Based Micronational Union

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Based Micronational Union
Intermicronational organization

Headquarters #bmu on Rizon IRC

Official language English

Membership 2 members:

Founded 3 March 2022

The Based Micronational Union, also known as the Anti-Discord League(ADL), is an intermicronational organization intended to loosely unite micronations and leaders with a common culture and morale, away from proprietary closed platforms and chat services such as Discord.

A founding principle within the union, being known as basedness, is currently loosely defined as a micronation being Christian, being distant from partisan politics, and being against the usage of "proprietary bloated apps for communication". Perhaps the strongest point the union has is its strong opposition against the usage of Discord for micronational affairs.


It was founded by two monarchs, Vincent I of Klaise and Karlas I of Calcon. A noted reason for the union's conception is that many micronations use Discord and other proprietary closed platforms as their only way of diplomacy and communication. The BMU aims to encourage micronations to use more free alternatives to online communication. Currently, the BMU uses IRC via Rizon to have meetings. Vincent I has stated that Discord is "too left-wing" politically, and "too bloated and insecure" not only for use in micronational diplomacy and communication, but for any use at all.

The union was first proposed as the Appalachian Micronational Union by Vincent I since both Klaise and Calcon are located in Appalachia, but Karlas I said it should be the Based Micronational Union as not to exclude other micronations.


Applications to join the union will be accepted at a later time, says Vincent I on the founding, on 3 March 2022. As of now, nations are not omitted from being admitted based on economic systems or policy, geographical location, or government style.

There are two full members. Admission of new members is heavily encouraged by both members.

Nation Joined Note
Klaise 3 March 2022 Founding member
Calcon 3 March 2022 Founding member

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