektro 21 July 2020 Electric power
Hottur 8 August 2020 Tourist agency
Tisonta 21 February 2021 Retail Delikat
LON 4 May 2021 Textile and souvenirs