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Kingdom of Pomerak'tèr
Kronshtát óg Pomerak'tèr (Pomerak)
Motto: Nil volentibus arduum
Anthem:  Mège Náz Rushća (My Beautiful Land)
CapitalKrypriat (2016-2023) Randoulersford (2023-present)
Official languagesEnglish & Pomerak
GovernmentBicameral legislature
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
Jack Le Tecela
LegislatureNational Council & House of Elders
Establishment16 October 2016
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyPomerak Relua
Time zoneGMT & BST

Pomerak'tèr is a nation that was founded by 4 micronations that held territory in the modern day area of the nation, the 4 micronations that held territories in the modern day state were Lundenwic, Loquntia, Zenrax, & the Mohawk Empire; these territories all became independent on the 23rd August 2016 where it was decided that in a treaty signed by all 4 territories that the new countries will unite into a new nation on the 16th October 2016; these days are respectively known as Independence Day and Union Day. The current monarch of Pomerak'tèr since independence in 2016 is King Roy, the head of the government and Prime Minister of Pomerak'tèr is Jack Le Tecela, who is also the grandson of the monarch and currently second-in-line to the Pomerak throne, Pomerak'tèr has a bicameral legislature consisting of the lower house, the National Assembly and the upper house, the House of Elders. Pomerak'tèr's capital since the 23rd of December 2023 is Randoulersford located in the state of Burna'tèr, it is the most populous settlement in the country and the second largest in total area.

The majority of the national economy is centred around financial services, and agriculture; the country is a founding member of AMETA, the country is regarded as a tax haven with the highest tax in the country being on personal income, levied at 10%. The parliament of Pomerak'tèr consists of two houses, the National Council is the lower house where members of parliament reside which represent the people and the upper house is the House of Elders where elected officials with life tenure represent the states; both houses ultimately answer to the Monarch.

On the 12th October 2020, a referendum was held if the nation should adopt an official constitution and re-name the country, the referendum was approved by 59.8% of eligible voters, nationwide; on the 16th October 2020, the name of the country officially changed and the Constitution of Pomerak'tèr was officially adopted as supreme law of the land.

Administrative Divisions

Prior to the constitutional adoption of 2020, the country was divided into North, South, East, and West with a separate division for Slate Bay. Since the signing of the new constitution however; the country is comprised of states and territories, the states have representation in both houses of the legislature and answer to the government, monarch, and the constitution; whereas the territories get no representation in the legislature of the nation but they get to decide their own aspects of law and answer only to the monarch and the constitution. Here are the Pomerak states & territories:

Flag Name Prefix Incorporated Capital Notes
Austradiea AU 26 June 2021 Orchardsbridge Seceded from Burna'tèr
Blaise Coast BC 26 June 2021 The Promenade Formerly the territory of Slate Bay West
Burna'tèr BT 16 October 2020 Randoulersford Formed under the Territorial Redistribution Act of 2020
Slate Bay SB 16 October 2020 Slate House Formerly Slate Bay East until 23 May 2022
Hauks'tèr HT 31 October 2023 New Sheffield Formerly known as Hauks'tèr Territory, a referendum will be held on the state capital in 2024
The Territory of the Mouldon Islands MX 16 October 2020 Bird Hide (de facto) Three Islands that form a territory
The Territory of the Chick Island CX 16 October 2020 None Uninhabited Nature Reserve
The Territory of the Isle of Madium AX 23 December 2023 None A naval base reef off the coast of Slate Bay