Pomerak language

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Flag of Pomerak'tèr.png
Regulated byPom'rak Shútúl óg Taundág
Spoken inPomerak'tèr
FamilyLanguage isolate
Influenced byEnglish, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German
TypeConstructed language

The Pomerak language is one of the official languages of Pomerak'tèr, it was created before the country officially became known by its current name but now it holds official status with most signs and places in the country offering bilingual services. The highest authority on the language, the Pom'rak Shútúl óg Taundág (Pomerak Society of Language) holds the Dúˈèz'pátae gráge (Great Reform) every year, where there is a mass consultation of scholars, linguistic experts, and foreign representatives discuss in a week long congress on new words, amendments, and any changes to the language; the new changes that are often minor will be published in that year's Pomerak dictionary, the meeting usually happens on the first full week of September from Monday to Sunday.