Foreign relations of Agelonia

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The Republic of Agelonia recognizes all UN members, PRC and Taiwan, Israel and Palestine, Abkhazia and PMR and does not recognize Kosovo. We also recognize all full members of CA, GUM, RIC and UMCE. Diplomatic relations and interaction with various entities are described in the diplomatic code of Republic of Agelonia.

Diplomacy and mutual recognition

Entity Date of alliance/recognition Notes
Republic of New Rizalia 2 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy) Diplomacy, MR, Alliance, RIC
Democratic Republic of Peipohja x April 2018 (Diplomacy) Diplomacy, MR, RIC
Republic of the Union of Eastasia 5 July 2020 (MR) Mutual recognition

Recognized states with no diplomatic relations

Entity Date of alliance/recognition Notes
Free City of Vodopol 1 April 2018 (as Vlasynia),

24 October 2021 (Unilateral recognition)

Unilateral recognition (Agelonia)

Unrecognized micronations and organizations

Entity Date Notes
Republic of Cycoldia 1 July 2019 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Confederation of Malus 4 July 2020 (Sanctions (as Republic of Long Island)),

24 October 2021 (Sanctions),

3 November 2021 (Decree № 406)

This country is a typical representative of SJW and Antifa.

This country supports the terrorist organization BLM, which also implies support for racism, terror and discrimination.

In the version of the article dated 2 November 2021, at 19:35, this text was added "On the second of November, 2021, President L banned any expression of heterosexuality in the micronation", at 19:36 this text was deleted.

The Republic of Agelonia asks to impose comprehensive sanctions against this inhumane regime.

The Republic of Agelonia supports the Confederation of Malus in the situation with vandalism, vandalism is not a tool on the Microwiki platform. We are also not interested in the Long Island War.

Xindapist People's Commonwealth 20 April 2022 (Sanctions) SJW-totalitarianism

Micronational alliances, organizations and treaties

Entity Date Notes
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation 3 July 2019 (as founding member) Member
North-Western Alliance Member
Internationale Comité pour la confrérie

(Eng. International Commitee for Brotherhood,

Rus. Интернациональный Комитет за Братство)

11 June 2021 Member
Wrythe Convention 31 March 2021 (Discussion),

27 April 2021 (Adaptation),

16 August 2021 (Signature and ratification),

16 August 2021 (Entry into force)

MDU Member