Kingdom of Calcon

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Kingdom of Calcon
Horizontal tri-color of red, pink and green
and largest city
Calcon Central
Official languagesCalconian, English
  • Calconian religion
  • Christianity
GovernmentSocialist dictatorship
• King
Karlas I
• Established
13 February 2015
• Total
0.008094 km2 (0.003125 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
494.19/km2 (1,279.9/sq mi)
CurrencyUSD, garden peas
Time zoneUTC-5
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Kingdom of Calcon (/kælkɑn/), formerly known as Calcont is a nation mainly located in the Shenandoah Valley, in the Appalachian Mountains, in North America. The country's population as of 2022 is 4. The country's territory is divided into two states, one being in the Shenandoah Valley, another being near the beach.


Calcon started on February 13th, 2015, in a Church of the Brethren church in the King's hometown. After a near-Christmas meeting in 2016, it changed its name to Calcont. Now, it is called just Calcon. It used to be further to the right politically but now it is a mixed philosophy system.


The Southern Woods state is forested and hilly. The western part of Southern Woods has many cliffs and creeks. Laurel forests are common in the northwestern part of Southern Woods. Most of the state doesn't have this type of forest and it lies on a plateau. As of May 7th, 2023, the Southern Woods State will no longer being able to be considered as a state of Calcon, due to financial difficulties.

Sappado is another territory much more south from the Southern Woods State, near a beach. It is flat with pine woods, near a creek. On March 7th of 2022, King Karlas has proclaimed that the Sappado State will consist of urban districts, which will be planned in the coming days after the proclamation. Already, he has decided a few names for some of the urban districts, one of them is Northgarden. The name is very self-explanatory, but it also claims a strip of land which the King could possibly have satsuma mandarins along even the north side of the Sappado State, but such decisions are yet to be made de jure. On July 13th 2022, King Karlas had suggested that the name be changed to "Squaham", because there is more of a solid trademark to that name than Sappado does, as the King was trying to come up with unique names that didn't sound too plain.


Calconian territories have a humid subtropical climate(Cfa) according to the Koppen climate classification system; Its average low is 24°F in January and an average high as 85°F in July. Snow occurs every 10 years or so within the kingdom. The average temperature year-round is around 54°F. Squaham, on the other hand, has a much warmer climate. The January low is typically 34°F and the average high is 87°F in July. Squaham's yearly average is 62°F. That is a difference of 8 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Calconian climate classification system, Southern Woods is considered to be a warm temperate(Cfb) biome whilst Squaham is humid subtropical(Cfa). The total annual precipitation is about 45 inches, with Squaham State known more for the thunderstorms than Southern Woods is. For each thunderstorm, they last about half an hour, then it goes back to bright and sunny. In the Calconic lands, it is sunny about 60-70% of the daytime.


Main article: Culture of Calcon

Calconian culture has been very diverged from standard American culture, as the King of Calcon notices that American culture does not fit his tastes. Some people might call the culture "tree-hugging hippies", even though Calcon is a right-wing nation on some issues, like taxes, guns and immigration. Calcon can be best described as a politically mixed nation. The Calconian people dislike taxation, enjoy arms rights, and dislike some immigration. Calconians also enjoy the forests in both states of the kingdom. On July 4th, 2023, King Karlas designed the first emblem for the country, which contains the flag in a shield, an oak branch on the left of the shield, a holly branch to the right, a red star above the shield, and a banner below it.


Main article: Economy of Calcon

As of May 2022, Calcon's economy has been getting reasserted to more of a social market economy than just a mixed economy. The currency is the United States Dollar, but the King can be paid with food and land. The total net reserves of money for the Calconian government is around $3,000.

Politics and Government

Calcon is currently a socialist monarchy, with a King in power along with the rest of the population in which can debate with the King on certain issues. Most of that deals with urban planning of the consolidated governments of the Calconic government and the government of Sappado City. Historically speaking, Calcon used to be further to the right than it is today, at least economically. However, it is to note that Calcon is still relatively socially conservative, but also adopting leftist ideas like affordable housing, the entitlement of food and water, as well as support of labor unions and even minimum wage increases. King Karlas has also noted that sustainable development is more prevalent in the Northeast US than it is for the Southeast US, often trying to copy the ideas and applying it to a more hospitable land such as Sappado. However, this doesn't mean that right-wing discourse is not all accepted by the King, but rather balanced out with sensible leftist policies as listed above.

Foreign relations

Calcon tends to recognize most seccessionist movements, because of similar situations for both Calcon and those movements. On the note of seccessionist movements, one of the most favorite ones is the Basque movement. The King of Calcon is very much in favor, because of his admiration of the Basque people and culture. In fact, the King's climate preferences align with the Basque lands, which has an oceanic climate(Cfc). Usually, the ones in Europe and Asia get more attention than the ones in Africa, because there are so many tribes compared to Eurasia.

Calcon was a founding member of the Based Micronational Union. On June 12th, 2022, Calcon officially left the Based Micronational Union. 13 days later, Calcon rejoined the Based Micronational Union after a meeting with Klaise, certifying that nations are in fact sovreign.