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Genre Satire, Political talk show, puppet show
Country of origin Republic of Agelonia
Language Russian
Seasons 1
Episodes 3 full, 1 special
Production companies ANTRC, Muvax, Anitres
Picture format AHQTVF (16:9, 900p30)
Released x February 2020 – present
(First Republican (Agelonia 1))

Puppets is a satirical political talk show with animated and puppet sketches.


Season 1
Title Plot Runtime Date
1 I am China New virus from China. What is the danger?

Sketches: Imperial crown.

5:37 x February 2020
2 Silence and sun Elections in Belarus. The new president is like the old one.

Sketches: Before Juche, after Juche; Song about jealousy and love.

10:34 25 August 2020
3 Socialists for Trump! Oh, Saint George Floyd. Idol of corporations and fascists. 5 reasons to vote for Trump.

Sketches: Artificial respiration

7:46 18 November 2020
Special № 1 Left fascism in the USA:

The Collapse of Democracy

The death of American democracy. Are black people a means to achieve the dictatorship of the Democrats? Corporations are against the First Amendment! 3:54 12 January 2021